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Success and personality are about to begin.

You may not believe it. Of course, it should not be generally believed that four special paths must be adopted in order to lead a proper life on earth. The real judgment of every person is based on these four things. I want others to judge him. Topic Four Yes, this is a question you must ask before you start reading this book. And you must answer that too. And you should get his answer too. Not only to get, but also to use it if you want to live happily and comfortably in life.

Those four things are:

  • 1. what do we do

  • 2. What is our external shape?

  • 3. How do we talk?

  • 4. What is our way of saying that?

Think about the words. If you think about it, you will understand clearly that people have to work hard to occupy their place in this competitive world. And to do that, the above four things are the most important to remember. Without going into such systematic matters, it can be said that the above matters are the basis of all the success of a successful person.

Of course, it is better not to say it like this. Because these things are not methods. In fact, it's just a way to judge someone. A successful person can be judged by this path.

But what is the result of judging? It is normal to ask this question.

In fact, everyone can get the correct identity of a complete person from these. Surely everyone will be able to understand what I want to say.

Yes, that is the root of success of a simple man. That is, the meaning of four things is the key to reveal the true personality of a person.

How many people in this world? At least a few hundred crores, even a school student knows that much. But even if you think about it, you have to wonder how many of those billions of people see the face of success? The number of such people in the country is very insignificant in proportion to the population. right?

This is why everyone should accept that success comes to those who can manage their lives properly.

They are the only ones who can manage that life and move forward, those who can easily overcome the various setbacks and obstacles of life.

Why can't everyone do it?

Here comes the personality. Everyone's personality is never, can't be, equally sparked.

Of course, some of them mention some other things. Many believe that it also works a lot for personal expression and success.

what is that ?

Fair question, no disagreement. That is fate. Many people say that if luck helps, many things can be done but if you review the biographies of many successful people in the world, you will see that there is no place for luck. Many people in the world have been remembered for rising from humble beginnings through sheer determination and personality.

Even poverty there did not stop their progress. Many famous people started their lives in abject poverty and eventually rose to the heights of fame and fortune.

I can name one person in this regard. Many of you are his devoted fans.

He is the famous English novelist H. G. Wells. Due to his personality, perseverance and hard work, he became famous and became successful as a writer.

Another such person was the President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln. Personality was the key to his success.

Countless more people can be named who were able to take those four things to the highest peak of excellence in their life.

Another such person was the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. There was no comparison to Emperor Napoleon in terms of personality. Everyone in the army respected him immensely.

How did Napoleon attract such respect? This is his characteristic.

This extraordinary characteristic of Napoleon strangely lasted to the end. Even after being captured by the enemy, i.e. the British, his personality remained bright. It is said that when Napoleon was captured and taken to St. Helena, the English soldiers greeted him, impressed by his unusual personality.

The same was observed again

Some other issues also need to be discussed. Is it possible to change one's external shape as it is possible to develop this personality? no That is the answer. It is only possible to change him a little. Take Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was not a gentleman. That's why there was no difficulty in developing his personality. Because personality is not just about outward appearance.

There is something in the individual that can easily spread among thousands of people and bring them under control. People without personality can rarely succeed. There is no doubt that if you read the history of any country in the world, you will see the truth of this statement.

Think of England Prime Ministers Disraeli and Gladstone. They became famous in history due to their personality. Success followed them throughout their lives.

German Prime Minister Bismarck was extremely aware of his personality. No one doubts that this person is the key to his extraordinary popularity and success.

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How does personality manifest?

I have already tried to answer this question. The difference between man and animal is that man can easily grab power through personality whereas animal's only asset is its physical strength.

It would never be appropriate to implicate desire in personality. In spite of the personality of many famous people, pride did not allow them to advance much, it brought them down. Columbus can be mentioned in this regard.

It is good to admit some human faults. When faced with any tragic situation or complications, people often take the wrong path. Personality or success in these fields can help many to take the right path. For this, it is undoubtedly necessary to have practical wisdom and the ability to take the right path. Human character can be explained in this. Here is the difference between humans and animals.

Many obstacles come in the way of human success. That obstacle can come in many ways. Let's take an example.

A man may fail in certain particular fields in spite of his special personality and effective powers, as 100 percent success cannot come in any way. Countless examples can be seen in the history of the world. Such as the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon rode a storm of success but his vast army was unable to conquer Russia.

In this case Napoleon's personality could not succeed. Because the resistance and ruthless nature of the Russian army stood in the way.

It may seem like an exaggeration to say that personality is the only factor in bringing success in life. With that, of course, some touch of luck should not be denied.

Yes, I want one more thing with it. And that is mental strength. It is this mental force that drives a person. This is the driving force of any human being, the fuel of a car.

Is education related to personality expression? It is not correct in many cases but correct in some cases. However, if you read the history of different countries of the world, it can be seen that despite the lack of real moral education, there is no obstacle to fulfill the personality.

There has been no dearth of great emperors in the history of India. Take the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Akbar was an illiterate emperor. But his name is very high in the history of India.

What is the reason for the power and reputation of Emperor Akbar? Because of his keen practical sense, cleverness and of course some tolerance. All together formed his personality. Even the greatest enemy would fade before him. Many say that personality and success are inextricably linked.

Maybe there is some truth in that. Personality doesn't just mean winning over someone else. Personality is a force to which man succumbs to himself. Personality does not suddenly come into someone like a light can turn on at the flick of a switch. Personality develops gradually, it requires a lot of hard work.

While living in the world, people want to worry about establishing themselves. Yes, established guys take note. Not well established.

There is a lot of difference between established people and well-established people. Good luck to all

Not possible at all. Like the commander is one, but the army is many. Not everyone can be an army chief.

But what is the reason for this?

I want to answer this question at the beginning - personality. Yes, the main tool of every successful man is his personality. Personality is the key to success.

In this article, the development of human personality is what is wanted to be said. Personality is never easy. So introspection is needed to build it. Real success comes only by overcoming all the mistakes, difficulties and obstacles and personality is the main helper of that success.

There are many famous people in the world whose biographies will be discussed.

So let's start reading this type Article without wasting time.

Who can say that in the near future you too will not become a real successful personality in your own field. Because many have been. Our efforts will be worth it if we can help even a little in building your personality.

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I will end the article with the last two famous quotes.

"Harsh words or use to end love are like cancer. Strangely enough, as people know this, we are more polite to strangers than to our relatives. We are more disrespectful to our own people." - Mrs. Damors

"Gentleness is a virtue of the heart that helps to look beyond the broken heart to the monolova flower." - Henry Clay Rimner

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Success is everyone wants my friend. It will happened if we work it from our whole heart and do our best. Always positive and be patient. Trust ourselves and trust the process.

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Nice to read a nice article, if you want to do something big in life you have to put time behind it, you can't achieve success, so you need to use the right time.

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1 year ago

Everyone wants to be successful in life. Everyone's goal in life is to be successful. But if you want success, you must be patient and work hard. Motivated writing, You have presented it very nicely.

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