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A Happy ending in Hawai'i

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3 months ago

Three years ago I met my wife. We have seen many unexpected ups and downs during that time for us both, which ultimately turned us into a Family. We were given the most amazing gift from God named Ma'la'ki, who is our Miracle boy.

Even with the ups, the downs have not been shy. Our health hasn't been perfect, hopes and dreams have been trampled on by others, losses of family and best friends, and financial situations that can only be described as a roller coaster designed in the shape of the Rocky Mountains. Through many things that would drive others apart, our love has only become stronger.

Perhaps, it's the almost fairy-tale-like beginning we had when we met while I was on vacation in Paradise, searching for myself when I was led directly to her. A beginning that you only read in sappy, too-good-to-be-true Love novels that finally brings two people together that had many years ago lived in the same small, country island town. Shopping in the same stores, passing by each other's houses, going to the same beaches, having the same teacher, never knowing that our search for true love would one day bring us together when we both least expected it, yet, needed the other more than ever.

Perhaps, It's the experiences we had both gone through in our past relationships that taught us the things we know now that instill a sense of security and a knowing that we both truly love, respect, and understand each other in ways no one else ever tried to.

Perhaps, even it was the gift of our son, a gift, that was thought to only be allowed to exist in daydreams but, indeed, became reality through our love.

Perhaps it was one or all of those things that have made us stronger day after day, year after year. No matter what we are met with we take each other's hand and face it head-on, secure in life with the comfort of each other.

During these three, fast years, I have been blessed, in so many ways. From a settling of a deep-seated sense of disconnect in life that came from a seemly unending need to re-visit Hawai'i because I felt like I was incomplete and had to return for some reason. I know what that reason was because as soon as I kissed her lips, that longing disappeared and I have felt whole ever since.

We've seen a lot in three years. We have been put under pressure, and we do not break. I don't know what the next three years will hold, but, I do know that we will be standing strong, still thankful for the day that finally lead us into each other's arms.

Since then I've learned many things about her. Everything only makes me love her more and be more thankful that I've been chosen to be in her life, and that I make her feel safe. I found that she had gone through much sadness and physical and mental abuse. I've heard stories, no one else knows that make my blood boil to the point of knowing that should I be confronted with a situation I would not be able to think rational enough to keep myself out of prison.

It's one thing knowing that someone you love has gone through hurt and pain, and broken bones, but it's another to know that before that all started you were driving by her driveway wondering who lived there so many years before. I think all the time that I should have stopped. It kind of eats at me, I won't lie.

I think perhaps maybe back then, we might not have been ready for each other yet. I believe we go through things in life so we can better appreciate other upcoming moments better. I know that if she was my first relationship, I would not be as mature as I am now.

Had she not gone through what she had to endure, she would have been a different person today too and perhaps those two people wouldn't have wanted each other, and then our son wouldn't have been born. Perhaps he is supposed to do big things?

I thought perhaps because she is an absolutely brilliant singer/songwriter, that she should try expressing herself through writing, too. I knew that it would be excellent reading because her songs are so beautifully worded but she has really taken off and is developing a love of writing (and a following) that may start to rival that of my own love. It almost seems like I see the weight lifted from her shoulders when she posts a new post. I'm so proud of her.

My wife blog's about her past experiences, fighting and overcoming depression and mental & physical abuse, family, and her Homeland, the Big Island of Hawai'i. Please stop by and support her writing with some likes and a follow :)

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3 months ago
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