Five Things That Hinders Growth And Success!

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"In a world of competition learn to compete rather than complain"


I think I'd start this with that quote right there! Lots of people live in a world of complain! In every little thing that involves them constant complaints will be equally included!

A complaining spirit never yeild good fruits! The act of always finding faults, doubts and always making complaints about everything that happens in life will hinder growth and success in ones life...


Yes it is a big factor that bridges your success! In other word procrastination is graduated from laziness!

A lazy person finds rest when he is supposed to be farming! And then when it gets to harvesting season he goes round begging!

This is the world most people find themselves. It is not only wrong to procrastinate on things that are worth doing now, but it is also very destructive! You would later regret not doing that thing at that time!

The act of saying I will do it tomorrow has sent most people to a life of heart ache! Tomorrow has a different plan for you but yet you keep pushing the burdens you should have lefted today to tomorrow to carry, Sad!

Procrastination is the last thing you'd want to have yourself doing because in it's shadows you'd forever live and trust me in them as well is no peace but regrets!


I know this one may not be our faults totally but when we keep living this way years pass, then it becomes our faults!

Indecision goes a long way in wasting off your hours and trapping you in that state of mind! In as much as it is hard to come to a plan, we should always endeavour to make proper decisions on time!

lackadaisical attitudes!

One of the demons here!

Showing no interests or not wanting to have anything to do with opportunities that come your way is literally a destructive habit!

Feeling you should not have to do anything or putting up the "I don't care" attitudes at every chances and opportunities waving at you is only gonna guarantee you one thing! Guess what? That same "Regrets" when you should have shown interest you looked away like nothing was there or it didn't matter to you... And now you're stranded but sadly those opportunities has all passed away! That's an attitude that should be eradicated!


Fear has been a prime factor when it comes to success!

Lots of people suffer from the phobia of failing! They are always hard on themselves most times unknowingly! Base on the fear of failing, doubts of a possible success fills up their mind and living then stagnant with non or no little progress!

Fears has been a number cause of most unsuccessful people! One thing or the other had planted fear in them that they totally concluded on one thing, which is that it's impossible for them to make it! This has brought most people to ruin and it is still a rapidly spreading problem!

Having listed all this! Here are some tips to eradicate these success Hinderers!

• In other to count up to ten on must start from one! So as such, complaints is where we start from! In other to succeed one must totally avoid complaining at every little thing! Help yourself and flow along leaving complaints out of your existence then you'd find huge success!

• Rather than procrastinating important things, neglect that pleasure you seek now and suffer your flesh to complete that task now! It is much more preferable to do it now than to say I'd do it first thing tomorrow, funny enough tomorrow may never come!

• As much as it is difficult to decide on things it is also as easy if only you put in important strategies! Gage the measures you have at hand properly, view every possible turn outs, look at what is much preferable then boom! You've arrived at a decision, the much preferable is just the one you should go with! Decision making just needs a little smart mind to attain it fast!

• Put interest in your system! Do not live with the mind set that nothing matters! Always showing little or no interest in everything would ruin you! Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!

Attach yourself to every opportunity that comes knocking at your door and trust me, you'd find success someday sometime!

• Get rid of your fears with prayer and faith! There's this quote that says; when fear comes knocking at your door let your faith answer... This should be your motivation! Always let your faith answer to your fears, nothing is impossible if you put a little faith and hard work to it!

When you add up all this above, you'd see yourself growing better and gaining that success you've always wanted!

I remain Justin And I Write! Stay blessed!

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