You Need to Know These Things in Your Life

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There are some points that you need to know to have a better life.

Yes, we all go through this stuff, but we don't learn this even though how many times we slip and fall on the mud until someone said to us.

So let me tell you some of the stuff that I go through in my life, and I will give a pointer to what you had to do from my experience.

Well, this is not relationship advice or life advice. I am saying what will I do in that type of situation.

Learn to let go

Listen, you can't make people stay on your side.

If you are forcing someone to stat your side, no offence, that's the stupidest thing that you're doing. It happened to me, I did that.

When I was in school, I had a deep affection for a woman whose age is 8 years higher than mine.

We talk everyday evening, I became so close to her, that I don't even realise that I was in love with her. Love or affection whatever doesn't matter.

However, your love doesn't matter, if they are not meant to be in your life, let go of them.

That's how life is. But keep in mind that the people who belong in your life will choose to stay with you.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Some may look like they are perfect in everything but they are not. No one is perfect. In this world no one is perfect.

So stop comparing yourself with others. You didn't find their imperfect side.

So stop comparing your imperfect side with other perfect sides, that's not fair.

This may be the cause of your negative emotion and anxiety.

Be grateful for what you have because so many people don't have what you have.

Instead of feeling down by comparing others, use your brain and what you have in your hand to increase your wealth and your lifestyle.

Try to Understand Your Lovable Person

When you fought with your boyfriend/girlfriend or the person you love. We only think about how could they do this to us.

Some even don't listen to them. Some people understand why they did that but they don't accept and apologize.

Listen to your loved ones, and try to understand why they do that. Think in their place, what will you do?.

Will, you still do the same thing, or you can go with other options. Because in life there is no shortage of options.

If you choose another option and if you think your decision is better than their decision, try to explain that.

Be calm, and be sharp. Because, when you are in an argument, not only your actions are important but your words are also important.

When you're angry, your words are like waterfalls. You will say something that you don't want to or you don't mean to.

Even if you knew that they willingly fighting with you. One day they will understand how considerable you are when you are not with them anymore.

Forgive Yourself

Yes, forgive yourself. Yeah, that's right. You may think, that's easy. Come on, if you said that you didn't try to forgive yourself.

You are just carefree, you don't care what you do. Because forgiving yourself is the hardest thing to do.

Because I knew it. I wasted two years after being expelled from college. It's not that I couldn't forgive myself because they kicked out me of college.

Because I don't want to go to college. I am interested in the Software side, but my degree is in Electronics. You know the rest.

After I got out of college, I wasted two years, laying in bed and enjoying my comfort zone. I couldn't forgive myself for wasting those golden two years.

If I used my golden two years I may change my status. How do I forgive? Still can't do that. Didn't I say this is the hardest thing?

But I found a way. Yeah, I have to work hard to get back what I lost in two years. Until I am satisfied.

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Yes, this is the starting point of success. First, get up from your bed and do it. Because we can't make anything from nothing.

Yeah if we want something, you have to do it. Put your foot on the field.

You can't learn to swim without jumping in the water. We may hear stories like "Dad pushes his son into the water, so he can learn swimming".

Because we are comfortable on the earth but we can't learn to swim without diving in. So dive in. The next thing that comes is only two things in the end.

If you are consistently putting effort even after so many fails, then you have a 50% chance of success. Don't feel down, if you fail.

Because it's a matter of time and how much you learned from your failure. You will win if you don't give up, if you give up you fail, once and for all.

Once you give up every hard word that you had done until now will turn into dust.

In the end, only two things matter. It's whether you succeed or not. So get up, and stop procrastinating.

Yeah, procrastinating is one of the things you need to stop, if you want to get out of your comfort zone.

Well if you want to know more about procrastination check out my previous article.


Don't hang on to anyone, that they are not supposed to stay in your life. It doesn't matter if you love them or not. Let them go.

Stop comparing yourself to others, because no one is perfect. This makes you think negatively and your anxiety will increase.

The relationship is crucial for our life. Even if you said I will live alone, you may have at least one person with you. A friend or family or love. If you don't, you must be lonely. So try to understand your loved one and be calm and considerate.

Forgive Yourself, some may know this is hard. But find a way what you have to do to forgive yourself. Hard or Easy do it. Forgiving yourself is way more important than you think.

Get the hell out of your comfort zone. If you want to become successful get-up and do your job and learn your skill. Life is so small, that you will lose your time without even knowing it.

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