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2 months ago

Raj, tell me how you did this job .. Zara is your sister .. Why didn't I expect this from you one day. And Zara, why didn't you tell Raj anything ..

Suddenly someone woke me up .. I looked up and saw Tania thinking she was calling me ..

I said so what happened ??

Bhabi told me to get fresh and go down quickly.

So I went to be fresh.

I see this dream from time to time..I am away from her today due to a madness of Zara..I am away from my love ..

Freshened up, I went downstairs and asked Bhabi what the ball was calling for this time.

Bhabi: Brother, now you go to my father's house.

Me: Why? Now why go there again ???

Bhabi: My younger sister Lamia has you will bring her..Lamia wants to come here ..

I also said ok all right ..

I thought maybe the little girl can't come alone. So I said yes too.

Then I had breakfast and went out to Bhabir's house .. I came with the bike .. so that I can go quickly ..

My best friend Tuhin called me a few times. So I told him on the phone and then I talked to you .. I left the phone and started riding the bike again ..

After a while I came to Bhabi's house.

Shortly after the bell rang, the maid opened the door, so I went in and sat down. Bhabir's mother came and said how are you Raj ..

I said yes .. how are you ..

Bhabir's mother: I'm fine too..everyone in the house is fine ??

Me: G. Everyone is fine.

After talking to him for a while, I realized that Bhabir's father was not at home.

This time I told him to call Lamia.

So he went to the room.

After a while a girl came with him .. I was surprised to see that girl and said are you Lamia ..

The girl looked at me once and said yes I am Lamia.

I hurried out and called Bhabi.

Bhabi: Yes, brother, tell me.

Me: I think you were saying Lamia is your younger sister.

Bhabi: Yes. Why what happened ??

Me: In what way does Lamia seem small ??

Bhabi: Brother, you are not angry .. you bring him quickly ..

Thinking this, he put down the phone.

What do I do I went home again ..

Seeing me, Bhabi's mother said, "What happened, Raj? Why did you go out?"

I said nothing .. I went to make a call ..

Lamia looked at me and said will we go out now ??

I said yes.

Then I said goodbye to Bhabir's mother and went out with Lamia.

After about a couple of hours we came home.

In the meantime, there was no talk with Lamia.

I came inside the house and saw that the rust had come.

I went to my room before Zara could tell me anything.

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Written by   21
2 months ago
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