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Life war

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3 months ago

Returning to the country after 10 long years ...

My father sent me abroad on debt. Everyone in the family thought then, this time the day of lack of understanding is over. I was in exile for ten years, I don't remember the last time I sent money. How to send money? Is it possible to send money from jail?

I don't know how much the interest money has increased. Who knows what the father or this old man is doing with so much money in his head? Wanting to know if he is dead or still alive.

I promised Parul, I will come back in four years. I will build a happy house. Ten years passed, I couldn't keep my word to Parul. Maybe I will go and see, Parul is now someone else's housewife.

When he came, Parul said, the fate of the expatriates is like a lottery. He who gets gets everything. He who loses loses everything.

I told Parul with a smile, I am willing to lose everything, but not you. That day Parul hugged me and cried profusely. His last word was, I waited. Come back soon.


I couldn't read or write much. HSC pass. Onton's family was in dire need.

The father sold the land and married the older three sisters one by one. The younger sister Mita's class dragged on. He also has to get married in a few years. I could see my father's face was heavy with anxiety. Maya would have been sad to see her father's helpless face.

I have just been admitted to honors after finishing college, within a few days Mita ran away with a boy. The father searched and saw that the boy's family was good. He was the son of a big family. Dad seemed to have left half alive. The last paddy land for marriage dowry is no longer to be sold.

Just then I became the center of all my father's thoughts. Dad used to say, 'What will happen after studying? The family is not going on. Excluding these, it works. '

My mother was a simple minded person. Mother agreed with everything her father said.

But on that day, along with his father's words, his mother sat down and said, 'Send Mamun Ray abroad. Aziz's pola in the southern part is sending a lot of money abroad.

Hearing his mother's words, thousands of worries came to his father's head. He got up and left without answering his mother's words.

I had a good day. One day when I came back from the chat in the evening, I saw my mother lighting a fire in the stove.

When he entered the house, his mother said, 'Parul came today. He sat for a long time.'

'When did you come, mother?'

'In the afternoon. I don't know if there is an urgent matter with you. '

I said in a worried voice, 'Did you say anything?'

'No. I saw on your table what was written in the notebook. Maybe he left a letter. '

My father and Parul's father have been friends since childhood. Or they had decided long ago, will marry me to Parul. Even so, Parul used to come to our house all the time. Since Mitu left, he would often come and help his mother with various tasks.

I hurried inside. I had no contact with Parul for several days as the battery of the phone was damaged.

I came and saw the letter lying on the table under a book.

At the moment many questions came and the crowd gathered. What is so important, what did Parul write in the letter?

Frightened, I opened the letter. After reading the letter, my mind was turning upside down. Even then, I read the letter several times.

Parul wrote __ 'I can't find you. I heard from my father that you are going abroad. Would it have been such a mistake to tell me? '


Dad returned home at night. As soon as I stood in front of my father, he said, 'I have a final word with the people who sent Aziz abroad in Aziz's Polar. He said three lakhs, in the end two and a half lakhs have agreed. '

I said to my father in anger, 'Where will you get so much money? And will I go if I don't feel the need to take my opinion? '

'What do you think? I don't want your misfortune anymore. I don't care if you think about money. '

How did my father manage to raise money? Later I heard that he had taken some money by mortgaging the land and had taken the rest of the money at interest.

I came to Dhaka and got a passport visa with that man. The day of going slowly began to come closer. As the day goes on, Parul's anxiety increases. He wanted me not to go anywhere.

The night before the flight, Parul's t-shirt was soaked with tears.

When he came, his mother said goodbye crying. Dad was sitting in the chair in silence. When he got up, he said, 'I pray that I can reach without any incident.' Then he came to my ear and whispered, 'I owe you a lot of money, Ray, pay the money on time. Don't waste money badly. '

After listening to my father, all I could think about was money. I thought, I will not return until I see the face of the money for which I left the country, hid my dear people.


Malaysia is like a paradise for rich people and big businessmen. There are some lucky Asian workers for their service in that paradise.

I used to work in constructions under an owner there. My job was to take bricks, sand and cement on my head in the hot sun where my skin was burnt.

Sometimes I cried a lot. I thought, maybe it would have been better to do kamalagiri in the country. I could see the faces of my dearest loved ones.

Many unfortunate Bengalis used to work there. The Indians are the leaders there. They are vigilant everywhere. Because they are more in number.

However, shortly after arriving in Malaysia, I realized that I had been sent to Dubai on a tourist visa. After knowing the matter, I called the broker man. He reassures me sweetly that in a few days the paperwork will be fixed.

Nothing went right. On the contrary, day by day, hiding and harassment like thieves were increasing.

I could not get a fair price even if I worked hard all day. Those whose papers were not correct would get only a celery by name. And there is fear of the police.

There were many illegal Bengalis working in our group. Many of them were terrified. When caught.

He would go to work secretly like a thief and come back at night.

If I ever needed to go out, four or five people would not go together. I would go alone, I would come back quickly.

I would never let my parents understand. What an unbearable pain I am going through the day.

When I was talking to Parul on the phone, he used to work in peace.

Parul used to say in a tearful voice __ 'Do you eat properly? Take care of the body. When will you come? '

I listened to him with thousands of fascinations. I would say, 'I will come. What do you need? '

'To you.'

'Nothing else?'

'You are my everything. When you come, I will have everything. '

My eyes would get wet when I heard Parul's words. I wanted to fly there.

It seemed to me that my father had said that he owed a lot of money.

As far as I remember, I sent millions of rupees in six months without eating all day.

Then comes that terrible day. I went after being caught by the strict immigration police of Malaysia. There were so many cruel surprises waiting for me that are beyond description.


That day he dragged like a dog and entered the jail. A few Bengalis were also caught with me. Later I realized that this prison was like a gathering of illegal immigrant Bengalis. Hundreds of innocent Bengalis are trapped inside the jail.

Linking Prison. It would be a hell to meet in the world.

Their main task is to beat the Bengalis like dogs. He used to beat his cane with his hands and feet naked. The skin was swollen due to that injury, and the red flesh of the body would come up due to the repeated injuries of the cane.

I was dying in unbearable pain. Not only me but every Bengali was a victim of this cruel oppression.

Nothing was remembered during the day. I didn't understand anything day and night. Sometimes when I regained consciousness, I would see 30/35 people lying on top of each other in a small place.

He used to give food at one time. In other words, rice and rotten dried fish. I would vomit if I took it in my mouth. When drinking water, it seemed, is it water or toilet water?

No one came from the Bangladeshi embassy to get the news. Nepal, on the other hand, could easily get rid of Indian illegal immigrants. And to the Bengalis, the Malaysian prison is like a living graveyard.


I was in dark hell for ten years.

As soon as I was released from jail, I called my father's number. It looks off.

It seemed like a fool to know why to call Parul's number ... but that too was off.


Today, after ten long years, I set foot on the ground in the country. I got off at the airport and got on the bus. I know I'm going to face a difficult reality at home. Wondering, how are they, how are they?


'Aren't you Mamun?'

The tone of voice seemed familiar. I looked back and saw Parul's father standing.

'You have the same health, you are not going to Chennai at all!'

Without answering, I asked in a worried voice, 'How is Uncle Baba?'

Parul's father stood with his head bowed. He put his hand on my shoulder and said in a trembling voice, 'Your father is devastated to learn that you are in prison. Meanwhile, the debt was increasing day by day. Your father could not take the pressure of so many things. One day he died in his sleep. '

I am standing like a silent stone. I started walking towards the house wiping my eyes.

When I came to the house, I saw a 3/4 year old boy playing. Seeing me, he ran inside the room.

I stood up from the yard and called my mother. But there is no response from inside. Feeling apprehensive, I am moving slowly.

Suddenly a girl came to the door from inside the room with the veil. I blinked and the girl called out with a smirk.

The little boy raised his head and asked, 'Mom, who is this?'

The girl went inside again without answering. I am looking at Parul's boy with surprised eyes.

Parul used to say, look, our first child will be a boy. I would shake my head and say, umhu will be a girl.

I kissed the boy's forehead with tears in my eyes. Let's go, Parul's wish has been fulfilled.


I went inside and saw that my mother was ill. I haven't been able to get out of bed for the last few days. But when I saw him, he sat up.

As soon as he approached, he started crying. He started rubbing my nose, mouth and eyes with his hands all over his body.

I just stared, a stream of salt water running down her cheeks.


I came home in four or five days. You have to be close to your mother all the time. Don't let it be hidden from your eyes. I heard from my mother that after my father died suddenly, Mita's father-in-law repaid the loan. Mita wanted to take her mother, but she refused. Said, if my son doesn't come and find me ..

The day after my arrival, Parul left for his father-in-law's house. I did not speak to Parul even once that day. I could not look up at him.

Today, I remember Parul's words again and again, the fate of the expatriates is like a lottery. Whoever gets, loses, loses.

Did Parul manage to survive that day, I am going to lose him too ...

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Written by   14
3 months ago
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