How to do Facebook marketing?

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Facebook marketing has become a rage amongst small businesses across the world. The increasing popularity of Facebook as a social networking medium has facilitated the growth of Facebook marketing in an equally rapid pace. Various media surveys reveal that people across the globe spend much more time on Facebook than any other media around the world, which makes Facebook marketing a hot selling cake amongst small business marketing units.

Facebook marketing offers a huge range of explicit and implicit marketing options like no other online media marketing tool. Facebook marketing provides a cost-effective medium of advertising to the small business marketing units which have a comparatively lower advertising budget at their disposal.

Following are some easy tips which can be followed to establish a platform for your brand in the world of Facebook marketing.

1. Creating a profile page- Creating a profile page is the first step to introduce your brand to the world through Facebook marketing. Facebook marketing is the cheapest form of small business marketing and creating a profile page is the cost-free step in this direction. While creating a profile, the small business marketing unit

2. Join a group- The next stage of Facebook marketing involves joining a Facebook group. The small business marketing units can create and promote their groups on the Facebook to ensure the right kind of participation. Also, the members of the Facebook group in Facebook marketing can be sent an email or SMS, which enables promotion of small business marketing units amongst a huge audience in the most cost-effective way.

3. Creating Facebook Pages- Facebook launched its pages to facilitate

Facebook marketing amongst small business units in the year 2007. Facebook Pages are also called an extension of Facebook groups as the two disciplines of Facebook marketing are similar in many aspects with only a few differences. The best aspect of Facebook Pages which make them better than Facebook groups is that Facebook pages can be customized in a much better way suiting the requirement of small business marketing enterprises. These pages can be customized in such a

way that Facebook marketing targeted to a huge audience and has a mass appeal. Facebook marketing has the unique quality of reaching a huge target audience with a mouse click.

4. Take part in Facebook events- Facebook events is a very interesting option developed by Facebook which gives Facebook marketing the next level. Facebook events help small business marketing units to promote marketing events, products launches and various other such company’s milestones.

5. Facebook Notes- Facebook Notes are a very interesting application offered by Facebook which facilitates Facebook marketing to a greater extent. This feature of facebook is often overlooked but if used in the right direction, it can prove very fruitful. Similarly useful is the option of Facebook Photos, which can help promote products and services through Facebook marketing. Facebook provides the facility of adding tags to the pictures or notes with the names of persons who are included in it.

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