Who Shot Cupid?

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It was every nigga for himself, the air was field with explosives, running with hands over head as though bullets were occupying the atmosphere, it lasted for about an hour and half, the hood had faced the first ever successful attack since birth.

"Hey cupid, what are you looking at?"

"Yo Barnie, nothing mann, bug off"

"Bro, let me feel you, come on, you cupid"

"Nigga, you're close to getting knocked into a 30minutes nap"

"You insane mann, you the good one, sometimes you forget why we call you Cupid"

"Pussy Niggas!!!" Martins screams as he walks into the room.

The hood was home to 3 "frenemies"

All grew up to meet the tough life, it was a life of trust no one but your choppers and 45 or the street ma use your chest as a firing range. But notwithstanding, Cupid has always been the less aggressive and most fortunate in so many ways, I guess he ran out of luck this time.

"What you got there Mart" Barnie asks while Cupid is still focused on his screen. Apparently, Martins had been all up in his business

"Robbing the neighborhood wasn't easy you guys, countless falling in the mud if you ask me. But anyhow, I came through, and hey, I got Lean, I got morphine, ohhhh, I got 'em narcotics, you want codeine raw, I got' em all. We going high tonight, Barnie screams after Matt stops listing the items in the bag"

Cupid :

"hey you guys, I need some help, you all know that my girl? She just broke up with me, actually I never thought I'd give a fuck about a bitch but it turns out I do. I don't wanna lose her but it already feels like I am, please what should I do"

Barnie :

"You'll be fine, walk away"

Martins :

"Apologize immediately bro, but don't count on her acceptance, cause shits happen"

"What you mean Mart?" Cupid ask looking all stressed and scared"

Mart suggests that he invites the girl over, that once he sees him overdosing, she'd forgive whatever wrongs he had made. Barnie on the other hand wasn't in support, he hated Cupid's bitch so much because he once approached her and got rejected. Sometimes it gets out of place and Cupid could quite see the hate in his eyes, this had created a bit of space between the relationship between these two. Without any further thoughts, Barnie moved out of the room. Martins took Cupid's phone and texted her:

"Hi, it's Mart, I think Cupid overdose, I didn't imagine him dying this way, I also thought you'd have to gun him down, not this"

Ella, at the sight of the message dashed out of the house heading over to him. Although Cupid had been hard to deal with, since upholding his insecurities were cutting in line, this brought about their breakup, but not by heart.

Cupid and Mart had begun drinking and drowning pills. They became so drunk and high that they weren't aware of their environment. Before Ella arrived, Barnie had been on his way back home. On getting there, he had recruited some other gang members, they opened fire and everywhere became heated. Cupid and Mart were caught unarmed, unlike their laws of "always have a weapon on you" ; these two were caught off guard. They ran out the room with hands over their head, crashing into a dump, they found guns hidden beneath. The combat became real. Cupid and Mart opened fire, and killed all gang members, Barnie was nowhere to be found, and suddenly a gun shot was heard.

Cupid was gunned down, Barnie came out saying "Who shot Cupid"

Martins replied "You pussy ass nigga, you killed him"

*laying in his pool of blood, a third player dashes into the room and says : "that's for breaking my heart"

"Ma Bitch" Cupid runs to hug her, she had taken the last control pad, and eliminated her boyfriend.

What you ask?...

These three were playing a gun game "fire" all along. And they totally forgot they invited someone over


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