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Written by ย ย 14
4 months ago

12.30pm. I am sitting in the corner of the bed with all the doors and windows closed. There are repeated knocks on the door, but I will not open the door anyway. Defeat as soon as you get out of bed, defeat in Thuri Surrey. So I will not go down and the door will not open decision final.

I am Anima. Actually the thing is that tomorrow my result will be public. Alhamdulillah, I have passed those two horrible days, not SSC or HSC, but I really don't know what will happen this time .. because this time I have coached for the result of admission test, medical, although I have also given admission test in varsity and the chance has been .. But my goal is medical, my father and mother have wanted their only daughter to be a doctor since childhood. And hearing about this profession from my father's mouth has created an impossible love and interest in it. And now being a doctor has become the main goal of my life. My father does not have the ability to teach in private medical, but no. But I will not wear it in private, I have decided not to wear it if necessary but not in private. This is my biggest problem since childhood. I don't compromise with self-esteem and desire. I will do what I will do once. But now there is a chance that only one thought is working in the head? If not, what will happen? What will not be my doctor? Since noon, I have been sitting with the door closed without eating or drinking. And everyone in my house has been knocking on the door since that afternoon. Now that a lot of time has passed, knocking on doors is going on non-stop. Everyone is telling me to open the door with all kinds of fears but it is a great pity that their result is zero. Because I will not open the door at all.

Oops! Damn! I am tired of hearing their knocking on the door, but there is no fatigue in them. Pushing, pushing. Oraki doesn't understand that I'm not in the mood to open the door now? Am I busy with tension? Thinking about all this, I heard the sound of my mother's voice

Mom: Open the golden door, see what will be very good, eat something baby.

Dad: Yes Mommy. And what if there is no chance? I will admit you to the best private medical in the country. I'll send you this if you want. Still, open the door, I haven't eaten anything since noon, eat something this time.

I: (I am in the last step of surprise after listening to that father. Like Really? This father has said before the admission test that if the public does not have a chance or will not teach me anymore, he will not be able to teach me in private, if I do not have the ability to read in private Blah blah blah. And now he is saying all this? Although it is not new. Before every test, my father makes such threats. Later, he is the one who gives the most peace during the result. You know I'm not in private. And now I can't open the door. Because I'm busy with tension.

Big Fuppy: Baby please open the door. it's high time mother. You haven't eaten for more than twelve hours. This time you will get sick. Your uncle brought you biryani from your favorite restaurant. Eat gold.

I: (The dinosaur that was dancing in my stomach was dancing louder when I heard about biryani. But I paused the dance with tension) Sultanappi (big fuppi) water will not come down my throat now so please you go from here.

Father: How far has Sultana come? Now only he can get the girl out.

Sultanappi: Grandpa will come now. I called a while ago and said it was close.

Then I heard someone's voice. It's not too late for me to leave and open the door because I don't have the ability to ignore this man's call. I opened the door and grabbed the man. He also dropped the bag and grabbed me.

Me: Don't look, they are forcing me to eat again and again. Oraki does not understand how much tension I am? What do I do if I don't have a chance? Please tell them to go

Api: Cool sweetheart don't cry. Look I'm here.

(This is my cousin Hiya. She is in the Department of Economics at Dhaka University. She is a brilliant student. She lives in our house for the benefit of the university. She is my best friend as well as my older sister. She fulfills all my desires and I listen to her. Let's share with each other.)

Mom: Look what a madness Hia has started.

Api: Mainappi (my mother) don't worry I came. It's been a long night and everyone has gone to bed. I'm watching. (With a plate of food from Ammu's hand)

Then with the food in Api's hand everyone went to sleep peacefully because this girl can be completely safe with me in her hand, not only me but Api can be safe with any responsibility because she is a very responsible girl. But in this respect I am absolutely zero, because I can't take my responsibility properly and something else ๐Ÿ˜‚ then you sit on the bed with me.

Api: Tumiki will never grow up? I heard you ate noodles in the morning and did not eat anything? What time is it? Such a child will not do at all. I will not tolerate these. ๐Ÿ˜ 

Me: I'm already tense and you're talking? Go cut

Api: Come on baby! What is so tense? You will definitely get a chance. (You never tell me you ever depends on her mood)

Me: Look no.

Api: You said all this on the day of your SSC and HSC results, A + or it won't come, but at the end I got Golden A + ... I'm just tensing, I think you will get this chance at Dhaka Medical.

AP: Keep your Dhaka Medical. And you are less huh? Do you remember the tension on the day of the result of Dhaka University? Saying there will be no chance at the end of the 47th time?

AP: It's off now. Now eat it, I am feeding it. And don't be tense at all, it will be better. (To feed)

Me: Well, you were supposed to come tomorrow, did you leave the college tour today? (Eating)

Api: Why again for you.

Me: You mean? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

AP: I mean, Moynappi called me right after you closed the door. Then immediately I came out. Do you have any idea how much tension I had? Does anyone do that?

Me: ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ (I'm just angry, it's dangerous to open my mouth, so I'm eating quietly)

After eating, I went to bed. I can't tell you when I slept in my room today. I also fell asleep holding you.

I woke up very late the next morning at exactly eleven o'clock and called Apir. I opened my eyes and saw Api standing with coffee in her hand. I smiled when I saw you.

Api: Good morning sweetheart.

Me: Good morning. If you call it sweetheart so late today? Call me every morning. (Taking the coffee mug from Api's hand)

AP: Actually, you are already very tense. If I had called earlier, there would have been more tension, so I called late. (While sipping coffee)

Me: Wow! The logic is good, but the result will come in the afternoon, right?

AP: Hmm, after two in the afternoon. But don't worry I'll see.

Me: There is a lot of tension

Api: Again?

Me: Sorry๐Ÿ˜–

Api: Come on Ani. You are a bright student. Golden GPA5 in both SSC HSC, I have topped the district in SSC, HSC was in the fifth position in the board. He was always in the top 3 in coaching, but you are still tense? Like seriously?

Me: Hmm

Api: Not Hmm. Let's eat. Breakfast done by everyone in the house, only you and I are left. I'm not eating for you.

Me: What's new? Let's go ...

(Api and I eat together when we are at home. Api is our final year. This means we have been at home for four years and this has not changed in these four years. We wait for each other at meal time. )

Api and I went to the dining room and sat down. Mom brought food.

Mom: Why are you having breakfast now? I will have lunch again. (to serve)

Me: Oops, Mommy just got in the stomach. If I had played two hours ago, it would have gone to my stomach, now it is going to my stomach. Only eating is real. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž (eating)

Mom: I'll kill a pirate. Are you kidding me? I will marry you when I see a boy in Marquette, who will kill you when he is nineteen to twenty, then you will understand. Then I will think Only My is real

Api: 6

Me: Api ... Mom is telling me to give a gift to an abusive son-in-law and you are smiling?

(Api was just smiling after listening to us for so long because it's not new Ammu and I always quarrel like this. And everyone plays the role of silent spectator. Ammu's name is Golshanara Moyna. Ammu used to work in an NGO but now she doesn't. Takes care and we all love him very much)

Api stopped laughing.

AP: Mainappi, whoever marries your daughter has to do a child care course first. Otherwise you will not be able to handle your daughter

Mom: That

I didn't say anything because there was nothing to say so I kept my cheeks swollen and concentrated on eating.

Then my father came and pulled up the chair and sat down.

(My result today is that my father did not go to the office anymore. My father's full name is Md. Kamrul Hasan, a businessman by profession. My father is very free and very strict, which is more applicable to me.)

Mom brought tea for Dad. It's my father's habit. I don't even know how many cups I eat all day. Mom is upset to let Dad make tea.

Dad: Good morning mom. How is sleep?

Me: Good morning Dad. Very good.

Dad: Has the tension decreased?

Me: Dad, don't come before you get the result. You know that.

Api: Fupa, I just know how I handled the call to your daughter.

Dad: Hmm, you are the only one who can handle him.

After that, my only younger brother Kavya, who turned out to be Badar by mistake, became a human being. His job is to follow me all day. It seems that he is a devoted employee of this job. After class seven, but it seems that Zeno varsity regular politibaj. Just irritating ... came on

Kavya: Arebbas Miss Natanki down? Tears stock over or? (Leaving the bat on the chair)

Me: Bader without way tail What's your problem Yes? I will go wherever I want, I will do whatever makes you happy, yes?

Kavya: Nana, what about me again? But even if it's a hundred, you can't deny this unpleasant truth anymore, so you are my big sister, so you have to think a little. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I: 6

Poetry: By the way. I don't think your result will give you a place in any medical school today

I: If not, your father .. I mean, what do you mean? oil your own machine๐Ÿ˜ค

Api: Kavya, why did you say you are following him? Mar Khabi is in my hands.

Kavya: Where am I looking behind? I am thinking of the development of the country. If this jute stick is a doctor, what would happen to the country?

Father: Kavya, this time you really beat me. Don't burn my mother.

(Byas Kavya is silent because if there is a quarrel between Kavya and me, my father stops Kavya.

Then everyone is sitting on the sofa in the drawing room. Result's time is approaching so I wanted to go upstairs again and close the door but I couldn't do it for Api. Big Fupa and Sultanappi came down from above and joined us.

Fupa: What's the matter, is there still tension?

Sultanappi: There is no point in telling him all this. His kapakapi will not decrease until the result.

Me: Uncle Ohi didn't come from school?

Fupa: No, that's what I'm going to bring now. Bye.

Me: Bye

Fapa left.

Me: Where is Sultanappi again, brother (Sultanappi's younger son)?

Sultanappi: He is sleeping.

Me: Oh, neither of them met today.

Sultanappi: Soon your brother will get up and come to Ohio.

Kavya: Oh ho dad I forgot to give you a news Manik uncle's son is coming from UK. Will land in Bangladesh tomorrow.

Dad: Is that so? You haven't told me yet?

Mom: Maybe he's busy. Look, this phone has arrived.

Poetry: Amito Super Excited ..

Api: What made you so excited?

I: He is over excitement in everything. There are words in the happy mind of the madman

Kavya: You keep quiet, you know what? Do you know how good he plays cricket? I have decided that I will learn cricket from him. And what does not look beautiful is a Bollywood star. I'm his die heart fan ...

AP: I don't know about cricket. However, I have heard that it is very beautiful to see, whether the smile is special or deadly. And very bright student? He also gets a lot of prize money?

Me: Huh! Stop blabbering on like this! Is that a boy? All-rounder in one form or another? Is this a story?

Kavya: Everything is possible in the world where there are aliens like you

Api: Damn. If he had really played such good cricket, he would have been a member of an international team. And if it was so beautiful, it would have made Bollywood. And if he was so brilliant, he would have got the Nobel too

Api: Whatever you really are, I went to the kitchen

Kavya: Listen, brother, if you didn't want to, this could have happened. You don't understand this. So leave ..

He said, "What's wrong with me?"

But is this ture? Can a boy really have so many qualities? What is so beautiful to see? Api said the smile is deadly? Really so? Well, how is the height? Damn whatever I want? Thinking about all this, I looked at the wall of the house. Its 2 pm means result, this time I am sure I will fail. Api .. where are you?


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Written by ย ย 14
4 months ago
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