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Running In Circles

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1 month ago

We've been through hell to stop now

We compromised pain the last time

Hard to decide what's right or what's wrong

These feelings I just sink inside

Turmoil we've been through, sorrows we've tested

Hardship we embrace, I've partly been faded

Partly been lying

Partly been crying

All of this rain hangs over my head

Some of me seems wasted, hard now to define things, most of thes things was less fair

Holding to bygones, inner most feelings are high off

Sometimes we ride on, only because we can't ride off

We stuck to this love, it's a bond we can't break

Hold thousands to myself, now we running in circles

Point to point in motion, we close up our circumference

Void and void in portion, we feeling hell with pretends

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Good one

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3 weeks ago