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One of the first steps in to the multimillionaire sphere is reflection, however we would call it what we are refering to is whatever will bring us to the awareness of where we are. Where we are as in time and space as well as spiritually, sexually, emotionally, intellectually, educationally, amongst other self assessments. If you think something is worth assessing then maybe you must asses it.

I studied emergency medicine, well not all of it just a good couple of years of it. Now during our practices we would always place patient assesment on priority but that's after taking a couple of steps back. These steps include knowing that we know what we think we know and also knowing what we do not know in terms of medication administration and medical techniques, we know what we do not know so that we do not go on trying things on live patients. The other important step after knowing what we know from studies and practice is making sure that the equipment is right, clean and in a functional condition which also means that there should be no faults with the equipment.

There's probably a million steps into the millionaire sphere, I do not know but I know for sure you don't have to get fucked for it. So one of the first steps in the direction is the feeling, feeling good all around how it would feel like, what it would feel like when it would be, who it will be because you keep changing every single time because you are no more than vibrational strings put together. So the one who will grow the account to + a million is not the one who dreams it, it's like relaying it onto yourself and that's exactly how you should do it.

What's up with this feeling? The thing is that spirits are not the best at comprehending this physical things, they cannot see or decipher much they need a lot of assistance in understanding thing like some experience otherwise they are blind and not much without experience. This tells us how the great spirits perceive our intentions, as energy some vibrations that have personality to them. When our intentions are received, immediately there is momentum to fulfil our intentions as perfectly as possible. It won't matter your faith but take note that as you put out that intention you'd be translating it into spirit/energy form. What that means is that when you are watching a video of a Gwagon owned by the Maverick Logan Paul called the yeti, you hear the sound, see the uniqueness of the yet it's like your senses are already there touching and feeling it. What you are doing there is like mapping it out as an intention, same as prayer when you pray you are doing the same, the protection you ask for you do have some sort of idea what that protection is like or how it will keep away the bad guy and keep you safe except that when we pray for money we pray for blessings. We do not go specific enough and because spirit is blind, we need to be extremely specific otherwise the shitshow that spirit will spit out is rather spiritual. Get it lol.

Now that you get why you need to cultivate that good feeling, also get it that you don't need to force yourself to feel good. Just feel good, dig deeper inside of you, your core is made of pure love, happiness Hass a lot of houses in there in so many different forms. Forget whatever you are finding hard to forgive and get it that you are finding it hard to forgive because you once loved, once held happiness where you now can't forgive. And this part is particularly easy, focus on that no forgiving vibe and wish it well. Yes confront it, tell it that you are grateful and aware of it's presence then you will the universe to release it off off you. After doing that you are free from that and many other unforgiving vibes it's too easy. Now you worry about seeing the person or getting a reminder. In place of that unforgiving vibe transmute there unconditional love, or you can just transmute the unforgiving vibe into unconditional love. If you meet the person or situation again then you must realise that the triggers have always been in you but this being or situation keeps doing this thing to you so what you want to do after that it's your baby, kill them if you must.

Moving on, after feeling good, maintain the good feeling getting all noise out of the way, block out all noise. That's the best niche ever ; blocking out the noise because everything can do that.

Feeling good as you should will allow you to get the perspective of what you will need or the feel of it. That's where you do you assesments. Emotions these include feelings, check that as well as the others. Once you are satisfied with your system check, we move on to knowledge or what we know. Sometimes we set up a lot of things that we forget like that BTC that you bought but forgot and now it's just waiting for you to find it. I hope you find it only when BTC hits +$100K. Assessment of your level of competence is crucial, ofcos you have to be honest with yourself or you won't feel good. If you find nothing at all I'm sure of one thing you can read, you can write/type, you got a voice. That's enough to make much more than a million bucks. So what now?

Focus, where focus goes. Energy flows. You know I am attracting you to me like this? You'll get it later that you are attracting yourself to me in some cool twisted way. Anyway now you do the equipment check, this is the point that we asses our tools in the physical. What are we working with. Only the library? Great that's a good start. What would be ideal for us to work with? A triple married screen PC, a Mac retina display 15' right? Beats by Dre wireless, stable connection, weather friendly set up or housing, appropriate and clean food and beverage, a plan for utilities, maybe transport mode, basically how you can operate and live for a whole year maybe more. Basics and know that you could set yourself up so you never have to spend while spending the year but you will need to reward yourself to get feeling even better. Its only human to charge yourself up from time to time. The location is also very important, will we need a private island of our own that will become our home as we grow on it and with it? Its all wonderful staff you. Baby steps kind of things but even when you gain enough momentum you'll be moving like Jupiter, super slow. You know that guy takes 14 years to do what we do in 365 days sometime a day more? Talk about being a heavy weight huh? Yeah you guessed right, Jupiter is about 1300 times the size of earth, best joke got me falling in love with cosmic entities. Imagine beyond. Abudance I tell you.

So when all that physical satisfaction is our of the way then you focus on putting your skills at work, how varied is your skill. Keep in mind that this is a diet with yourself, you are on that energy dance. You swirl and twirl into the spirit realm and out the physical realm. If you even rich this point and you are not woke yet then you got to be an MVP, legend I tell you cos if you do not submit up till this point. You got my respect! What's left here is just waking up making sure all is as you intend it to be, adjust to readjust then harvest the daily yields or as with others just do the books, accounts keeping. Which is very important, journaling, how you feel how the day went.

Specific journaling is important, if you took a trade, why did you take it and how did you feel, outcome and go through it again to know yourself as an entity not a brand or money maker, understand that money is residue of feeling good and working your focus into the same picture as your vibrations and feelings. Its the most beautiful mix!

If you got rigs and mines set up, or hives, maybe ovens, whatever your grind is, maybe it's flowers, or art (nods* most of us are artists yeah, winks*) just journal how you feel and what happened,as explicit as you can because this is very crucial when as face your blocks, like writers blocks or the flowers get infected with aphids, it the paint finishes. You must have that place where you can go and get that spark that will reignite the flames over and over again. Once you get used to it it becomes second nature but until then you need to remind yourself and strengthen this brilliant skill into your personality, it becomes part of you. What you picture as efficient is the million bucks you have your eyes on. How you will feel and start aligning yourself as you lock on to your target. That right there is the masterpiece that you have worked so much so hard on. But realise that that is only the begining now you will probably need to allow or will in some people.

Willing in people and places is not like feeling good about them. You just focus on how it would feel having the people, what they mean to you, who they will be to you, what they will do, even character wise, who are these people that you want in your life, be as precise as possible. On the places, getting a picture or having a photo of the place is best just don't get too many. If you have been to that place already then all the better, focus on the feel of how much more productive you'd be in the new place, picture it in the now like you are waking up in one of the Swiss villages and hear the sound of the waterfall, you get out of bed grab a bucket and walk a few feet to fetch some water, streaming from the waterfall. Get back in and make some breakfast before an incredible idea sparks to life in your head.

Disclaimer : The water in supply in Switzerland is free of fluoride so your head will be safe there.

Moving on, the other involvements are basically just making sure that all is well with your system operations. The million in a year will be a piece of cake or sweet joke if you put aside time to learn, to work on yourself, work on your many aspirations, live well within your means until you can handle the lavish urges. Its all moderation.

One thing I loved about my Human Anatomy and physiology is that the lecturer always said that everything is best had in moderation. On the streaks I'm imagining it's easy to lose focus and wildin'out, for that reason remembering why you started will get you back on track.

Just to be clear, everything counts especially the placement of things from how you place your feelings, to how you place your tools, your thoughts, your people, your judgements, even how you place your food and how you eat your food, what you eat, when you eat. How you workout, communicate with yourself, your physical body as well as all your other bodies. How are you feeling? How sure are you that you are not convincing yourself rather than reflecting? These tiny entries into your daily journal are very important. Whenever your bodies are communicating with you, you ought to be able to receive the signal and respond appropriately. These are extremely important in your progress forth. The devil will get no credit in this one, it's all you Vs you. Cut the crap cut the noise you know it's never about the millionaire sphere or the numbers its all about you and how you feel!

There is so much more in you!

Love and light!

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I think the best thing in life is to choose in our thoughts how we want to live. If we want peace and love and everything that generates this or if we want hatred, resentment and feed this in our hearts. Because the harvest of the latter is not pleasant. Living loving attracts wealth. .

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