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Working in a honest way

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4 months ago

The financial condition of the father is not good. A boy named Raghu has just passed the ninth class with JSC examination. Raghu's father Kala Mia said to his wife Ayesha that night, "The boy is studying a lot. It is not possible for me to study anymore. If you can, you can study." After listening to Kala Mia, Ayesha Begum said, How much do we need? They would take care of our son from work. ”Raghu was in the next room. The parents think the boy is asleep. But Raghu read the book then. Listening to his parents, Raghu is stubborn. Feeling restless. Promising in her mind, "Karina Deikka's parents talked so much about earning a living today. One day Dimu Raghu can do a lot by earning a lot of money."

On the morning of the day of reading, he packed his bags and left for the city. TC was admitted to a school in the city. He said to the headmaster of the school, "Sir, I have been living in poverty. I have no money in hand. If you had reduced my monthly salary a little, the pressure on me would have been lessened a little." Raghu is happy. School admissions and tuition have not been arranged. This time he has to get a job. You have to earn money by working. If the money is income, there will be accommodation. Sitting and thinking, what can be done. He doesn't know any work. Suddenly I saw a car garage. Goes to the owner. All facts are told openly. The owner agrees. The owner has said that he will not be able to pay any money. Just arrange to stay and eat.

Came with a letter to his parents,

Dear parents, I am looking for the future. I was able to hear the words of that day. That's why your Thaika went so far. One day I will own a lot of money. Will be educated in higher education. I will take care of you. That day I am Faira Aimu. Good Thaiko.


Eti, Raghu.

Works from evening till 12 o'clock at night. Then you have to sleep. I have to go to school in the morning. After returning from school in the afternoon, people do various things. Gets some money in return. With which Raghur left the mule in his pocket. Thus the SSC examination ends. At the end of SSC examination, tuition was given to the students of class five. Garage work has also been on fire for almost a year. A small cut has been opened in a garage to save tuition money. There was some extra money. He saved the money with great difficulty. He used to work without the knowledge of the owner while he was in the garage. About 50 thousand rupees was deposited in one year by working. There was a very faithful man there. To whom Raghu has deposited the money. In leisure time when that work falls in front of the eyes. He has done the work on his own. People were fascinated and gave 100/200/300 rupees. He saved that money without spending it. There were good students in studies. Has done well in matrix examination. Admitted to college. The garage opened on one side. A man left in the garage. It works well. If we calculate at the end of the month, it is seen that the income is 20/30 thousand rupees. As the days go by the study goes ahead. The garage is also big. Income also increases. This is how the study ends. Gets a good government job. In the first case the salary is 30 thousand rupees. There is also a garage. Garage much bigger than before. Income of lakhs of rupees per month is in the garage. All in all, Raghur is earning lakhs of rupees at the end of the month. They have to work hard for 10/12 years to earn lakhs of rupees per month.

If you work honestly

Life will be successful.

If we work patiently for 10 years in an honest way. Then it is not a matter of earning one lakh rupees per month. But we do not know how to work patiently and honestly. Due to which life is ruined prematurely. Success does not come. There is unrest in the family. Occurs in shortages. Look at the history, there is a reason behind every rich person. Read the biographies of rich people of the past in the pages of history, they too have made history by working in an honest way.

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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