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Cher Ami: The Female Pigeon Hero Saved 200 battalions during World War I

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Cher Ami

Probably the maximum well-known of all of the service pigeons became one named Cher Ami, French phrases meaning "Dear Friend". Cher Ami spent numerous months at the the front strains in the course of the autumn of 1918. He flew 12 essential missions to supply messages. Perhaps the maximum essential became the message he carried on October 4, 1918.

Mr. Charles Whittlesey turned into a legal professional in New York, however while the US referred to as for infantrymen to assist France regain its freedom, Whittlesey joined the Army and went to Europe to assist. He turned into made the commander of a battalion of infantrymen withinside the 77th Infantry Division, recognized as "The Liberty Division" due to the fact maximum of the guys got here from New York and wore a shiny blue patch on their shoulders that had on it the Statue of Liberty.

On October 3, 1918, Major Whittlesey and extra than 500 guys have been trapped in a small melancholy at the facet of the hill. Surrounded via way of means of enemy infantrymen, many have been killed and wounded withinside the first day. By the second one day, best a bit extra than 2 hundred guys have been nevertheless alive or unwounded.

Major Whittlesey despatched out numerous pigeons to inform his commanders wherein he changed into, and the way awful the lure changed into. The subsequent afternoon he had best one pigeon left, Cher Ami.

During the afternoon, the American Artillery attempted to ship a few safety via way of means of firing loads of large artillery rounds into the ravine wherein the Germans surrounded Major Whittlesey and his guys. Unfortunately, the American commanders failed to recognise precisely wherein the American infantrymen have been and commenced losing the large shells proper on pinnacle of them. It changed into a terrible scenario that could have ended in Major Whittlesey and all his guys getting killed via way of means of their personal army.

Major Whittlesey known as for his closing pigeon, Cher Ami. He wrote a short and easy notice, telling the guys who directed the artillery weapons wherein the Americans have been placed and asking them to prevent. The notice that changed into positioned withinside the canister on Cher Ami's left leg absolutely said: "We are alongside the street parallel to 276.4. Our personal artillery is losing a barrage immediately on us. For heaven's sake, prevent it."

As Cher Ami attempted to fly lower back domestic, the Germans noticed him growing out of the comb and opened fire. For numerous mins, bullets zipped via the air all round him. For a minute it seemed just like the little pigeon turned into going to fall, that he wasn't going to make it. The doomed American squaddies have been crushed, their remaining domestic turned into plummeting to earth towards a totally heavy assault from German bullets.

Somehow Cher Ami controlled to unfold his wings and begin mountaineering once more, better and better past the variety of the enemy guns. The little hen flew 25 miles in handiest 25 mins to supply his message. The shelling stopped, and greater than two hundred American lives have been stored, all due to the fact the little hen could by no means stop trying.

On his remaining mission, Cher Ami turned into badly wounded. When he eventually reached his coop, he ought to fly no longer, and the soldier that replied the sound of the bell located the little hen laying on his lower back, included in blood. He have been blinded in a single eye, and a bullet had hit his breastbone, creating a hollow the scale of a quarter. From that lousy hollow, striking via way of means of only some tendons turned into the nearly severed leg of the courageous little hen. Attached to that leg turned into a silver canister, with the all-essential message. Once once more, Cher Ami would not stop till he had completed his job.

Cher Ami have become the hero of the 77th Infantry Division, and the medics labored lengthy and difficult to patch him up. When the French infantrymen that the Americans have been helping, found out the tale of Cher cher-ami-4Ami's bravery and determination, they gave him one in all their personal country's first-rate honors. Cher Ami, the courageous provider pigeon has offered a medal known as the French Croix de Guerre with a palm leaf.

Though the committed medics stored Cher Ami's life, they could not shop his leg. The guys of the Division have been cautious to attend to the little hen that had stored two hundred in their buddies or even carved a small timber leg for him. When Cher Ami turned into nicely sufficient to travel, the little one-legged hero turned into placed on a ship to the United States. The commander of all the United States Army, the first-rate General John J. Pershing, in my opinion noticed Cher Ami off as he departed France.

Back withinside the United States, the tale of Cher Ami turned into informed once more and once more. The little hen turned into withinside the newspapers, magazines, and it appeared that everybody knew his name. He have become one of the maximum well-known heroes of World War I. Years after the war, a person named Harry Webb Farrington determined to prepare a ee-e book of poems and brief memories approximately the guys and heroes of World War I. When his book turned into published, it contained a unique poem committed to Cher Ami.

Cher Ami

by Harry Webb Farrington

Cher Ami, how do you do!

Listen, let me talk to you;

I'll not hurt you, don't you see?

Come a little close to me.

Little scrawny blue and white

Messenger for men who fight,

Tell me of the deep, red scar,

There, just where no feathers are.

What about your poor left leg?

Tell me, Cher Ami, I beg.

Boys and girls are at a loss,

How you won that Silver Cross.

"The finest fun that came to me

Was when I went with Whittlesey;

We marched so fast, so far ahead!

'We all are lost,' the keeper said;

'Mon Cher Ami--that's my dear friend--

You are the one we'll have to send;

The whole battalion now is lost,

And you must win at any cost.'

So with the message tied on tight;

I flew up straight with all my might,

Before I got up high enough,

Those watchful guns began to puff.

Machine-gun bullets came like rain,

You'd think I was an aeroplane;

And when I started to the rear,

My! the shot was coming near!

But on I flew, straight as a bee;

The wind could not catch up with me,

Until I dropped out of the air,

Into our own men's camp, so there!"

But, Cher Ami, upon my word,

You modest, modest little bird;

Now, don't you know that you forgot?

Tell how your breast and leg were shot.

"Oh, yes, the day we crossed the Meuse,

I flew to Rampont with the news;

Again the bullets came like hail,

I thought for sure that I should fail.

The bullets buzzed by like a bee,

So close, it almost frightened me;

One struck the feathers of this sail,

Another went right through my tail.

But when I got back to the rear,

I found they hit me, here and here;

But that is nothing, never mind;

Old Poilu, there is nearly blind.

I only care for what they said,

For when they saw the way I bled,

And found in front a swollen lump,

The message hanging from this stump;

The French and Mine said, 'Tres bien,'

Or 'Very good'--American.

'Mon Cher Ami, you brought good news;

Our Army's gone across the Meuse!

You surely had a lucky call!

And so I'm glad. I guess that's all.

I'll sit, so pardon me, I beg;

It's hard a-standing on one leg!"

"Cher Ami" and Poems From France

Rough & Brown Press, 1920

The guest visitors to the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. can nevertheless see Cher Ami, preserved for records along the French Croix de Guerre with a palm that become presented to him with the aid of using the French government. In the years following Cher Ami's death, there had been rumors the chicken had additionally been presented the Distinguished Service Cross. Though there's adequate documentation that General John J. Pershing did in fact, award a "silver medal" to the courageous service pigeon, there's no file of the Distinguished Service Cross is presented.

We know that the pigeon's instinct is sharp, even if it is far away, depending on the pigeon's training, it can lead to fine skills. Cher Ami is really wonderful. Due to several hundred batallions missing he found. He died of bodily wounds. Char Ami really helped the soldiers a lot to save them.


Credits to the owner of those photos,

HomeHeroes, ,,been%20trained%20by%20American%20pigeoners.

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Written by   177
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I heard about this pigeon before. The story is interesting. Pigeons are really smart

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Salute to the pigeon soldier!

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