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"How many times did Adi tell you not to drive while drunk. But you swear you won't listen to me. Do you understand what will happen if your father knows? He will push you out of the house. You've done a lot of things before. I've managed everything, but this time it's different. I don't know what to do. "

Adi's mother Nayantara Chowdhury is threatening Adi.

Adi tightened his jaw and said,

---- Mom, why don't you trust me? How many times will I say I didn't drive while drunk.

----- Shut up. Take your voice. Pray so that the girl is saved or your life will be hell.

----- Mom, please, you can manage if you want. I did not have an accident on purpose. We will take responsibility for his treatment. You talk to Shafiq's uncle and ask him to try to find his family secretly. When his family was found, everything was settled.

Adir's mother said,

----- So easy ?? Do you think everything is easy? What should I answer to his family?

----- Looking at the dress of the mother girl, it does not seem that she is the daughter of a high class family. So there will be no problem.

Adir's mother shouted angrily,

----- Original !!! Are you watching class He is a human being. Don't think of anyone else as a human being except yourself. Learn to call the people around you human beings.

Let me show you.

Adir's mother grabbed Adi's hand and pulled him to the front of the glass outside the ICO. From outside, it was seen that a girl was lying inside wearing a patient's dress. Her head was bandaged. Water is constantly falling with closed eyes.

----- See how the baby girl is suffering. She could have been in her place today. Do you understand?

Adi looked at him for a moment. His face could not be seen clearly from a distance. He could not see any more because he had an oxygen mask on his face.

After waiting for a while, Adi said,

----- I think my mother made a mistake but it was an accident. And the girl is as much responsible for this as I am. She was walking aimlessly on the road. If you want, you can tell your father.

Adi is walking out of the hospital saying the words. The doctor came out. Adi's mother went ahead. Dr. Adir's mother is known.

----- The condition of the girl is not good. The condition is very critical.

Adi's mother said in a curious voice,

----- Brother, save him anyway. Let nothing happen to him. But I can't forgive myself.

----- We are trying our best.

The doctor went inside again. Adir's mother was repeatedly calling on Allah.

"God fix the girl. How much the girl is suffering. I don't know which mother's child."

The original car started. And I started to remember the previous incident.

Falling noon. The heat of the sun is rising. A girl is walking along the road. She is talking on the phone and looking for something. The girl was walking along the road with her phone. But she was a little distracted. Suddenly his eyes fell in front. A girl is crossing the road.

----- Oh no!

Adi tried to brake the car by pressing the steering wheel in both hands but failed because the car was running at full speed. Then what happened was that Adi was about to catch his breath.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that people had gathered on the road. Adi once decided to back off the car but could not go for any reason. His mind did not give up. Her head is covered in blood and her face is covered in blood. Her hair is wet. Adi took her eyes off in a blink of an eye. Public Adi grabbed JK. Adi brought the girl to the hospital with the help of two people.

After 2 days, the girl regained consciousness. Phone call came from the hospital. Adir's mother and sister Nishita are going to the hospital.

Nishi said,

----- Mother, brother should be informed that the girl has regained consciousness.

Adir's mother ignored him and said,

---- Nishi, neither are you. Your brother is sleeping with oil on his nose. I doubt if he remembers the girl he murdered. And should he be informed that he has regained consciousness?

What will he do knowingly? As much pain as I have. I have to do something to hide this incident. Only when the girl is healthy.

----- That's right. But the mother and daughter's family could not be found.

----- Your uncle Shafiq is trying. In fact, it could have been found in the newspaper. Shafiq is trying alone so that the matter of the accident is not known. That is why it is getting late.

Then they reached the hospital. Upon entering the cabin, the nurse found out that the girl had fallen asleep again a while ago.

After the nurse left, Nishi stood by the bed and stared at the girl.

----- Mom, look how sweet the girl is.

Nishi's mother smiled and said,

----- Hmm Mashallah is a very sweet girl. May Allah heal her very soon.

(Putting his hand on the girl's cheek)

Putting his hand on his cheek, he made a sound with his mouth and blinked his eyes. Nishi and he are looking at their mother.

Nishi said excitedly,

----- Mother's eyes met.

Nishi's mother could see many questions in the girl's eyes so she said,

----- Don't be afraid. We brought you to the hospital. You had an accident in my son's car. This is your condition today for him. I apologize on his behalf.

Is your name mom

The girl is blinking and trying to move her lips. She is biting her lips but can't speak. Her head is tingling.

Nishi understood and said,

----- Her mother may be having trouble speaking.

Nishi's mother said,

------ It's alright. No need to say anything now.

The girl is trying to move her lips,

----- Sa ... m ..

----- Don't put pressure on yourself. Your parents may be thinking a lot so they needed to know to inform. But since you are very sick, don't put pressure on yourself.

Nishi said,

----- Exclude mother. Two days have passed. They have already put up with tension for two days. Get well first.

Then Nishi pulled the tool and said,

----- Since you have said half name, call me by half name. I am Nishita Nishi. You can call Nishi.

Then Nishi's chatter started.

The girl is smiling when she hears him. However, she has to endure the pain for this.

Seven days later.

Nishi and her mother are going to the hospital. She will be released from the hospital today. Nishi and her mother will take the girl to the place according to the address she has given. After finishing all the work of the hospital, they got in the car. Nishi asked,

----- What's your name? I forgot.

----- Samanta Sehnuj. Apu you can call me Samu.

----- Samu !! Yap. I will call you Samu. And yes you will also greet me. OK QT?

Samantha shook her head.

Nishi's mother said,

---- Why are you going alone without calling your parents? If you told them, they would come to the hospital. Besides, you didn't want to bring us either. What is the matter if you want to come alone?

Samantha bowed her head and said in silence for a while,

----- Actually I'm going to my friend's flat, not home.

----- In a friend's flat? In a friend's flat without going home in this condition? You are still sick. In this condition?

Samantha is silent. Something is unprepared. Nishi and Nishi's mother are looking at her face in the hope of an answer. Then the two of them are looking at each other's faces. They understand that they don't want Samu to answer.

Samantha mumbled and said,

----- Actually my home is Sylhet. Here I and my friend live together in this building.

---- Oops (sighs)

They stopped in front of a 6-storey building. They went to the 4th floor with an elevator.

Samantha said,

---- Orin may have gone out. I don't remember his number. I don't know where the phone went during the accident. I would rather wait here. How long will you stay?

Nishi's mother said,

----- He's not going, but how long are you going to stand. The owner of the building may have a duplicate key. Bring it.

Then the owner of the building came to them and said,

----- Your name is Samantha?

----- Yes Uncle.

----- In fact, your friend Orin has left the flat. He has gone home. You can't be found. So he thought you have gone home.

The storm is blowing in Samantha's mind. What will happen to her if Orin is gone. Samantha said in a low voice,

----- Orin suddenly left?

----- He said he got married in a hurry so he left the flat 4 days ago and went home.

Samantha can't find anything to say. She feels very helpless. She has been in this city for some time. Where will she go now? What will she do?

Tears are flowing in Samantha's eyes.

After a while he brought a shame to the building.

----- Orin has gone with your belongings. If you ever come.

Nishi and Nishi's mother are not taking advantage of the matter.

Adi is sleeping with her arms and legs spread. Cushions are wrapped around her. Suddenly her phone rang. Adi grabbed the phone with her sleeping eyes and said,

------ Yes..lo ... !!

Opash said something. Adi replied,

----- I will be there in time.

Then he hung up the phone and fell asleep again.


They are sitting in a restaurant. Samanta's eyes are red. Tears are flowing in her eyes.

Samantha rubbed her hands together and said,

----- Suddenly I ran away from home.

Nishi said in surprise,

----- Flee !!!

As soon as Nishi could say anything more, Nishi's mother gestured to him to be quiet.

Samantha began to say again.

----- Hmm. In fact, my father arranged my marriage, so I ran away. My father is a political leader. And to make his position high, he hustled with the son of another leader and arranged my marriage. The boy with whom he arranged my marriage A hooligan

Drug dealer. After eating all these, he falls in the middle of the day. He is 10 years older than me. He has a bad eye on me.

I have told my father many times but my father refuses to listen. So I ran away and came to Orin. Orin is my school friend. He told me to come to Dhaka. I live alone with a flat. You can stay comfortably. I will arrange tuition for you and leave. I came to Dhaka with his courage. And that day I came to be admitted to the varsity but it was an accident.

Nishi's mother sighed and said,

---- And your mother?

----- No. He left me when he was young and left for the land of no return.

Samantha's eyes widened.

Nishi wiped away the tears and said,

----- Don't cry baby. Everything will be fine. Mom do something.

Nishi's mother smiled and said,

------ You come with us to our house.

----- Your house? No, it doesn't happen. That's why you are doing a lot for me.

----- Hey, I haven't done any greatness. You are in this condition for my brother today. So I have taken your responsibility. Come with us without talking anymore.

They brought him home without forcing Samantha.

Their car came to a stop in front of a big house. Outside the house, black-clad guards were moving.

Samantha is uncomfortable. Nishi took Samantha to a room and said,

----- Go to your room and get fresh.

----- Thank you sister.

Samantha is thinking about what happened to become fresh. What did she leave home thinking about and what happened. Where did she come from. Where did fate bring her?

10 pm. Adi is chatting with friends in the night club.

Adi is drinking. A girl has been watching him from a distance for a long time. He came to her and said hi with a smile.

The girl was disappointed and left. Adi's friend pressed Adi's shoulder and said,

----- Bechari's heart is broken.

Adi smiled. Adi's friend said,

----- Why are you so heartless Ray? I broke the heart of such a beautiful and cute girl?

Adi said,

----- So what should I do? I will flirt with all the girls like you. Adil Chowdhury has all the addictions but the girl is not addicted.

Her friend said,

------ Shala, there is Saturn in your forehead. One day you will not be able to drown in someone's intoxication like this.

On that day I will understand what kind of girl is intoxicated and what are they?

Adi said in a contemptuous tone,

----- Huttat ....

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