Bonded by blood

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This story is best digested when read as a drama.

She had these clouds of tears bubbling in her eyes as she dashed into the room. Her emotional break down was felt at her immediate presence, her face had pain written all over, and suddenly Chris cut in the moment with a sarcastic expression.

Hey Ali, you had a pretty nice day huh, I mean you look so good I couldn't help but notice it.

Stop it Chris, I don't want any of your insults, I wanna be left alone, she replied.

No I won't Ali, why do you keep hurting us, you say you loved us but you're just bothered about your lonely self, it's easy for you to ignore the truth, if only you would…

Stop it right there Chris, I've got enough reasons to cry myself to sleep so please don't add to my sorrows, I have enough to think of right now so don't increase my plans. Excuse me.

'Leaving everyone wondering what could have caused or resulting to her tears, no one could tell why she was sobbing back from her date, but Chris seemed to have an idea'

Hey Chris, why did you say that to her? You know and could tell that she was not alright coming home, so why did you have to torture her even more?

Look Amber, am not in the mood for your interrogations, I usually come home everyday with a broken heart, but who ever cares? Huh? Almost like am invisible or something, Chris replied. And left the room making one last statement "Everybody hates Chris“

First Ali is sad, now Chris is mad and showing a sign of sadness, God why are this two always having a "Crossed path" It's almost like these two have something between themselves, something they are hiding from us, I will find out what it is. Said Amber as she leaves the room.

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-Ali In Her Room-

Sometimes I wonder if this is all a dream, I wonder if I could stop breathing and it would feel less painful, is it me who needs fixing? ain't I pretty enough to impress. Maybe am not meant for love, or maybe love is just selective to people it favors, but yet! Each next person feels like the one, only for me to get humiliated on our first date.
Ok, I admit it now, romance is not meant for me.

You're wrong!

'Chris enters the scene, looking drunk and deverstated, almost like a mad and hopeless person, the rags all over him could tell his depressed and shattered emotions'

Yes you're wrong Ali, you're always wrong, wrong about me, wrong about us, and absolutely wrong about yourself.

Didn't I tell you Chris's that I wanna be left alone?

Oh you did Ali, and just like every other lie you've ever told me, you wanna be alone? Look me in the eye and tell me that you don't want a comforter right now, it's almost like I don't know you anymore…

Oh it took you long enough to realize that Chris, why so? The day you walked out that door in search for Jovi, that's the day everything about me changed. So then excuse me for trying to move on.

Ali! We are the reason for our pain and you know that, but you're not ready to amend things and you know you'd only keep hurting

Chris dear, for 7 years I've been hurting and bleeding

And I, Ali, I've been in rags for years, everybody rejects me, everyone despises me, everyone labeled me a psycho, Ali the mistake we made in the past is taking its effect and only us can end this suffering Ali…


Chris just get out of my room, please I can't take this anymore Chris just leave now, please!

I won't leave Ali, I can never leave again because surely this time I'd die, I'll just be at my place Ali.

( Chris leaves the room and Ali falls to the ground and sobs)

Day light breaks

Ali dear sister, what is going on? I mean I hate seeing you like this, your hair, your looks it's all wrong.

Amber you should have atleast say good morning first, maybe then this expression of yours would sound less annoying and offensive.

Oh Ali, I didn't mean it that way.

But Amber dear, it is exactly how it fell out, my hair and looks are wrong? That explains why guys keep bailing on me. I used to be happy, bright and… but look at me now, all I got left is my pain and a nagging anxiety, oh let's not forget an annoying sister and ex…

Uhm ex? Ali you were about saying something, ex what?

It's nothing Amber just leave my room like now, I have to get some rest.

But Ali it's morning already, ain't you gonna leave for work sooner?

Just leave Amber, it's my life so I'd do whatever I want, it's not as if anybody cares, "Everybody hates Ali"

Really Ali?

'Chris walks into the room, a great shock pops on Amber's face as she turns to witness him stare at Ali with a cloud of salty water, waiting to rain down his cheeks'

Really Ali? Chris asked again. You of all people is speaking of hate huh?

Please just stop it Chris, stop it. Ali echos.
No need to create a scene this morning, I thought I asked you to leave? So why are you still here?

I did leave Ali, I did believe me. Chris ultered.
That was seven years ago, seven years that caused 'us' argony and sorrow. It wasn't intentional you know that Jovi's life was at edge.

Oh spare me those flawful lies, Chris. What impression are you trying to lay here? You said you'd be back, but you never did for seven years, thought it would be something to resolve in one night but… You never cared how I was doing for seven years…

Yes Ali, I realize that I made a mistake but you are not willing to realize that you wish to fix this. Look Ali we've been bonded by love, and most sacredly bonded by blood and there's no solution if you're trynna forget me.

'Silence fills the room, Amber becomes more confused, Ali tries to hide her emotions but it was crystal clear that Chris was still her one true love, bonded by blood and hearts'

Blood? Amber asks herself silently.
Oh no, these two are lovebirds who have a blood covenant, that's why Ali can't get a date to work well and Chris can't live a normal life.

'Ali rushes out of the room, Amber tries to go after her but Chris holds her back'

Let her go Amber, she wants to be alone, if you go after her now then you'd only make matters worst. I admit I've hurt Ali but she's not willing to forgive me.

Chris, how could you do such a thing, Amber asks with furiousity in her looks.
How could you have her locked in a sacred bond while you go after a goose chase? You digust me.

Yes Amber, I know I disgust you, I mean take a look at me, am a big bag of shit. I disgust everyone including Ali. But you have to help me Amber, please…

Help you Chris? Me? What and why should I help you after what you've done to my sister.

Look Amber I've admitted my wrongs, it burns and hurts to see her suffer. Let me rephrase my sentence Amber, Help 'us' not 'me'
Ali's happiness is all I want and you have to help me Amber.

I've always known you to be a good person Chris, I never knew you were in a relationship with my sister, I would have been the most happiest person because you've always been a good friend. And… I would still want to witness that bond, so… what can I do?

Look Amber, I and Ali made some mistakes that were supposed to bond us, well it did but the downside is that it also caused us pain, sorrows and heartbreak. The more we try to move away from it, the more it gets even closer to hunt us. It's like a constant "renewal" that we have to undergo, a curse that will forever be ours.

So what can you do to fix this Chris? Amber askeds with so much tension displaying on her face.

Amber, it is not up to me!
So long as the blood covenant is concerned, I have no possible way to grant us back our happiness, separately.


But what Chris?

Look, you have to do one this for me Amber, get Ali to go with you at night to the garden right at the back yard and I'd handle everything else.

How will her going to the back yard help matters Chris? You seem to have really lost it over the years, are you having a brain malfunction huh?

Amber just listens to me, I know I look crazy, and I can't deny that fact, but you got to trust me on this one. Hopefully this works.

Hopefully Chris?

Just go Amber…

"This scene is close by a dim in lights, suddenly restored back and there shows Amber approaching Ali"

Ali, what are you doing here by yourself? i am really getting worried about you. Don't you think you're making this hard on yourself?

Amber dear, I wish it could feel less painful to learn from my past. The mistakes I've made aren't going easy on me, and honestly speaking I blame myself and my poor heart for falling in love.

No Ali, yes you made some choices that went wrong but they weren't mistakes, if love doesn't hurt at some point then it was never true. Love is a tender feeling and when emotions mix up, it tends to result differently. There's always a test of love to either Strengthen it by fighting through it's weaknesses or break it down if the flaws are allowed to rule it over. Love should never hurt but true love would alway be put to test, and the undergoing process of "test" may definitely hurt. Please Ali, don't think of it as a regret, rather let it be a reason to reform, opening up the scabs of the old wounds to treat them better, rather than letting them die and leave scars.

Amber, you say the sweetest things. For a second I felt happy again, but my anxiety couldn't let it last longer, it still hurts.

Ali, it is bound to keep hurting until you gather your pieces and rebuild, restore the love and renew the bond Ali, that's all that is required. You will always have one true love. Now come with me.

What Amber? Where are we going?

Just follow me Ali and don't ask questions. You trust me don't you? OK then follow me.

Oh Alright Amber.

"Amber grabs on Ali and leads her right to the garden as planned with Chris"

Why did you take me to the garden Amber? It's late and there'd prolly be mosquitos here, please let's go inside now.

Wait Ali, trust me I don't know why I brought you here, but if my instincts are right, this is where you can finally find peace and get back the love and happiness you've lost. Now look over there…

"Ali looks ahead towards where Amber pointed her fingers to. There the moonlight was bright, the gardens were bright and filled with glowing flowers and in the mist was a man standing"

-Ali is carried away by the enchanting beauty of the garden that she barely noticed when she got close to the man.

Ali dear, you remember when we used to run around this garden late nights, screaming and laughing like we had no worries, I miss that. When we used to love and care so much that our flaws were only a source of strength, I miss us.

Chris? Ali asks…

Yes Ali, he replies. It is your one true love, your strength and your weakness, your breath and your happiness. The things we did was a foundation to hold our love for ever Ali…

Chris, hold on, Ali cuts in. If you loved me then you'd never had left me alone, you would have at least had me in thoughts before staying away from me for seven years Chris, seven years of sorrows and dismay, you coming back now is only a return to mayhem…

Ali my love, you knew I had to go if not Jovi wouldn't be alive today. She would have taken her life and her blood would have been a problem to not only me but us, please understand me.

Ali just listens to him and this all will be over before you know it, Amber contributes.

No Amber, she replies. He doesn't deserve my listening ears or my love anymore, he is a monster.

Yes you're right Ali

"a new voice joins the scene and leaves everyone in shock, who could that be“?

Chris is a monster, but that same monster came back for you, that same monster stay away from me for seven years after stopping from committing suicide, he did it because he still had feelings for you, feelings that are constantly not dead and can never die.

So... you're Jovi huh? Ali asks with so much intensity of hate displaying on the veins popping on her face.

Yes Ali, I am Jovi and am sorry.

Oh shut it, Ali furiously replies. You are Jovi so you can't also be "sorry" at the same time, you're only but one person. Oh I know, you're here to take him again, cool, that shouldn't be hard because I won't be stopping you.

Ali you and I know that without Chris in your life you're wasted and that's not debatable. I am not here to insult you but to ask that you forgive me and take Chris back, please.

"Chris suddenly speaks up again after being frozen and short of words"

Jovi what and why are you here, you shouldn't be here please leave immediately.

Why Chris? Ali cuts in. Are you afraid she will spill your secrets huh? Come on let her have something to eat first, it's been a long journey here…

Oh Ali you're right, I am here to spill Chris's secrets, ones that will melt your hearts.

"There's sudden silence in the air, everyone is amazed at her replied and equally curious what that implies"

Why Chris? Why are you surprised? You honestly thought I'd not let her know?

Jovi what are you talking about? Ali asks…

Ali I am glad you're the one asking this question, now take a look at these papers, read them and see all the artworks and tell me what they reflect.

"Ali takes the papers to look at them, with her hands shivering as she glances through and finds them to be love notes and artworks that reflects every moments she had with Chris"

Chris, she calls out with her voice broken up and emotions torturing her tender heart. You wrote all this for me? She asked.

Yes Ali, I couldn't spend a day without thinking of you so I wrote these notes down and these artworks to remind me of us, I still love you so much Ali…

Shhh Chris, not another word. All these years I thought you didn't care about me anymore, that you came back now just to Mork and hurt me more. But now I know that this pain I felt was mutual and am equally sorry…

No Ali, you don't have to be sorry, anyone in your shoes would have done the same, I love you and that's all that matters, but most importantly I am sorry and you should forgive me.

I forgive you Chris, I love you so much even though I try to hide it, I really do.

I love you too Ali.

"Chris draws Ali close and hugs her, Amber and Jovi breaks up in tears and later join in the hug to share these renewal of love, their happiness and rebond"

The End…

Original story written by me!

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