Reading Old Conversations and Your Reaction :)

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3 years ago

Prolly not the first, and most definitely won't be the last.

I think I got my message right, but somehow someone went back in time and disrupted the system so then messed up my words. Hahaha

Some time ago, I picked up my phone, went online only to bump into a post from an old pal that I totally lost bond with… :(

It's been years since we last had a word with each other, not even a "Hi" or a "How are you doing" you know, stuff like that. 

Crashing into his really messed me up, literally! I suddenly had flash backs of everything we had and all the love and harmony we left in the past.

So I had to do it!

Do what you asked?

Well I had to be the bigger man and send her a text. So I clicked on message and that's when it happened!

I got frozen and lost in thoughts the moment I saw our last conversation. Triggered by this emotion, I had to flip down and read through all our conversations, yes that kinda long text and stuff.

What happens next?

Laughter, Anger, tears, then more laughter 😹



Well reading an old pal conversation will definitely bring reasons to laugh, looking at all the jokes, mockery and sarcasm that would have been flying in the air, the return of those memories and experiences would definitely bring laughter!


Looking at the fact that as friends, things must happen to cause dispute or some sort of hatred in our hearts. Yes those experiences played back in our mind while reading through this conversation would bring some sort of anger and hatred in us. Reason being that We'd tend to find ways to rejudge that past situation, giving reasons to think that maybe the other party( your pal/friend) might have wronged you, so those past flaws would create those spites.


The love you both shared is one reason to shed tears. When you go through those conversations and find out how happy you both were together and how you resolved conflicts amongst yourselves, that will definitely weaken your eyelids and rain down tears.

More Laughter

Lol, this is the main purpose for making this post :)

I know very well that it's not just me that has experienced this. I've noticed that most time what's in my head is not what I put down 😹 

Lol, when you go through those conversations and then notice all the terrible mistakes you made in your typings, the words are all messed up and then you feel so embarrassed hahahaha

This  will surely bring a lot of laughter ;)

Nevertheless, everyone can't have the same story to tell, so then I'd love to hear your own experiences in Reading old conversations, because this is just mine :)


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3 years ago