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Topics: Love story


The reception on canvas is selfish

The girl is a little black, a little or a lot. But like the eyes of the frustrated, stunned artist has no other option. Moreover, at such a low cost, no one will stand on the opposite side of the canvas.

- Grandpa, the girl is a little ugly, but she will do whatever you say!

- Hmm, bring it soon.

- My ..

- I'll get it tomorrow.

There is nothing in Ayon's hands now. Everything was poured in the last exhibition, about two years ago. Viewers did not buy with the price, many criticized - "There is nothing provocative in the picture!"

The boy holding the dustbin, or the teenager with the color on his face, trying desperately to find food for the baby in the dried body of the beggar mother ...

Ayon has not learned to focus on the dreamy lips and puffy breasts of any dream girl. Rather, it showed the rotting aspects of society in light and darkness.

Looking at the pictures can be ha-disappointed but hanging in the well-appointed drawing room, "Impossible".

- At last a slum girl is in my house..and you have to pay five thousand for it! And UN idiot!

- I'm borrowing money from you, Sushmita, and the house isn't yours alone, it's mine either.

- You can repay the loan! Really! People don't laugh. I'm giving the money, but I can't stay with those dirty people. If you have a hobby of drawing, you can take our farmhouse, I will send Budhan with you. I am calling Bapi.

One of Sushmita's words tied like a thorn in Ayon's chest. Of course, a useless son-in-law like her has to rely on her father-in-law!

Ayon thinks that his spine is getting crooked day by day!

The girl's name is Sudha. Not as bad as it looked in the picture. What will be the age of twenty twenty-one! Small bag in hand, pink salwar kameez on body, cover up to chest. The head is so low that the look is not visible.

- Grandpa, my payment !!.

- Hmm, take this five thousand. And tell the girl that she will get five thousand at the end of the month!

- Hey hey..come on.

Sudha is wrapping her salwar veil around her fingers. Sweat is dripping from her forehead.

- You have come from far away, rest now. Work will start in the afternoon.

- All right.

- Mercury, this Mercury. Show him the room.

Ayon comes to Sudhar's house in the afternoon. He is surprised, what a beautifully decorated house it is!

- Grandpa, will work start now?

- Yes, but before that there is something to say, listen carefully!

- All right.

- I am an artist, that means I draw pictures. After sending my paintings to many places, a foreign cultural society wants to buy some of my paintings after about two years. But the paintings have to be new, and the subject will be the simple life of a Bengali girl. I searched a lot of places but no one was agreeing, in fact I lost everything on my own ... Stay tuned! You have to stay with me for about two months, and you will get five thousand a month. And there will be Mercury. Sometimes my wife may come or not. And as far as I know, I'm not guilty of being a girl, so you can be sure of that! Even if you feel uncomfortable, you can still go home, I'll make arrangements.

- I'm not going, I'll do whatever you say.

- Well. But come to my hall, work will start from there.

After a long time, Ayon arranged his canvas. The thick brushes have not been touched by the painter for a long time! The stand of the canvas stands straight and arranges the palette on the right.

The white lining continues to fall.

Meanwhile Sudha came and stood up. She has just taken a bath. Water is dripping from her wet hair and she is soaking her red saree. There is a red tip on her forehead, only two bangles in her hand!

Ayon looks for a while. Sudhato is not ugly! Ayon has not seen his smile before!

- Grandpa, where do I sit?

- Did you wear a sari?

- You said that she is a simple girl from Bengal, so I thought of the sari first! I brought both sari. Why doesn't my grandfather like it! Shall I come instead?

- No, no, this idea didn't come to mind. It's nice to see. You sit on that tool, don't move too much. Sit as you get comfortable.

- All right.

Ayon picks up the pencil, scratches one by one, and looks at Sudha with his mind once more. Hairy chest with the first two open buttons of the shirt. Sudha lowered her head.

- Don't move. If the structure is done today, it will be convenient tomorrow.

- All right.

Work goes on till midnight, Sudha is surprised to see herself on the canvas. Is she so beautiful at all!

- Understand, there are a lot of hands sitting. It will take time to return. For this I have told you two months.

- Hmm.

- Go eat and lie down.

- You?

- Artists eat and sleep again. There are many things to think about, you go!

This is how the work goes on for seven days. A canvas is almost standing. But it is not happening if you do not go outdoors!

- Guys ..

Sudha had just taken a bath, wrapped a wet towel around her head, a sari lying on the floor, her hem on the floor. The little Radha-Krishna placed on the table, bowing her head, muttering a mantra!

Ayon is surprised once again. He has seen his mother like this for the last time, on Tulsimanche. What do you like? When you get a strange smell on your mother's body, you hug and caress her!

What about Sudhar ...

What are you thinking?

- You!

- I want a picture of you bowing!

- Such!

- Hmm.

Sudha has been standing in the same pose for the next fortnight.

Seeing Ayon, he thought that Krishna himself was like that!

And Ayon thought, why is Sudha just like her mother!

Then the outdoor turn. I don't think such a river can be found very close to the farmhouse! Of course, it was Budhan who found it.

- You know there is a river next to my house, but it is hilly, Teesta.

- Do you love rivers?

- Who doesn't love the river, if you tell me I am willing to sit in this water for hours. As soon as I open my eyes, I hear the sound of Teesta, I bathe there, I pick up Rangberang stones with my girlfriends. Of course you will not find stones in this river.

- But Bosona dipped his foot!

- Really!

- Hmm, open your hair and kiss.

Sudha sits spellbound, far below the edge, scratching the pencil from above. Then decorate the palette with one color after another, like a new bride. The colorless water bowl is filled with one color after another!

Sudha is almost asleep with her eyes closed, her dream comes true! After a long time. Ayon is keeping her hairy chest and head, and Ayon is caressing her black forehead.

Sudha has started taking care of Ayon nowadays. Apart from Ayon smoking cigarettes, sleeping on time, Sudha sees everything. Put it on, paint brush is no longer here and there, Ayon's hair is combed and tidied.

Ayon just says, "Sudha, why are you like mom?"

Sudha just smiles.

Ayon will catch his last drawing today, but he doesn't know what to draw.

- Sudha.

- Tell me.

- What do the girls want, if they draw, will the girls think that I have drawn them?

- Why did you suddenly fall behind the girls?

- See you!

- Why?

- Why are you there, you're not a slum girl. You're something else, you don't want to catch yourself!

- Everyone must be caught.

- I have to, I have to.

- Why?

- Maybe I love you!

- A black girl like me! You have such a beautiful wife ..

- I love Sushmita, we got married out of love. The profession that she neglects is our connection. But after marriage, everything changed. There is a lot of noise in his life, there is no time. If he is a vagabond like me, his father will not have value. Sushmita is not my wife, her father's daughter. But I still love him. I call her every day, but none of her calls come to me. She loves to fly.

- And me?

- You, you ... If you understand how I thought of you! You brought back a twisted artist, you brought back that mother's affection. I can dream when I put my head on your shoulder. I want to scratch your wet hair again and again. I have seen you so much, I have studied but I still think , How much more is left? If you stand on the other side of my canvas every day, I can draw on you every day, I can decorate with whatever color you want. You are my daughter of the mind!

Sudha embraces Ayan, the water that has been drying for a long time is soaking Ayan.

- Why do you love me, do not love me, you do not know who I am?

- I don't know, I don't even want to know. I just want to capture your moments. Now that you love me, tell me, will you ever live like this again? Tonight, will these words of ours come back? You are not my interest, I know. But the moments are mine, this is my canvas!

It is too late for Ayon to wake up the next day. Sudha has to start the last canvas today. In the meantime, the head of this society has started chasing me by email!

- Sudha, where is Budhan?

- I don't know, Grandpa, where did you go. It's asking you to give it.

The eyes begin to open-

- Love never fell on my forehead. The fate you gave me. I left the house because I didn't understand my parents. The color of her skin is black, not Montato anymore! I tried to be a spoiled girl, but you wouldn't let me be. Artist, you thought I should be naked. But your canvas made me dream again.

No, I do not dream of a house. Besides, the number of selfish people is very high, I did not enroll in that group. Whatever your house is, it is a house! I understand the value of a house, so I went to a children's school.

I hope it will be arranged. The children do not see the color of the skin any more.

And yes, you didn't say what will be the last canvas? If you tell a girl like me, the last moment of last night is my dream! Maybe even a white girl who can't find the sky to fly with her head on her chest is a happiness and a dream. !

And yes, don't forget to dream! I won't forget either.

Six months later, Ayon appeared at the All India Fine Arts Museum to receive his number three reception. The foreign company had arranged a separate exhibition for Ayon.

On the last canvas, a girl puts her head on a boy's chest and blinks with absolute happiness, and the boy hugs her in obsession.

Many people want to buy that painting, but it is only for exhibition.

Everyone wants to know about the reception, what is the secret of this rise?

Ayon said,

- A girl taught me to dream, and taught me how to capture the moment on canvas. It's all hers.

Invisibly, Sushmita hides her face, feeling guilty.

And the eyes are full of eyes

Sudha is smiling in the same way

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Written by   1
1 year ago
Topics: Love story
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