Got A Bit Of Anxiety Or Stress? - Let's Get Boxing

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It's totally normal to feel stress most times, and stress at some point conducts anxiety. The human body is bound to certain natural effects, one of which results to the other. Anxiety is a Big Killer. An anxious feeling or emotion could lead to diverse results, maybe regretful decisions, turbulence or even death, you doubt? When a human faints from a sudden shock it is very possible for that human to die, it may not have been a stroke or a heart attack but that sudden pass out is enough to shorten one's life. Same thing is applicable to anxiety, notwithstanding the sudden urge and paranoid feeling that comes in and causes havoc in one's state of mind. A human can pass out just for being anxious or lost in thoughts. 

I am not a doctor, not a scientist nor am I a psychologist with certificates but I can offer a trick to help reduce and eliminate anxiety. Stress and anxiety doesn't always need rest to cure. Sometimes it needs one to engage in certain activities to balance up the body salt and sugar level, funny but fact. Sport, yes this is what this is all about. 


So many sporting activities can reduce anxiety and balance stress level. If you notice that the more you exercise your body as a routine, the less it hurts or feels stressful. People usually dump exercise because they feel it's too much work and workouts stress and makes them sick. Yes it is quite painful to pull up every morning but in a week it will become a round activity done with ease. Exercise doesn't harm anymore but rather it benefits, it is more of a merit than a disadvantage. Anyways, I am not entirely talking about exercise today, but I want to focus on a sporting activity that builds you to be stronger literally. 



Yeah I hate it too but I engage in  it since I discovered how much of a power of relief and recharge I feel afterwards. Boxing is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. I once hated someone so much it became disturbing that I couldn't bear it anymore. It became the only thing on my mind each and every day and that was the actual reason it was really annoying. Someone recommended that we should go training. I didn't know what training he meant but it was in no way related to my hate problem, he was just taking me out not knowing he would actually help me out of my misery, here's what happened when I got there. 

I am not a fighter but a lover, I barely know how to fold a punch but somehow it would hurt severely if my hand got to your face. We got there and he began boxing. Just so that I wouldn't look stupid and just staring at him I joined in. At some point he stopped boxing and was focusing on my punches, I had never done it before but I did it with all energy as I was quite furious at that moment. I punched the punching bag as if we had a fight or some sort of disagreement. I punched so hard that I didn't feel my bleeding knuckles that were bruised as a result of the intensity of my pull outs. After hours of punching I got all sweaty and felt huge at the moment because my shoulders became high like I was a regular trainer. I didn't just sweat but I produced calories and balanced my salt/sugar level. I felt total relief and no atom of anxiety nor stress. Just a refreshing and calm feeling of ownership of my own body and environment. That is one unique merit of boxing, so get kicking when you feel you're sinking. 

Love Espandor :) 

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Topics: Anxiety, Stress, Sports, Excercise, Boxing, ...