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Heart Break And Harmony Filling In The Air

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1 month ago
Topics: Poetry, Love, Hurts, Life, Depression, ...

Running to embrace ashes

Watch me burn as time passes

If peace could at least be tagged in high prices

I'd sell all my riches and roll dices

Heart break and harmony filling in the air

Time fades as the melody of pain is ringing in my ears

How could I escape this cold damn hell

When I got this scars like tattoos on my face

Scabs reddening up and forming new wounds

Hearts grumbling down as we walk into our doom

Solitude found? Not even in a full moon

The eclipse blinds the earth in a cold room

Illumination, the rays, they've taken away my sights

The fumigation as toxic but yet can't chase away the flies

Less the ground opens and swallows me up with my sorrow

Ain't no loopholes just ambiguity in my tone

Stands right in the mid road and hope the wind runs my over

Still sad cause life from here is all about sober.

Love shouldn't hurt, or should it?


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