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LOL and WTF, Two Acronyms Yet you said the second one by it's meaning :)

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1 year ago

You know sometimes we got to let loose, enough of the motivations running in our streams, we sometimes make contents and give advice that we don't take.

We can't even trust our own selves yet along the world. But you wanna know a buzz killer? Or should I Call it a fun sponge? Hahaha

The Constant Inflation Of Knowledge Upon a community burns the life out of it.

It's advisable to catch fun a times.

So today, I wanna share this disturbing discovery


Two acronyms but yet you said the second one by it's meaning

Hahaha, why?

I once asked this question among my peers and all they did was laugh about it yet have no answer to my question, so then I thought I should bring it here and see who could help out with a reasonable fact about it.

Our Brain is just one funny organ in our  body system, how the heck did it interpret the second acronym by it's meaning and leave the first one in it's initial form, how? 😂

Although someone once said that it was because all the letters therein are consonants and the other one which is "LOL" has a vowel! :0

I find that hard and disturbing to believe, haha but let me hear from you all :)


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