Unemployed life

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3 years ago

If you are unemployed, some people have to digest some things.

1. What should I do by writing, is it worth two paise?

2. I see so much, there is no profit / I will have to die in rice.

3. There is no price, it takes foundation to go on in life.

4. If I write, I will say well to two or four people, these things do not work.

5. There is no profit in doing all this, I will not gather rice by writing in newspapers.

6. I see many people talking about you, Hmm, do a good job, good things, but these days will not last.

7. If the certificate is not good, there is no benefit in writing. There is no price for all this


If the certificate is not good, there is no benefit in writing it. There is no price for all this.

I have been hearing all these things all the time for the last few years. Unfortunately, I have not got a job, I have not stopped writing.

I am not a good student, so I do not apply for a good job or work.

You have to listen to the words of the top people all the time. For everything, someone has to stay behind.

Neil Armstrong went to the moon, Vaya had a rocket. In our society, there is no shortage of people who talk big, there is no shortage of people who do big things.

It feels best when we want to hear the story of the life of those poor / suffering / deprived / neglected people at the doorstep.

Then it seems that they are more powerful than those who are really powerful, who are able to bring tears of joy to the eyes.

The news came to my ears when some children were waiting to see me.

I have endured a lot of hardships in the last five years. I was a graduate student in the government college varsity of the district.

I have seen many of them have arranged work for their relatives. Many of them are working along with their studies. I have not been able to find work due to various excuses.

I still remember going to a service event, I had only 10 rupees in my pocket. I don't know it, moreover, everyone in the village wants to do tuition with the school teacher to get good marks for the child. I am teaching them today thinking of the benefits of that time for Ifaz, Samia and Takiya. Now Samia will finish. Maybe they will leave. .

A lot of people talk a lot, I've seen a lot of people my age at work, and he's looking for work and my relatives do it. Unfortunately for me today!

Even after this, a few days ago, I had the opportunity to teach in the village school. As a result, I tried to give something good. I was expelled from there on various excuses. In fact, I have a great lack of qualifications. Because the world is now upside down. In this society, if you are unemployed, you are useless, if you go to work, you are incompetent. This is nothing new. I had some documentaries made online, including local print media. Many journalists do not feel comfortable talking about them. And for this I am full of unconditional love.

Once I went to an institution, where I was not allowed to sit in a chair at the table where the doorman was sitting, just a short time later my junior came and decorated the chair - the difference was that he had a packet of rashmalai in his hand, expensive shirt on his body, and sandals. Less expensive T-shirt, empty handed.

Yet I have fought, I still write with joy in my mind, there are hundreds of mistakes in spelling, yet my indomitable effort. One day I will believe that something good will happen.

This is an immense joy, the job will be one day.

But I will never get this love.

If you have money, maybe you can get temporary happiness, but you can't get love

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Very interesting.

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So sad... But don't worry... Go ahead...

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