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Suspicious Love!!❤

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4 months ago

_ No matter what we say, I do not doubt you, I never misunderstand you!

_But we think a lot about the opposite person

_Either boy or girl is equal!

No one wants to get the love of his beloved man!

_Everyone wants to get their favorite person on their own!

I will not doubt, but when I am deep in thought about the beloved man! And then if I do not get him! Then we feel their emptiness in us! That's when we try to highlight the nonsensical emotional thoughts that come to our minds: -

_Of course I went to hit the tank with a boy / girl today, so did not come online today!

_When I get BG on the phone, I must be talking to another boy / girl!

_I do not understand a few days today, you are not talking to me! Have you got anyone new ??

_Yes, you know, all my words are bad for you! The rest of the girls / boys all seem sweet!

I knew you didn't love me at all

_Text to me first, now you are not looking for me! Why did you change? Didn't you find someone new?

_ Why didn't you give a text and a message all day today? Are you forgetting me when you get someone new?

_ In his post, why there is so much profit reaction in the film! See who has reacted to the profit! I don't understand that this boy / girl reacts profitably in all his pics and posts! Is there a secret love affair between them? I entered their profile thinking this and spying on them.

_Who are you talking to, hmm?

Right now you are texting me in Bengali and suddenly massaging me in English?

_Where have you been all day? Must be busy with another girl / boy! Don't give me a little time like before

_ The boy / girl lutuputu comments on everything! What happened to the girl / boy? 😞

_Nowadays, new girls / boys are making friends! Surely now a beautiful girl / smart boy will fall

_If the beloved person has a password, there is no question🙂

_Queen / King will rule the kingdom alone today!

_Check the Facebook activity of their favorite people

Will start to see the details of the king / queen who has commented on the car like! If a beautiful girl or a smart boy sees a comment or a love reaction in a picture, then the king / queen becomes angry!

_ Surely he remembers this girl / boy!

_Asuk he has his news online today😡

Just think, why does your favorite person do that?

_What do they really want ???

_Actually they love to think about you!

_ They do these things just when they miss you!

_Tung will enter your timeline and filter everything you have!

_And besides, if he has a pass, he will start monitoring your ID later!

_ Such madness is actually done because of a lot of love!

_This is no doubt, his care towards you!

_The fear of losing you is hidden in it! Which raises his doubts about you without any reason!

_ Never let people of such love lose!

_Those who know how to love the impossible, they know how to doubt!

_ As much as you doubt, there is no problem, you have the right to doubt!

_But don't disbelieve him, you don't have the power to disbelieve him!

_ Try to hold on to the faith you love!

_And give him time, who waits all day to get some time from you!

_ Give a text to your little one who can put a smile on his face in time!

_Learn to hold the faith of the one who believes in you and loves you! Because why does he trust you to have so many people on earth?

_Learn the value of the faith of those who have deep faith in you!

_ You will see that there will never be unrest in love

_Long live every love❤

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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