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Pretty Rough One

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1 month ago

I love blocking out the noise so much. This time around spirit is busy squeezing it out of me to write this post, you know sensations and staff. So ownership, is it really about that or is it a matter of thought and who came first? That's the question at hand. Sometimes you find yourself under attack and you turn your life upside down wondering what when or how, just to find out later that there is nothing wrong. A bit of the hair dye, (double up on the hair dye tubes and let it stay in there for the whole day, throughout your sleep and only wash it out in the morning or even let it stay for as long as you can let it) or a few others like your fav crystal, keep charging it by the moon the stars, your intentions, the sun, the wind, rivers, the oceans, momentum of different sorts like a church crowd you like or your favourite town or city or your garden or pet. Or the conjunctions of laylines, and that's almost the same way you charge your jewelry. Theres a lot of trick and treats that we drop during out dark night of the soul because the pressure gets intense. This has been the advice to myself to always remember that it's a numbers game. Better played on favourable frequencies put out constantly. The whole reason why anything will set you free is that you just need to focus your frequency on that one thing and keep constantly pushing it not to get them to keep their sensations off of you but to never stop just keep it going.

That sounds real nice huh? Until you get to find out why it is that you need a spouse, they are busy stealing from you but it doesn't matter cos everything that you expose is merely copies of you, they only take copies of you, valuable copies but copies nonetheless. I am currently going through this, writing really helps me relief my pressures, and build my confidence. I hear that boom bang bang but my a$$ will never be ready for that not until they suck up their own prides but how can they?

Now the remedies are massive, coupled with the numbers+ownership+ uniqueness you will create a lane of your own that no matter how hard they'll try they just won't amount up. They copy now but your goals are not now, dead or alive your goals are Ron's ahead. Basic edit and add blueprints all over the place plus the validation trick. I pray peace be upon you and you never have to go through anything I went through. Just know that when you read this we connect, when I properly come alive and you need me, I'll be there for you in ways that I needed me to be there for me. Where I failed myself I will take that lil step to help you excel in your endeavours. I pray to my own God my higher self that in all my badness that I still maintain the art of no deceit.

Also when you feel pressured, express don't fear the kind of expression. That's how you let it go, that's what actors, musicians do, they express their truths in so letting it go out in the world. One of my truths is having impact on the world and never having to worry about money at all.

I've achieved both of those goals and now I'm ready to meet my maker but until then I'll be your guide. Pretty cool huh 🕉️

Sometimes when the flow comes I'd like to stop but spirit just keep pushing me on and on and on. I don't really like it but I have to learn through it, cultivate positive vibes by not talking a lot and rather focusing that which you want to talk about on paper or that code book or the business, the book, the food , the church the garden. Basics, I feel this is more advice for myself because it hard to think that there's still people in the world who are not woke. I am satisfied with my care. I pray you are satisfied with your care.

Check out my other posts, I got a whole desert storm narrative to get you engaged haha. That's my world, always in the making.

UnConventionally Me

Thank you for your time.

Supreme love and light

Bless up!



Supreme love and light

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Bless up!

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Written by   36
1 month ago
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