Alice and her fantasies

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Alice is woken by the sounds from the whistling birds, gradually getting on her feet she's still a bit dizzy as though she passed out. 

Where am I? She asked herself. It was only a minute later she realized she was lost. 

Oh my, I am lost. 

She's scared and confused but the sounds from the birds and the soothing fragrance from the flowers keeps her mind at peace. 

Oh this is beautiful she altered. 

But little did she know what was going on. Darkness had soon fallen upon her and this wonder land she discovered. The clouds became furious in a thunderstorm, it soon let down a cold and heavy rain. Freezing and cold, Alice was on edges. 

Mommy, she called out but it was just her. Daddy, she called out but only her echo was reflecting back from the walls of the cave she found shelter… 

Who's there, her voice refracted upon sharp edges. A cold breeze is felt from within the cave and Alice is close to giving in again. 

Alice, Alice, Alice!!!! 

A strange and terrifying voice calls out. What are you doing here, you have come to disturb my peace.

No Sir, am sorry I really don't know how I got here, I just wanna go home, she replied with a cracking voice that had fears written all over. 


But you are at home Alice, you are in your state of mind, your world and your place. Where is this home you speak of then…? The voice asked. 

My world? I don't understand. I don't wanna be here please I just wanna leave, I never asked for any of this. 

Alice, you much certainly asked for this, this is all you, follow your heart. The voice seizes. 

Follow my heart? Alice asks underneath her voice. She walked towards the storm and discovered it was over. The grounds had become dry, the sun bright and the leaves and animals lively again. She moved out and was sooner surrounded with birds and mammals. She smiled then suddenly her vision became blurry, later did she find herself on a bed of roses, rounded by people in black mourning.

What is going on, she wonders. 

Why are these people crying and why are they all in black? She asked. 

Poor Alice! 

A spirit beside her spoke up. Alice you're on a deathbed, you're dead, come down and watch your spirit fall out of your body. 

What? She exclamates.

Dead? No! I can't be dead. Alice tries to get up and finds out that she became two, body and spirit. Then she looked ahead and saw her mom crying. She runs to embrace her and goes right through her. She screams in fear and heartbreak, then…

The spirit speaks again, She can't see or hear you Alice, you're dead and nothing can be done! 

And that was the shock shot Alice out of this horrific trance. She found herself sitting on a chair, there she realized her mind was playing tricks on her. 


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