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4 months ago

Story of a mother~~

I am Nishat Begum husband Jalil Mia, married four years.

The first day was a good cut yesterday!

Within a year I became a mother!

Thus I became the mother of five children non-stop. I am the mother of three daughters and two sons.

The hard test started. My husband is unemployed,

With so many children at home, my husband doesn't always market properly.

Deficiency persists. The quarrel started, in order to raise the child in a beautiful way, the husband needs to have a contribution behind the family.

But no attention to my husband

I keep chickens and chickens to run my family while I gamble under the influence of drugs. I take care of two goats at home.

But at the end of the day Patidhar came and stood to get his hands

There is gambling for money and intoxication for money

If not, my ducks are on the night base

Steals and sells.

If you can't steal at home, you steal people's belongings outside. There is always a quarrel in the family, so the rabbis decided to leave my husband in the village.

Their point is that no extinct gambling addict can stay in this village, if he stays in the village, the village will not improve or it will be useless.

There is no husband. On the other hand, I have admitted the eldest daughter to the school.

The lack of it is the extreme stage, me and them

Can't afford it.

So she went to Dhaka with her five children in search of a husband

I moved to the city.

But I do not know anything in Dhaka city.

I don't understand where the newcomers are going.

I have tied a towel around my stomach because of hunger, but they are small people who are suffering a lot due to hunger, they have not had any water in their stomach all day.

Fasting seems to be one year at a time

Equally ,,, I'm crazy about them.

My child's face is dry with hunger.

As a mother, I can't do anything for them,

I cried, how am I mother?

I can't satisfy the child's hunger.

Not being able to feed them from the garbage in the end

Give it up, and they're eating it.

I have heard that many wealthy people live in Banani and Gulshan areas of Dhaka.

So not far from there, Karail slum, we are coming to that slum.

I have come to Dhaka city but the people of this city are not looking for anyone of big cruel nature,

Many speak with negligence.

But how long will I stay at home like this,

If you are sitting at home, the food is yours

Will not come home.

So I went out in search of work.

I didn't find any work all the time

Jhin's job in the hotel shop is one a month

Thousands of rupees for one meal.

Their father could not be found in this city. I have read about how to feed them in misery. The food will be given at once so the children were not admitted to the school anymore.

They are doing Tokai's work in Dhaka city.

Bringing one kg of rice, I cooked rice with some rice, and after cooking four eggs, I divided one egg in two and gave it to my five children to eat and I ate it with onion and green chillies.

One day I have a high fever, I go to work that day

The owner of the hotel did not give food.

On my side with a sick body

It was not possible to go to work.

I don't have money at home to buy medicine.

They are crying for me. They have no food at home

Seeing the pain, the chest is bursting.

If I could tear my chest and show someone the pain in the middle of my chest, then everyone would see

How much trouble is hidden in this chest.

At the end of the day with the big girl in a lot of trouble

I have cooked rice, my daughter can't chew my rice starch, but they eat the rice, onion, raw chilli crushed in the rice starch.

Salt water flows through one corner of my eye

Goes to see their suffering. Many nights have been children

I am very happy to see them sleeping peacefully.

Looks like my day is over, tomorrow

I will not stay until morning, they sleep

You will see that their mother is no more.

My sigh is heavy thinking who will see them

It's done.

Everything else has become dark around me

Can't see

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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