The Kind Of World I Dream Of.

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3 years ago

Ever woken up from bed and hate yourself for doing so?

When it all feels so wrong for you to be in this world?

I do get those feelings a lot!

If I was given a preview of what this world would look like, I don't think that I would for once agree to come here.

The killings, the suffering, the pain, the discriminations, the heart aches, the vanities we all fall back to after everything, it all feels wrong just thinking of it!

This Is Not The Kind Or World I Dream Of!

Sometimes when I sit to think of how the world has had a terrible turn from what it was created to be, how it's offsprings are destroying it's own mother world, I get a tiny bit of tears bubbling up in my eyes, shadowing my sights like dusts in the skies.

Here we are in a world full of trouble and no peace, where men are failing men, mothers and brothers doing same!

Here we are hurting and melting off our bones and yet everyone seems to be OK with it!

Do we have to keep living like this?

Why do we have to continue being a slave to our wrongs, flaws and sins?

When we can decide to rebuild, strengthen and create peace!

Here Is The Kind Of world I Dream Of!

* A world where everyone has a voice, everyone has a choice and everyone feels among!

* A world where love dominates, everyone appreciates the company of others, kindness is shown, and care is observed!

* A world where happiness is free, pain is eradicated and joy is felt, where we don't have to hurt anymore!

* A world where peace is common, unity is honoured and discrimination is no more!

A world where we can all live as humans that we are, and not being subjected or characterized as lower animals that we aren't!

The world is cruel and that's everyone's fault!

No one seems to care how the other is fairing, and sometimes when care is shown, it all feels like mockery to the receiver. The world has been painted black that everyone feels insecure, things as such don't happen everyday.

Where did we all go wrong?

Wish we could reserve our actions, but then when I say we!

I feel it deep down that I might just be the only one thinking.

This world is all gone!

And Sadly, with us all in it!


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