Love is a game of fire! It either warms your heart or set it ablaze!

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When it comes to life, love and death, there's always a common factor, all of these were born twofaced like a coin!

A part may entail happiness and the other one may posses sadness.

Life, love and death may sometimes be glorious and sometimes painful.

It's funny how this three actually form a circle which was intended in the beginning to be perfect, but death currently being a part of that circle, life and love no longer represent a bliss of happiness and harmony.

Humans were created to feel and show affections, but in a way love was tagged expensive and not everyone could afford those affections.

Kindness and love where supposed to be free and as such birth harmony! But the sins of the earth painted love red, but this time it didn't represent joy and peace but a symbol of  blood, a bleeding heart, wounded by it's status of being poor and as such can't afford love.

Love is a game of fire, it can either warm your heart or set it ablaze!

Some person's are fortunate when it comes to love and some persons aren't!

When love warms the heart that feels it then it is said to be true love! But when love ends up hurting or setting a heart ablaze then it was prolly a mistake that has been made, just maybe infatuation was mistaken for love and sometimes it's just that the feelings end up not being mutual, thereby one has to suffer from not being loved in return.

Love may hurt, but true love doesn't!

Most people find love and not true love so then there's always a chance of hurting at some point!

Stepping into a relationship is like stepping into a court room! You'd have to be ready if what happens in there doesn't favor you! Love burns to ashes but true love heals, love shatters a whole into pieces but true love gathers and fixes a broken heart!

Some were only meant to feel love for a short while then get broken, some were lucky to have it for eternity and some were just meant to be unfortunate when it comes to the things of love!

Nature Knows Why but we don't, but the truth is when we tend to suffer out of no love, the best thing we can do to ourselves is move on, if the world ain't showing you care then show it to yourself! You deserve to be loved but sometimes we are just born unfortunate! Everyone can't love you, and also definitely everyone can't hate you! But you can love yourself all by yourself and you can as well hate yourself all by yourself, that is when you're putting your dear self in danger!

Enjoy the company of yourown rather than have it be a bondage!

Love yourself, Love yourself, do it if it seems like the world ain't showing it!

The mutual feeling can just be within you and you'd be fine, rather then being at risk of burning in pain!

There's no better end of you letting that come in!

Hope that makes sense!


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Topics: Love, Life, Relationship, Death, Reality, ...