A Trip To Aurora | Fantasy

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It was summer and the school had organized a holiday trip for the kids. Usually the kids were limited to the town's camp fire, but this time the management decided to make an exemption, a new adventure to create more excitement, a road trip. It was a Monday morning, where all the students were ready to have their last devotion and school gathering, to end the lesson session for the season. Everyone had prepared their bags and set their minds to exit the premises afterwards, then suddenly, the principal came forth.


Listen up kids, I know you're all excited to end the term and go home to embrace the internet all holiday. But I have a different plan for everyone and I'm very sure you all will love it. To cut the long story short, we will be visiting the north pole, it's gonna be a trip to aurora.

"Excitement fills the air as the principal announces the school trip, every student on the devotion ground was filled with so much joy and couldn't wait to embark on this journey"

Mom, mom you can't believe what happened today, Ella rushes out of the school bus to tell her mom the exciting news.

Mom: Horney, what is it my dear, you seem so excited and uhm I hope you didn't see a unicorn fly by because then I'd have to take you to the hospital to check your health.

Ella: mom… stop being sarcastic, you know unicorns ain't real and am perfectly fine, why would I have to go to the hospital.

Mom: OK my dear, just tell me what it is you're overly happy about, don't mind my silly attitudes my dear.

Ella: mom the principal came up to give a speech today, we thought he was gonna tell us about a camp trip as usual but… This time changes were made, I think the principal's wife may have cooked him something really nice before leaving for work today.

Mom: what…? You're such an insolent child, I didn't raise you like this. Look at you speaking of your principal's wife rather than telling me about your excitement from school today.

Ella: sorry mom, it's funny that I had to attach a bit of humor to it, just like you like being sarcastic about everything, literally. Like a mother like daughter right?

Mom: see what I mean, you wanna imulate your mom, my dear you're pretty and funny, just like your mom.

Ella: yes mom, I know I am pretty but you don't have to say you are, am much prettier.

Mom: yeah whatever my little princess, now tell me what you nearly wanted to pull this house down with your excitement.

Ella: alright mom, now where was I…? Uhm yes, the principal announced that we would be taking a trip to the "aurora borealis" this summer.

Mom: oh that's exciting news, you know I've been to the auroras when I was a child about your age, such sweet memories.

Ella: oh mom you have such wild imaginations, your fantasies are a bit out of hands sometimes.

Mom: what dear? You don't believe me?

Ella: Yes I don't, the only thing you had in your days was weird dresses and scary looking men that only care about eating weird foods in a creepy way, you've never been to the auroras.

Mom: haha my dear, how old do you think I am? You know what, never mind. Since you don't believe me, I won't tell you about the magical secrets of aurora and what happens when you get there.

Ella: what? Magical? I've heard a lot of things about aurora but I didn't think they were real. What happens when we get there mom?

Mom: no, I won't say anything, you called me old now go change and I'd cook you something to eat.

Ella: but mom…

Mom: shhh…. Just do as I said, we'd discuss this later, go freshen up, OK dear?

Ella: OK mom.

" Ella goes off to take her bath and her mom quickly goes into to kitchen to fix her something to eat"

Mom: Ella food is ready, rush down now and have it before it gets cold.

Ella: be right there mom…

Mom: here, have your food while I go do some other house chores.

Ella: uhm mom, please sit and eat with me, and besides I want us to talk before I go to bed, please…

Mom: oh OK, what is it dear?

Ella: uhm mom, am sorry I called you old, it wasn't intentional mom.

Mom: hehe, is this what this is about? I wasn't mad and plus I know you're only saying this because you want me to tell you about my aurora experience., am I right?

Ella: uhm well, it's not entirely the reason but please tell me mom, the trip is in two days and I really want to know mom.

Mom: look dear, if I perhaps tell you about my experience then I'd be ruining the fun and surprises you're supposed to have. So horney it's best I only let you know that you should much definitely expect the extraordinary.

Ella: but mom…

Mom: shhh. No buts… You're gonna have a great time sweetie. I got to go now, eat your food before it gets cold.

Ella: OK mom…

Two days later

-Mom chants-

Ella, Ella dear you're gonna be late and you're keeping the bus waiting, Horry up or I'd come in there and knock you out.

Ella: am coming mom, wait, knock me out? Are you trynna kill me…? I always knew you're nice witch mom.

Mom: very funny horney, now get down here because the bus driver won't find any of this amusing.

Ella: I am here mom…

Mom: oh darling, you look absolutely amazing.

Ella: please don't cry mom, it's an amazing day for me so don't let your tears flow on this day.

Mom: oh horney it's only tears of joy, never seen you so beautiful since the day you…

Ella: I know mom, the day I and dad went out on a "father daughterʼs night" I know you miss him, I miss him too.

Bus driver: Ella are you coming or what? Come on move it we are running late.

Mom: Horney, you should go now, you shouldn't make your mates late, I'll see you when you get back, take care of yourself, I love you.

Ella: I love you too mom, take care of yourself.

“Ella runs into the bus as tears rolls down her mom's cheeks”

Hey Ella, two girls called out. Come sit here, we reserved a spot for you.

Ella: Hey Pearl, Hey Mia, thanks a lot you guys.

Mia: It's nothing, that's what friends do and by the way you look so pretty, I love your dress.

Pearl: yes Ella, Mia is right, you're sparkling baby.

Ella: awwwwn you guys, you're making me blush. You both look beautiful yourselves.

Both Echos: sure we do, had to look our best… ( giggles)

Bus driver : put on your sit belts children, and let's hit to the skies.

“Everyone chants in great excitement then the principal comes up again to address the children”


Listen up kids, as we all know we are heading to the "auroras" and I suppose your parents had told you all a little about this extraordinary place. The thing now is we may not go so close to the lightning in order to avoid any casualties.

Everyone: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn


I know that may sound disappointing but we would find a place to have the best view of the light works, thank you all for understanding.

“Mourmoring fills the air as everyone begins discussing how saddening it is that they'd not be able to get close to the lightning.

Pearl: It's sad that we can't get close to the aurora as expected, I literally want to touch it or maybe climb it, that is if it were possible. You know like unicorns climb rainbows.

Mia: Oh Pearl, your fantasies are so full of fairy tales, imaginary shits that can never happen, you're such a crazy head, don't you agree Ella?

Pearl: Oh stop it Mia, like you don't imagine crazy things as well, Ella back me up on this…

Ella, Ella, Ella!!! - Both Echoes-

Ella: Oh sorry girls, I was a little lost in thoughts.

Mia: what is it Ella, what are you thinking about…?

Ella: I don't really know Mia, I just suddenly have a weird feeling about this.

Pearl: Look Ella, everything will be alright, we are right here together, we will stick together and make the best of this trip. We are gonna have a great time so don't you worry Ella.

Mia: Yes Ella, Mia is right so don't worry about anything OK…

Ella: Alright girls, I will worry no more since we are all here, there's nothing girls power and most importantly friendship can't fix. Thanks you guys.

“It suddenly began to rain with high thunderstorms, a raging cold breeze filled the atmosphere and forced everyone to sleep. The bus had arrived at the north pole but everyone in it had fallen asleep due to the rain, how the driver managed to transport them there was unknown to anyone. Suddenly a bright green light refracted right from the skies, down into Ella's eyes and that woke her up from her deep slumber”


Aurora? Ella asks as she slowly moves out of the bus. The lights that filled the skies were so amazing that it got her eyes, trapped her in an enchantment filled with green and sparkly melodies. Peace and harmony, her mind was at perfect rest, her insecurities had left and her curiosity was fed. Casted a spell, it felt like heaven on earth, then after a while a new presence was felt.

“A man dressed like a pilot descended the clouds, wounded at his ribs and other sensitive parts, as he closely approached, Ella began to realize this wasn't any other man, it was…"

Dad? Dad…….!!! Ella chants on top of her voice

Ella: dad, why did you ever leave me, why did you leave mom and I alone, life without you has partly been empty…

Dad: Ella, a man knows not when he's going to depart from earth, but he definitely knows he will one day. I wasn't prepared to leave you and your mother but death proved itself to be inevitable once again. Believe me my little princess I've missed you a lot, and your mom, I can't turn back time but I wish I could, then I'd be able to cover up my lapses before kicking the bucket.

Ella: dad I know that it wasn't your intention to leave me, I mean you couldn't possibly live without me, literally.

Dad : Oh Ella, you're just like your mom, sarcastic and humorous as always.

Ella: Just that?

Dad: hehe and also pretty, how can I miss that…

Ella: I'm prettier right?

Dad: hehe, you sure are my little princess. Your mom is a beautiful woman and you take after her, oh I missed you guys. At least now I get to be with you for a while and that has been my wish for the last four years. I guess God has finally granted my request.

Ella: Dad, can I see God? Is He with you now?

Dad: Ella dear, God is always with us but you can't see Him.

Ella: But why dad? I really want to see what He looks like…

Dad: everyone wants to see what God looks like, but we just have to accept that He is God and His will is that no man can see Him unless He pleases, and that's final my child.

Ella: uhm OK Dad.

Dad: Ella I want you to have this amulet, it is magical so always keep it close by. Through this amulet I will always be close to you.

Ella: Thanks Dad, I am glad that I would always have a means to communícate with you everyday.

Dad: yes my child, I will always and that's forever be there to answer you my darling damsel.

Ella: Uhm Dad…

Dad: yes my child?

Ella: What does it feel like to be Dead?

Dad: Oh dear, that is a tough question that can't be answered. The feelings of it may not be there, you just have to find out yourself.

Ella: are you saying I should kill myself dad?

Dad: hehe my child, you haven't changed a bit, always still a talkative. I couldn't possibly want your dead, even though I strongly wish to have you by my side forever. I just have to wait for the right time, besides you still have a lot of dreams and goals to accomplish in life, and your friends? How would they feel when you're gone so soon? And what about your mom? Have you thought of how she'd feel when you detach from her this early?

Ella: you're right dad, they all can't live without me, so I'd stay but I really miss you dad.

Dad: I miss you too my dear, but right now, am sorry but we have to go our separate ways darling. Till we meet again my little princess…

Ella: Dad!!! Don't leave yet, let's talk some more dad, please dad don't go, dad, dad, dad, dad……

Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella!!!

Ahhhhhhh……… Ella jumps up screaming…

What happened she asked… after the rainstorm stopped, we all woke up and found out that you were already approaching the aurora lights, way too close that you got struck and passed out, Mia replied.

Ella: really? So all that wasn't real? She asked herself.

Principal: come on children, let's get back into the bus and go home, we can't afford to have any more casualties here.

“The children head back to the bus in sorrow, Ella is still in disbelief weather not all that was real or just her imaginations ruling her being”

-As the bus begins to move, she spots a very bright star standing right next to a slightly little star, then she hears a voice whisper: shake your amulet.

She shakes her amulet and a message pops up on it, written: it was all real. Ella looks at the stars again and smiles as the bus zooms off.

“The bus arrives at Ella's house and drops her off”

Mom, mom, mom, Ella runs out and chants after she bids farewell to her friends.

Mom: yes horney, you're home my dear, how are you.

Ella: I'm fine mom, and I had the best time mom, the clouds were so amazing and I had lots of fun being there mom.

Mom: oh my child am sure you had a good time, I told you you'd have fun.

Ella: yes mom I know, it was great and mom I met dad there, we talked and talked until he had to leave mom. He said he loves me and he loves and misses you mom, mom he gave me this amulet to always talk to him.

Mom: oh dear, I knew your time would be an extraordinary one. The auroras always bring forth our deepest heart desires. I know you did my dear, come here.

“Ella's mom drags her close and embraces her, the two hang on to each other for minutes, somewhat crying as the moment was emotional”

Light fades… THE END.

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