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Acting (part:1)

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3 months ago

This Tisha is looking so cute ... (Isha)

Tisha: Look, Isha, I have a boyfriend and I love my boyfriend. Now I have no time to see which boy is cute and which boy is smart.

Isha: Hey, why are you so angry, boy, don't you look so cute? Hey, you are more cute than Nahid ..

Tisha looked at the boy with annoyance at Isha's words ...

Tisha: Yes, cute, what's wrong with me? And listen, I told you not to pull my Nahid at all ..

My Nahid is also very cute, I just don't let Nahid think more, so Nahid likes a little field but he is more cute than this boy ..

Isha: Listen, even if your Nahid doesn't take the idea, he won't be able to go near this boy's side.

Tisha: Well, I agree that you can't go, but why did you suddenly fall in love with this boy?

Isha: I don't know why I read that but the more I talk about this boy, the better I feel.

Tisha: I think you have fallen in love with the boy ..

Isha: - Hey, nothing like that .. I don't see if the boy's cheeks are gulu gulu.

And look at the two lips like a strawberry.

Tisha: Wow, there are so many things that come with a little test ..

Isha: Shut up .. what are you talking about like this rudeness ..

But I think love is coming to my life ..

Tisha: Well then let's go and propose to the boy ..

Isha: Damn, how is that? I have to know well about the boy before I propose at first sight and such a cute boy can have a girlfriend, so if he rejects the proposal today, I will eat Chhaka, so I will not propose today, but I have to take the name and address of this boy.

Tisha: Does that mean you will go to the boy now or to talk ??

Isha: Yes, I will go. You can actually come and if you don't come, then I will go alone.

Tisha: Oh no, I will go, I don't have to see what your cute boy says to you.

Isha and Tisha went to the boy ..

The boy is more cute than he looks from a distance ..

Isha and Tisha stood beside the boy

Seeing them, the boy moved away a little ..

Tisha: Tell me something about Kiri Isha ..

Isha: I can't think of anything to say.

Tisha: - Hey, I'll go in front of the boy, I'll fix my hair, then I'll raise my hand and say hi, Isha, you look so cute, like an orange ..

Isha: Damn, how is it appreciated again ??

Tisha: Then I will say Isha I want to keep you in my mind ..

Isha: Hey, how do I know that too ..

Tisha: Then I will say this boy, I like you, will you love me?

Isha: - Hey, keep your ajaira panchal I will say in my opinion you will only be with me.

Tisha: - Hey you helped me during my love I will do it too I am with you ..

Isha stood in front of the boy ..

Then ..

Isha: If I don't remember anything, can I know your name ??

The boy did not answer ..

Isha: Can I hear your name?

The boy went to the side without answering ..

Isha: Hey I know you are cute you have a girlfriend I know that too but what is there to show so much emotion? I just want to know your name and nothing else ..

The boy did not answer after that ..

After a while another girl came between them ..

He came and said ..

- This brother is mine. Let's go home.

Saying this, the girl took the boy and drove away ..

Isha is just blowing up in anger, this is how Tishara has to be humiliated .. but it doesn't matter, boys like this happen ..

Isha noticed that Tisha was thinking something ..

Isha: What are you thinking so much, Kiri Tisha ..

Tisha: I wonder where I saw the girl ..

Isha: Where did you see this ball? If we meet again, I will be able to get all the news of his brother from him

Tisha: Yes, I remember once I went to Nahid's younger brother's college with him and saw him there with his brother.

Isha: Then it's over. We're going to college tomorrow and we're getting all the news out.

Tisha: I didn't go, but you know, Isha, I didn't think the boy was normal ..

Isha: I will go if she is unmarried anyway ..


The next day Isha and Tisha went to Nahid's younger brother's college ..

Then he found out a lot and took out the girl yesterday ..

Isha: You are listening ..

Girl: Yes, sister is telling me ??

Isha: Yes, I'm telling you ..

The girl came to Isha ..

Girl: Say yes sister?

Isha: What is your name?

Girl: Yes, my name is Ratri .. And I have a boyfriend so go and tell the one who sent you to forget about me ..

Isha: - I will kill this one by pulling love at such a young age .. and why do you understand so much? And listen, I didn't come to you for anyone, I came to you to do some research ..

Night: Say yes ..

Isha: If you drive away from that photo studio with a boy tomorrow, isn't that boy your brother ??

Night: Yes, my brother, but what will you do knowing that?

Isha: What is your brother's name?

Night: Ariful Islam Ryan ..

Isha: Well, tonight I will ask a personal question ..

Night: What?

Isha: Is your brother married?

Night: No

Isha was overjoyed to hear the night ..

Isha: Well, if I am your brother's wife, I wonder how I will be ..

Listening to Isha's words, I know how the face of the night turned pale ..

Isha: What happened last night are you thinking something ??

Night: In fact, my sister can't talk to my brother ..

This time Isha's face turned pale after hearing about the night ..

But after a while he laughed again ..

Isha: I can't talk, so what happened? I want you to think, will you give me your home address ??

Night: But it won't work either. My brother won't get married.

Isha: Why don't you get married?

Night: In fact, my brother has a terrible past in his life, he can not forget anything ..

Isha: Well, will you tell me the past?

Night: I have no problem saying but what will you do knowing everything?

Isha: I'll tell you after all that, you tell me first ..

Then the night began to speak ..

Night: Not really as you see my brother .. There was a normal person, my brother used to talk and laugh, but suddenly everything became random ..

In fact, my brother loved a girl very much.?

The name was Salma Akhter Julie ..

Julie Aputa loved my brother very much .. they had a relationship for 5 years, they had quarreled for 5 years but no one separated for 1 minute .. no one had to live without anyone

I used to talk all the time, I used to go for walks, I used to do many other things, you can say a small family .. I will not say much, I am talking about what happened to my brother, as always, my brother and Julie Apu went out for a walk .. Julie Apu insisted to go for a walk on the hilly road. Brother didn't but sister didn't listen ..

Went around in a hurry..because the brothers were not aware of the hilly road their car had an accident ..

Yes, my brother was lucky to survive that day, but Julie saw her brother's death with her own eyes.

Despite many attempts, Julie could not save Apu

After the death of Julie Apur, the brother began to know how.

When he was alone, he would not talk to anyone, would not eat on time, would sit on the phone all the time ..

At first my brother spoke very little ..

Abbu Ammu thought that the brother was not forgetting anything because of the memories left by Julie Apur.

So one day everything means Julie Apur's gift was burning all their pictures. When the brother saw it, a lot of things were burnt but almost everything was half burnt.

Brother has taken care of all that and I don't know why he hasn't said anything since that day ..

And the funny thing is, you know, many attempts have been made to marry the brother, but the brother did not even look back at any girl ..!

When it comes to marriage, Julie takes out her sister's picture and thinks that she is talking a lot with the picture ..

Suddenly Ratri looked at Isha's face and said in surprise ..

Night: - Hey, hey sister, why are you crying like that?

Isha cried after hearing everything from the night ..




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Written by   14
3 months ago
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