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4 months ago

You're in for a treat today

Crying, a few months or a few

Looking back on that same incident year after year, you'll notice that you're no more

Can't cry.

In some cases, you will laugh and think when you think of the incident behind those tears

"How stupid I was !!"

Believe it or not, the thing called #time changes everything.

Thoughts, sorrows, love ...

He redecorates your inside !!

That's all you have today

The more "impertinent" the day before yesterday

That is what can become "worthless."

#TIME_is_a_Great_HEALER !! "

Time heals all wounds. All

Sorrow slowly forgets.

A toy in childhood

Seeing that it was broken, he shouted

Cried. Now 6

Are the toys worth anything ??

Now pushed and fell

How many times are you crying ??

Now hit the road

If you can, get up early and start walking again, right ?? Cry before you

Like ?? Isn't it?

Take time .... The cure for all diseases is to take time ... Someone is bothering you

Gave ??

Suffered a little time.


There is a time to forget the pain

Go or the pain will not be on you anymore.

Or you may laugh at the pain ...

There are not two drops of tears from the eyes

Read on ...

The sleeping pill by hand

Or do not touch the rope with the fan. Instead, wipe away the tears ...

Trust me,

Everything will change one time.

To look back once

But wait ...

Take your time ...


Survive ....

Do not see what happens.

The tears dry up.

The colors of suffering begin to fade little by little. The pains are gentle

Gradually decreases. At intervals of time

People change too ...

One more thing to keep in mind ....


Another day ...

#Your_time_will_come ....

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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