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Good day cordial neighborhood Legiitster!

In the previous email we referenced something many refer to as the Legiit Weekly Roundup... also, for that we have to apologize.

We realize that you were up throughout the night, continually hitting revive on your inbox, restless to discover precisely what that is.

Well stand by not, at this point my companion!

As an undeniable individual from Legiit, you know that Legiit is a network driven stage, and we do all that we can to interface all the various individuals from our locale.

That is the place where the Legiit week after week roundup comes in.

>> Here Is A Video Explaining Exactly How It Works <<<

Yet, in the event that you don't possess energy for the video right now here is a brisk summary.

The Legiit Weekly Roundup is a week after week email you will get with news and data about what is happening in the Legiitosphere including:

Profound limits on administrations offered by our dealers

Declarations of new highlights coming to Legiit

The most recent information from the Legiit Blog

New administrations

...what's more, a periodic amazement/complimentary gift

(Talking about free gifts be keeping watch for an extraordinary unconditional present straightforwardly from our CEO in the following couple days :- ))

So remember to check your inbox for the Legiit week after week roundup each Thursday!

Converse with you again soon!


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