Life Is All About Baby Steps!

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3 years ago
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There's always a beginning,  a starting point! One where everything is  new and tender.

There's never an easy way out! But there's always a fast one which often bring regrets!

If you rush your food you may choke, if you run on a tightrope you may fall. Same goes to life! It's a competition alright, but you can as well be your own worst enemy by taking the wrong decisions.

Baby Steps, is all it takes!

You got to learn how to lay on your back for sometime- this is where it all Start's so there's never a rush but to keep calm!

You got to make a choice to row over and take your ground- this is where you've decided, so you've got a plan!

You got to further decide your next move, if to lay there on your tummy or get on your butt and strategize- at this point you've reached a stage of independence because you're making your own plans, that's a working progress!


You got to make the first initiative, that is making your first attempt on your knees where it's safe- the ground is still not completely safe for a child to get up and run. So you've got to test it out on your knees!

At this point you're on your kness crawling, so that's where things gets tough but you ain't got to panic or you may breakdown!

Continuous movement on your knees until you get perfect with it!

After that, your next move requires help even though you were already profiled as independent, you'd still need support to push forward!


You'll need something to lean on and get on your feet- this is where you might need to seek external help to strengthen you and keep you on the go!

Now that you've got a Lean, time for you to move your feets, a step at a time, just like the hands of a clock moves relatively with time defer, so also should one move at a time!

Never rush or else you'd fall back to the ground.

At thepoint you're strong on feet and you're well ready within you, then you could test how fast your feets can race!

This is the point where running comes in, not from the tender stage!

A new born baby cannot just begin running on the first day, that is also what happens to humans on a journey to success!

There should never be a rush, life is all about baby steps. Learn to react based on your energy not by your feelings!

Your feelings may fail you, but when you've tested your energy and stand, decision making will be much easier!

Test the ground until you're sure it's safe to ride!

Life is a journey that must people don't finish proper...

Don't fall victim!

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Topics: Life, Reality, Motivation