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Let's talk all about the sims 3

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For those who do not have an idea of ​​what it is, the sims 3 is a social simulation video game. 1. Developers: The Sims Studio, Maxis, Visceral Games, EA Play, EA Black Box. 2. Distributor: Electronic Arts. 3. Director: Rod Humble. 4. Producer: Ben Bell. 5. Designer: Rod Humble. 6. Composer: Steve Jablonsky. 7. Engine: RenderWare. 8. Latest version: 1.24. 9. Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iSO, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, bada, BlackBerry, N-Gage 2.0. 10. Release dates: June 2, 2009, June 4, 2009, June 5, 2009. 11. Game mode: Single player. 12. Formats: DVD, Blu - Ray Disc, download, 128mb DS card, 3DS card. Requirements: RAM: 1GB (XP), 1.5GB (Vista); 128 MB graphics card, 3D acceleration and Pixel Shander 2.0; Hard disk: 6.1 GB free; Mac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard or Higher; Processor: Intel Core Duo; RAM: 2 GB; Hard Drive: 6.1 GB free. Creating a sim: Going a little deeper in the video game, the sims gives us the possibility to start playing it by creating a sim, it has a detail when defining facial details and body configuration. You can configure the complexion of each sim, such as the level of thinness and fat, muscle size, and muscle bundle, making the abs and muscles of the body are marked, for female sims define the size and exuberance of her breasts. These settings are available for adolescent, young adult and adult, the other age groups have only some of these available or none for infants. In the "create a sim" mode you can see many styles of costumes to put on your sim, such as upper or lower garments or full body, you can also choose from shoes to accessories such as glasses, socks, stockings, bracelets, etc., in addition that it is possible to give your sim a different hairstyle for each type of clothing you choose, be it casual, formal, nightwear, athletic clothing and swimwear, you can modify the color of the clothing from some designs that are They give you when modifying, you have the possibility to save the design for other sims. You can also give your sim a personality as well as his favorite food, music, his voice, and choose his wishes. Neighborhood: gives you a map, in which you can buy a house, grow up, get married, have jobs, have children, etc. The game features an optional feature called "Progression Story" which allows uncontrolled Sims to live autonomously. You can customize the neighborhood using edit city mode. Way of life, needs of the sims: The sims have basic needs, such as hygiene, hunger, fun, social interaction and sleep, depending on how you control their needs will affect their moods between them, positive, negative or neutral. Neutrals do not raise or lower the sim's mood. Some of the mood states can meet the needs of the sims. Others are part of the result of activities that are related to their traits or their social relationships. A Sim with a negative mood can affect the performance of a certain action, or it can also affect performance at work or school.

Wishes of the sims: The sims have different wishes that accumulate and that after a certain time they vanish if you do not fulfill them. When you fulfill a promised wish by clicking and placing it in the four boxes that are offered to you, the sim is It will give you happiness points and the mood: "Done". If you get to gather enough points in the rewards catalog you will find how to spend those points in a satisfactory way for your sims. In addition to each sim being a young adult has a "Lifelong Wish", which if you fulfill it you will earn a good amount of reward points that also includes a special mood. This lifelong wish can be found when you create the sim, or you also have the possibility to choose it during growth, during childhood and adolescence of the sim, baby and toddler sims cannot have a lifelong wish.

Aging of the sims: The sims live by period of time, which can be adjusted by the player in the settings. Sims go through various stages as baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, and old man. Sims normally die of old age or can die prematurely from many causes such as fires, when they are very hungry, from drowning, electrocution, etc. When they die, they are turned into ghosts which are not playable, which can appear to other sims in the family if you have the grave at home, there is a mission that allows you to turn a ghost into a playable character.

Sims personality traits: Babies and infants can only have two traits, but they can also acquire one more trait at each age stage, they can reach the five young adult traits with which the rest of their life is already preserved. life . When you create a sim and want to give it a trait, you will be able to appreciate a wide repertoire of traits, which you must choose correctly because there are cases in which some oppose each other and cannot occur at the same time. There are traits that are acquired depending on various factors , as for example, in the case of newborn babies, their traits will depend on whether the mother has had a good pregnancy or when your child sim learns everything they should learn such as walking, talking and using the potty and if they developed well their toy skills. In adolescents and young adults they will depend on their performance in school and on their achievement of an A before reaching the stage change on their birthday.

Sims skills: The sims develop skills and for this you can practice some skills by studying a book about a subject, either through books that you can find in the city bookstore, or make the sim pay for a class, these classes can only be used once. There are books of various levels, for example, for beginner sims with levels between 0 and 3, for intermediate sims with levels between 4 and 6, also advanced for higher levels.

Jobs and part-time jobs: Sims have the possibility of obtaining simleons through jobs such as medical, business, military, sports, science, culinary, politics, music, law enforcement and criminal, if you perform excellently in these jobs you will have a promotion, but if you reach level 10 work, your salary will be increased; There are also several places where you can apply for jobs like grocery stores, spas, bookstores, and the cemetery. Teenagers will only be allowed to do part-time jobs that don't interfere with their school hours. These jobs have their upsides and downsides, as they pay less per hour, but have fewer hours overall, all part-time jobs only have 3 levels. Elderly Sims will not have the ability to retire, unlike full-time jobs.

Build mode: The player can design the sim's home in build mode with a variety of appliances, sofas, chairs, tables, beds, cars, etc., up to the custom edition through a color configuration panel that the game offers you, and also the edition of the land, with trees and flowers, and you can even buy a plot of land and build your house to your liking.


- To activate the cheat box, press CTRL + SHIFT + C

- Windows and COMMAND + SHIFT + C for MacOS. Write the corresponding code and press Enter / Enter.

- To activate other cheats, you will only have to repeat the same operation or press the ESC button if you want to return to the game.



Help: shows you a code guide

kaching: earn $ 1,000

motherlode: Win $ 50,000

familyfunds [surname] [value]: Substitute the family money for the value written in the code.

hideHeadlineEffects [on / off]: Hides the speech bubbles / prisms on the Sims.

fadeObjects [on / off]: Objects visually disappear when approaching them

ageuptoNPC [on / off]: Activates natural aging for uncontrolled Sims.

resetSim [first] [last]: Reset the Sim.

discoverAllUnchartedIslands: Unlock all islands in the game.

jokePlease: Random joke.

Game options:

Codes: slowMotionViz [0-8]: Modifies the speed of the game, without affecting the game clock. 0 is normal speed, at 8 everyone will move in very slow motion.

fps [on / off]: Shows the current FPS, that is, the images per second to know how smoothly the game works.

fullscreen [on / off]: Enable or disable fullscreen mode.

quit: Quit the game.

Create a sim: unlockOutfits [on / off]: Unlock all costumes for each race for Create a Sim mode.

Live mode: testingCheatsenabled [true / false]: Unlock all cheats for Live mode

Other tricks: Left click + [SHIFT] on the Sims - It will allow you to:

Edit the Sim in Create a Sim mode.

Add a Sim to the active family.

Activate the age transition.

Modify the traits.

Define celebrity levels.

Choose your favorite music genre.

Left click + [SHIFT] on the mailbox - It will allow you to:

Define the career and role of the active Sim.

Fill the needs of the active family.

Stabilize / energize the needs of the active family.

Make the active Sim know the whole neighborhood.

Have the active Sim randomly create friendships.

Force a visitor for the current batch.

Force a visitor from services to the current lot, such as fire, police, plumber, etc.

Control the supernatural population, either by adding or subtracting.

Left click + [SHIFT] on the ground - It will allow you to:

Teleport the Sim to the corresponding location.

Enter Buy or Build mode on the selected lot.

Manipulate the weather, such as the season of the year, snow level, temperature, etc.

Build mode: moveObjects [on / off]: Allows you to move and position objects without any limit.

buydebug: Unlock hidden items in Buy mode.

constrainFloorElevation [true / false]: Allows you to adjust the elevation limits of terrain.

RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [true / false]: Allows you to edit public bundles in Build mode.

AlwaysAllowBuildBuy: Allows you to activate the Buy mode in cases where it is blocked (in fire, death, etc).

disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on / off]: Objects will not snap automatically while pressing the ALT key.

allowObjectsOnRoofs [true / false]: Allows you to position objects on the roof.

enablelotlocking [true / false]: Allows you to edit any type of locked lot in Edit City mode.

Expansions and accessory packages:


For expansion installations you must take into account the order in which they have been created.

The Sims 3: Globetrotter: 1st Expansion in November 2009.

This expansion has the possibility of taking your sims on vacation like China, France and Egypt, these cities offer you a series of missions that allow you to enter temples, tombs, pyramids, etc., if you complete the missions you will earn ancient coins, which They can be used to buy exclusive objects of each city, which are not in other cities, increasing the visa level. Depending on the visa level, you can travel for more days or even buy a holiday residence. The expansion includes a new playable creature, the mummy, includes some recipes such as bouillabaise, frog legs, falafel, etc, it also allows you to learn new skills such as martial arts, nectar production and photography.

The Sims 3: Achievers: Expansion 2 in June 2010.

It is the second expansion disc released for The Sims 3. It is an expansion geared towards professional careers as a clumsy scientist, ghost hunter, tattoo artist, architect, firefighter, fashion designer, and more. In this expansion you have the possibility to control the sims while they are working, and also control objects such as washing machines, clotheslines and other objects. It includes a new playable sim: the simbot. You will be able to live in a new city: Twinbrook.

The Sims 3: Nightfall: 3rd Expansion October 2010

In this expansion you will be able to carry out night activities such as going to a dive or a dance club, where the sims can dance or drink at the bar. You will have the possibility of living in a new world called Bridgeport, which includes bars, dance clubs, among others. Fame is added, and actor and film director careers, in this expansion you will see paparazzi as NPCs, jobs as a street musician, mixologist, bartender or member of a musical band are also added, the city has underground meters that will allow you to travel through different places, you will be able to live in apartments with elevators, it is included in the build mode: round edges for swimming pools, jacuzzis, instruments, etc., and when creating a sim you will be able to choose a new personality trait that is linked to the acting career, They add doormen in the discotheques, who will not always allow you to enter the premises if you give them money. A new creature is added: vampire sims, who must drink blood to survive, or they will be exposed to lose their "vampiric" qualities. These sims will grow slowly, and will be rejected by other sims, their vampire genes can be transferred to their children. In order for a vampire sim to convert a human sim, it is necessary to have a certain friendship level.

The Sims 3: What a Family: 4th Expansion in June 2011

In the expansion new actions and interactions are added for the Sims in the family, for example, it will be possible to access a tree house to the sims children or also to invite their friends and have imaginary friends; In the case of teenagers they can play pranks on other Sims, a new "chemistry set" is also added and they can attend the prom; in the case of adults they may go through a crisis of maturity, and they will have many actions available such as going to weddings, or punishing their children and social gatherings such as bachelor parties will be added.

The Sims 3: What a Fauna! : 5th expansion in October 2011

In this expansion you will be able to live in a new city: Appaloosa Plains, you can have pets such as horses, which can be used to move around the city instead of the car, and also include pets such as dogs and cats, to these pets you can assign traits, in addition that it is possible to control pets as a new playable member. An exclusive pet store is introduced.

The sims 3: rise to fame: 6th expansion in march 2012

This expansion allows us to lead the Sims to be famous in careers as a singer, acrobat, DJ and magician. Geniuses are added as Sim creatures. In addition to adding new traits, desires and places where you can act depending on your work experience. You can live in a new city: Starlinght Shores.

The Sims 3: Supernatural Creatures: 7th expansion September 2012

The expansion can be supernatural creatures such as werewolves, wizards, witches, vampires and fairies, these creatures special abilities such as casting spells at other sims, making potions, having powers, etc. An elixir is added which allows our sims to turn into zombies. You can live a new supernatural world: Moonlight Falls, for human sims a career about reading the future is added and you can learn the skills of the seer.

The Sims 3: And the Four Seasons: 8 goes expansion in November 2012

In expansion, the four seasons of the year are taken into account, in which the temperature is added depending on the season of the year in which they are, in which there are more special days of celebration of the year such as Halloween with the "Trick or Deal, "or on Easter Day, there will be new interactions and activities. Sims will be able to bathe in the sea, sims children and teenagers have their vacations. The presence of Aliens is added.

The Sims 3: College Moves: March 9, 2013 Expansion

An expansion in which you can take your sims, whether young, adult or elderly, to university to study and get a university degree. The expansion brings us new social groups among them, Sportsman, Nerd and Rebel, to which the sims can belong, in addition to including a renewed Smartphone, which replaces the mobile phone that all the sims had, a new creature is added : the Simagreste or SimPlanta.

The Sims 3: Island Adventure: 10th Expansion June 2013

This expansion will allow you to live in a new world: Paradise Island, in which you can buy and customize houseboats, own resorts, explore the aquatic world more thoroughly, in which navigation interactions by boat or yacht are added. A new playable sim is added: the mermaid and merman.

The Sims 3: Into the Future 11th Expansion in October 2013

Your sims will be able to teleport to the future (Utopia, Normal and Dystopia) being able to observe the effects of the actions of the sims on their legacy and their descendants who will be allowed to visit and buy houses, you will be able to enjoy jetpacks, food synthesizers and dream capsules.

Accessory packages:

The Sims 3: Design & Tech Accessories (February 2010)

The pack includes modern and high-tech accessories. Items such as the vibrating bed, an electric guitar and a fish tank are included.

The Sims 3: Burning Wheel! Accessories (September 2010)

It is the first package dedicated to vehicles. The player will be offered a choice of four lifestyles: racing, intrigue, rock, and classic luxury. It is added in the create sim, hairstyles, clothes and a new trait.

The Sims 3: Playgrounds & Gardens Props (February 2011)

The pack offers in the way to build luxury outdoor objects for your houses, such as if you want to put a magnificent new bathtub or install a sophisticated grill to prepare fabulous barbecues, cozy bonfires and bonfires, exclusive design bathtubs in which you can relax with your friends. Choose between two new styles. "Garden Terrace" includes wrought iron elements, while "Sunset on the Veranda" transmits all the warmth of open environments. In creating sims you will allow you to dress your sims with new outfits.

The Sims 3: City Life Accessories (July 2011)

The package adds new premises, giving a renewed air to the city of the Sims, new objects are added for their houses, such as a modern library, a gym, a laundry room. Or community place like El Buen Bocado café.

The Sims 3: Dream Suite (January 2012)

The pack is characterized by having objects typical of bedrooms and bathrooms, creating a spa, as well as new intimate garments and greater actions and accessories.

The Sims 3: Katy Perry - Sweet Temptation (June 2012)

This pack adds accessories such as furniture, hairstyles, clothing, as well as three new places (park, leisure ... etc), all in the shape of sweets inspired by the artist Katy Perry.

The Sims 3: Diesel (July 2012)

The pack adds a new style of clothing, inspired by the Italian brand Diesel.

The Sims 3: The '70 '80 '90 (January 2013)

Add clothing and items from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, as well as add new radio stations.

The Sims 3: Movies (September 2013)

This pack includes decoration, furniture and new styles of clothing inspired by the movies.

If you want to continue with the same material, leave it in the comments.

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