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Squid game anime version!? (Deatte 5-byou from Battle)

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8 months ago

For anime and squid lovers I suggest you watch it, with a duration of 12 chapters.

Drawing quality: 8/10

Creativity and character development: 9/10

Hook: The theme of the fights.

In the first chapter they introduce us to the daily life of the young man named Akira Shiroyanagi with 15 years of age with a point of view a little different from that of other young people, waiting for an opponent who causes risk and disadvantage to put into practice their common ability the strategy until he begins his death in the world of the boring (a little weird at first) and wakes up in a place where the logic is different, the most important thing here is the instinct of survival. 5… 4..3..2.1: FIGHT!

This is a summary of the first chapter I do not like to make spoilers please enjoy it.

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Written by   2
8 months ago
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