Our True Heroes!

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2 years ago

I don't think it is a new story or information to anyone that this year has been quite a challenging year that almost brought mankind to his knees.

The pandemic had disrupted the whole system and brought science to nothing.

It had brought down so many homes and reduced the world's population at large.

But despite the horrific incident that surrounded us some set of humans never neglected us.

The rise of the "Corona Virus" brought so much fear to everyone.

It got to the extent that loved ones could no longer mingle or associate with each other, BUMMER RIGHT?

Like how am I supposed to live without mingling and having fun with family and friends?

We had our rights limited In most cases. Freedom of movement was no more In function. We had our fashion scent invaded by the act of including a nose mask in everything we wear, what? So not cool!

We all suffered from limitations, heartache, pain, and sorrows of the lost ones...


Now am here today alive and am grateful, not just for my life but for the life of everyone that's here with me and most especially for the lives of the "DOCTORS"

Why the doctors?

Seriously are you really asking me that?

The Doctors were our "Super Heroes" in this horror movie-like year.

They were at the war front to protect us!

The guidelines they gave that we saw as an invasion of our personal choices of what to do and what not to do, was actually for our good.

Despite the fear this pandemic brought that caused a drop in socialism, the doctors put their lives at risk, out there just to see to the end of this stormy illness that showed no mercy nor cared who was who.

So... To the true heroes that fought for us for real, not a film trick but reality. Sticking their own life out there just so we can have a disease-free world again.


You were all there to prove that you are all true lifesavers, I stand to show ultimate gratitude and total appreciation for all the risk you took for us...

"Greater is no love that a man lay down his life for his people"

You all showed an exemplary act of Christ Love 😍 and there isn't any love greater than that, the Bible clears that up.

So from the bottom of my heart( our hearts), we send our gratitude and appreciation to you all, our great heroes...

Let's show appreciation to our Doctors Globally 🏥

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2 years ago