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3 years ago
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Sometimes when we feel hurts we tend to act out of control, we tend to make terrible decisions, we tend to even end up hurting others as well, we tend to not realize one thing!


No matter what we are passing through, turns out someone else may have had that same experience.

No matter how life seems unfair to you, you'd have to realize that you ain't the only one hurting!

Millions to billions others have their own problems, some are even greater than the ones you face!

Another thing is that sometimes we do things and not realize we are all humans, we feel the same pain, what doesn't numb your pain, equally won't numb my pain. No matter how different we may seem, there's always a mutual feeling, mutual problem, mutual emotion and a mutual mind set!

Life most times place the worst on our table, but the truth is no one can force you to eat from what is on the table right? It's either you accept what it serves for you or you ignore it!

No one is forcing you to eat from the food it serves...

Everyone has his own problem

His own torment, his own hurts and shattered emotions!

We have to be extremely careful not to end up making others feel much more uncomfortable just because we feel a tender hurt in our streams. Because literally we bleed the same color!

I was going through pexels for images to use on my previous post, then at the moment I set my eyes on this image I was inspired by what was written on it.

The words hit me in a way that I can't really explain in details, maybe I will have to take more time out, to write a chapter two for this post.

Have you ever been inspired by an image?

We have to take our time to think things through before taking actions... Your situation may seem so rough and tough, but the truth is there's nothing you're passing through that others haven't faced... You know why?

Because we are all human, we bleed the same color, we all have the same fate no matter how you look at it.

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3 years ago
Topics: Life, Hurts, Reality, Pain


If you think more by seeing this image,you can get many answer in your life about past present and future.Thank you for this.

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3 years ago

Which image inspired you? ........ If I am not wrong then it must be pic that says " WE BLEED SAME BLOOD"


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3 years ago

Yes it was the image I used... Thanks for visiting my post...

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3 years ago