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Punishment of an apostate who reversed the decision of the Prophet

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2 years ago

It is narrated from Ibn 'Abbas that a hypocrite named Bishar lived in Medina. Once he got into an argument with a Jew. The Jew said: Let us go to Muhammad (peace be upon him) and resolve it. Bishar did not agree to the proposal at first. He offered to go to the Jewish leader, Ka'b ibn Ashraf, for a settlement. Ka'b ibn Ashraf was a staunch enemy of the Muslims. Surprisingly, the Muslim identifier sought a solution from this Jewish leader. But the Jewish man wanted to entrust the task of judging it to the Prophet himself. In fact, the reason for this was that both of them knew that the judgment of the Prophet (peace be upon him) would be completely fair. But if there was a just settlement, the hypocrites would lose and the Jews would win. After much debate, he finally settled down like a Jew.

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