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How to fight against stage fright?

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8 months ago
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True, it is difficult to fight against such an involuntary reaction as panic and many of us have jobs or dreams that our nerves do not allow us to fulfill, and I am going to talk about this issue not from an outside point of view since I also had to overcome that weakness.

Warning: this is not to read and sing as we see in many movies, what you are going to read is very necessary that you put it into practice and you will notice the real change, as well as your friends and family.

Fear is a physiological response of activation to a perceived threat, it means that your heart accelerates and your breathing changes, as well as the blood is distributed through your body causing an unbalanced flow of blood to the brain reaching the point that we detest the most " panic ”one of the most erroneous solutions to this problem is to expose yourself to more public because if it is a trauma to speak in public you are forcing yourself to be more traumatic. We already know exactly what the problem is so I will divide how to overcome this issue I will do it in three generalized units.



Key # 1: Control our nervous system, there are two nerve reactions to the public, one like the bird that flies away at the first moment and the other reaction is the hedgehog that closes itself to all spectators no matter what is happening, how to avoid This part or gradually get out of this state we use the technique of "square breathing" and as strange as it may sound to you, this technique is used by the police and the military as it is very effective to get out of the traumatic trance they are having. and that is why we see a cold and firm response when making decisions or analyzing what is happening.

Key # 2 our body position stand straight and proud of yourself always in the face of a threat we bend down making ourselves smaller, it is also shown that smiling activates parts of our brain that decrease the response to stress and that of others.


Key # 3: Direct our attention, that is to say, focus on them enjoying your topic and having a good time since the important thing is not who speaks, but to the public that we want to convey our message, we cannot start to think about what we should not do. because if we don't go wrong, because we think it will come out like that, they will laugh at us and judge us and from that moment on we will lose the fight.

Key # 4: and I want to point out that this is the most important for me because from the moment we realize that the public doesn't care about mistakes, we lose our tension and you will say to yourself "what?" But if that's the way it is, my friend, if you don't pause your talk or presentation since the retention capacity when the audience is relaxed is very minimal, they don't even realize that you did wrong since they don't care. However, if we make a gesture of dissimulation or fixation on what we did outside the script, the audience will give it importance.

Key # 5: you have the script and not in your hands, my best explosions have been after releasing that "guide" when it occurred to me to make it simple after seeing how in love the public was with my theme, I involuntarily relaxed and released the paper on the table and I was literally talking with my friends, who wrote the PowerPoint, the public or me?


Key # 6: terror does have a name and we give it ourselves in our subconscious. How do you imagine your exhibition, is it quiet? Are you enjoying it?

We always get nervous for two reasons, even both at the same time

1. A bad experience like the first time on stage or in school and so on.

2. We imagine all kinds of negative scenarios and we even feel tiny in front of the public.

What do we have to do with this reaction that is before we start our debut. Since all this is within our mind we have control over it. For example, imagine that your audience is smaller or that you are the one who commands with your thunderous voice and removes the image from your mind that something bad will happen.

This is my guide. I hope you put everything into practice and remember that the limits are set by us.

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Written by   2
8 months ago
Topics: Tutorial, How, Self story
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