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They headed back to Bhutan where they rifueled and got some more supplies, mostly food and the honey. They stayed a bit longer, Mary had to get her desert eagles from the customs, she was all too happy to reunite with her babies. As they lifted off the ground there was some showers of rain.

Sophie : The God's are wishing us well, all of us.

Phoenix : Doesn't it always rain this time of the year ?

Sophie : In these mountains it can rain almost any day, the people here are so in touch with their spirituality that they can pray for rain and it actually falls even in the middle of winter.

Speedy McQueen: If it was so soggy I'd love to live here because it's all fresh and we found the red flowers all over the place. I don't fancy wearing boots all the time, my feet would be to a d stingy.

Phoenix : I'd wash them for you, he said while trying hard not to laugh.

"They must have a shooting range here too so Mary and I can go shooting every once in a while"

Unfortunately not, I tried to find out so I can go shooting after I got my babies but to my disappointment said Mary

Ey, at least you got your babies and they are doubled up now right? Ivory golden desert eagles and black storms desert eagles right? Asked Phoenix

You know your toys I see, thought you'd just adapt to anything but not really know the depth that much turns out you are that bad, Mary said while reading Phoenix with her bouncing eyebrows.

That wasn't the first time Phoenix saw Mary showing affection but the was something alluring and original about this time. It was especially genuine, or maybe it was because it's been a few days since they had been intimate, he thought. He brushed off the thought by winking back and bouncing his eyebrows too.

Haha, I'll never get enough of this Phoenix so glad it's him with us and not Henry. It been a whole while since I've felt free with our crew. Mary said as she peeked into the forest cap below as they flew over the forest.

Speedy McQueen whispers to Phoenix : I should have told you before, we perfect you. You are our Phoenix and we will fly all over the world with you, climb the highest mountains with you, dive deep into the deepest of trenches. Say, have you heard of that Mariana trench? Don't you fancy seeing the bottom of that deep? Heard that only a handful have been there.

Sophie couldn't help but eavesdrop, the chopper is not that big and the wind not that thick or harsh, she went in " That's one of the reasons I like to stay away from the world and the people because they can't, in the truest sense of discovery explore this very earth we are on, actually even having some of us go extinct while they chase dreams of conquering Mars and the moon amongst other endeavours. We know more about space than we do about our oceans. We need to go diving in that Mariana trench and the Bermuda, I'll bet most of our ancient artefacts are ever drowning there.

Phoenix: You are just in too deep my dearest Sophie, but you very correct and I concur with you to conquer the deep dives of our deepest.

Speedy McQueen: I'm definitely not going to be left behind, there's some practices that I can do in such an environment like the Mariana or Bermuda, both would be able to withstand the amounts of energies and powers I will conjure up, pretty basic but the portals are very unstable.

Mary: How unstable? I'm able to stabilise most mystic works...

Speedy McQueen: No way, if that is so, why didn't you stabilise the artefact instead of letting us go to the clan?

Mary: I was too occupied with thoughts of my own, she said looking away from the backs seat of the chopper.

Phoenix: She is talking about the desert eagles she just picked up, such attachments. Almost the same as the obsession you ladies have over me, he gloated.

Haha, you wish, the ladies laughed....

We should send him down the trench all by himself in one of those suits they put on people in the sanitariums laughed Speedy McQueen.

I am not wearing any sanitarium straight jacket nor am I going diving alone, not as long as y'all are around. Exclaimed Phoenix.

Mary: all I need is three of these then you are alone, she held out a 44 magnum with a huge grin on her face.

Phoenix: Its much fun out here. Thank you ladies for taking care of my heart.....

Before he could finish talking there seat Phoenix and Speedy McQueen sat on started vibrating vigorously. Speedy McQueen held on to phoenix so tight she thought they were going to die.

Sophie: stay calm y'all, composure. I need to not lose controls so we can find a clear place to land figure out what is causing that rattling and vibrating. Phoenix check on it, you won't fall.

Phoenix unbuckles his safety belts to check what causing the vibrations behind the seat. Just as he turned he noticed the back of the seat was smoking. He screamed at Sophie : land this chopper now, the seat is smoking.

Sophie: boxes don't smoke, one of y'all must have carried something flammable or a spell gone wrong? Come on.

Sophie McQueen now a bit calm but all swallowed up by smoke and coughing she admitted that if there is any spell work gone wrong it would be her. She always practices even as they fly around she keep going through her work and lessons over and over again. Whenever she disapproves she throws it behind her. Could be that one sparked the fire.

Sophie managed to find a barely clear spot to land and as they grabbed fire extinguishers to the back seat.

To their suprise there was no fire, none of their bags and belongings had burned. The smoke didn't stop, it was coming from the box with the artefact that just got cleansed by the clan of wiccans... They unloaded the box, opened it and let it go on smoking in open air.

The artefact gravitated slowly up off from the box. The smoke changed into what seemed like carbon fog of the crisp violet colour. It slowly faded leaving an aura around the artefact that morphed its shape mid air, into shapes they all have never seen before.




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