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Blue Panjabi

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4 months ago

The day my father brought Neel to our house, I was sitting on the table with my feet in the chair and eating raw mango with salt. Seeing my father, I went downstairs, stuck the corner of my skirt and went to the floor. I thought Neel would smile a lot but Nah Neel didn't smile that day. His magical face was very serious.

Wondering who this blue is ?? Neil is my cousin. Neel's parents are all dead, so he has brought Neel to our house for some time so that he can feel better.

As I got up, I looked at Neel. The blue Punjabi match with the white pajamas. The big silky hair is swaying in the fan air. The beard line has not yet grown on his face so the boy looks very cute. I have seen Neel before but I have never seen him like that.

Today is the tenth day that Neel has come to our house. One thing I noticed is, the boy has only read Punjabi for these ten days. I stay home all day but then I read Punjabi. And all blue and red Punjabi.

I have seen since childhood that my father used to go to Jummah prayers only on Fridays after Punjabi. Or if there was any other festival, he would wear Punjabi.

But this boy reads Punjabi every day. How can a man always be after Punjabi ?? This is what the Punjabis say.

I have been hearing since childhood that my father promised Fupi that he would marry me to this Punjabiwala. And because of this he never spoke to her in shame. To this day, I have never been able to ask if this is the case. Only he would look at me and I would look at him too. Maybe he's too embarrassed to talk to me. Because he never asked me anything.

One afternoon I was standing in a corner of the roof looking at this city without human beings when suddenly he said from behind ,,,,

- How are you? (Blue)

I was wondering what to say. No, I just looked at him and shook my head. But even today he was asked in shame whether he is well or not. ??

- Why are you always so quiet ??

- You live too

- Where did I ask you? Are you all right? Even then he said nothing, you just shook your head. He also asked me how I was

- Well .. I'm asking now !! How are you

- Yes, I'm fine.

- Shall I tell you something ??

- Hmm said !!

- Why do you always wear Punjabi?

- That's good.

- Always say that ?? Sometimes you can wear a shirt. I have never seen anyone wear Punjabi like this all the time. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Don't you feel hot ??

- No. I like And my grandfather always wore Punjabi. And you know I grew up in Nanu's house from a young age. I learned to read Punjabi from my grandfather. Now I don't like to read anything other than Punjabi.

- Oops. Well now I go.

That's why I came there. I was too embarrassed to talk to him so I left.

Now I meet him occasionally in the afternoon. And there is talk. The boy can sing very well. As the days go by, my mix with Neel is increasing. Corona has to stay at home all day. I don't even go to college. So all day now I spend time chatting with him.

We have become very free now. I like what he says. It feels so good to do that. Her smile is strangely beautiful. Am I going to fall in love with her later ???

One day, after seeing a new sari of my mother, I wanted to throw it away later. I went to the saree sejeguje chande. Neel was already in the shade. He looked at me with a smile. I was very ashamed to see him staring. Even then I went in front of him ,,,

- Can you wear a sari too ??

- Don't you like me?

- You look so beautiful.

He gave that strangely beautiful smile. I am silent and just watching his smile. There is a lot of Maya in this smile. He stopped laughing and started saying again ,,,

- Sometimes you can wear a sari. You look so beautiful in a sari ..

- Is that really so ??

- Hmm.

- Blue ??

- Sometimes you can't leave Punjabi and wear a shirt. You've never been seen wearing a shirt.

- You know, whenever I go to buy a shirt, I like one Punjabi after another. So I didn't buy shirts anymore.

- Will I wear it if I buy it ??

- Why not?

- This time I will buy you a blue shirt on the first Baishakh.

- All right.

Today is the first Baishakh. Why is the whole of Bangladesh closed to the whole world for the corona virus. Everyone is busy saving their lives. But then I gave the order online with great difficulty. And it is coming by noon.

In the afternoon I went shopping with the shopping bag in my hand. Today I went to the roof wearing red and white sari. Because today is the first Baishakh, so I arranged it like this. When I climbed to the roof, he saw me staring blankly. Today I am very ashamed to go in front of him. I looked closely and saw a shopping bag in his hand. As soon as I left, he handed me the bag and said,

- This is for you.

I took the shopping bag in my hand and saw a red tuktuk sari. I like the saree a lot. This is my first gift from a loved one. What can look bad.

- Anha !!

- Hmm, tell me.

- There's an impossibly beautiful smile. I call him a shy smile. Embarrassed, he looked away and bit his lip and smiled. I love that smile of yours dear. I love your Kajal eye. I love your shy face.

Today I want to dream of living with you anew in this new year dear. Love you so much

I didn't say anything, I just handed the shopping bag to him. It would be wrong to say no. Because I can't say anything in shame.

He opened the blue shopping bag and saw a blue Punjabi inside. Seeing the Punjabi, he looked at me and said ,,,

- When I go to buy a shirt and now I open the packet and see Punjabi.

- I couldn't buy a shirt either, my eyes were stuck in Punjabi.

- I either love to read Punjabi so I can never buy a shirt. But you could buy a shirt, why not?

-Because the story is Punjabi !!! Shirts are not allowed here !!!

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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Wow so beautiful

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