4 Powerful Ways to Research Blog Post Ideas

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How To Research Blog Post Ideas

The content that you write plays a role in your blog post search engine optimization too. Investing time to research blog post ideas is important. If what you write really doesn’t answer any specific question, your guest will leave and most likely never return. Ask yourself “What would I search for” and try it out. Search for something related to your idea and you will be able to find suggestions on searches other people have used. This is a good starting point to pick out something people ask about a lot and provide them with an answer or solution.

Answer Questions That People Are Searching For

If you are struggling to come up with new blog post ideas, try answering a question or a series of questions related to the topic of your website or product. “how do I”, “Can I”, “What is the best way to” are all good starting points. I personally will take one of those and for example, I will search for “how do I” but add SEO at the end and google will offer me related suggestions for searches performed with the beginning of “how do I SEO”. This will result in some good blog post topics like “how do I SEO my blog post“. I always look for questions to answer when I research blog posts ideas.

Research Blog Post Ideas

The best way to provide useful, valuable content is to research what your target reader is hunting for and to do that you must research blog post ideas. An outrageous tool to discover insights into the 3 BILLION+ searches people do on google can be found at AnswerThePublic.com. If you’ve never visited this site, I suggest you do and try it, it is free and will open you up to tons of useful content ideas. The site provides you with hundreds of questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical lists, and related keywords pertaining to your search word. It is highly addictive and very very useful.

Some useful websites that I use to research keywords and blog post title ideas are listed below. These sites will give you endless ideas to create useful blog posts. One I think you should pay attention to is Quora.com. This site will offer you an endless supply of ideas and is an excellent research source.

  • UberSuggest – I also use the chrome extension. It is really useful to see lots of different keyword research tools directly embedded in the search results page.

  • AnswerThePublic.com – This fantastic site will provide you with seriously powerful data that you can use to research already popular search phrases that can make good post titles and topics to write about.

  • Google Trends – I use this to look for results that don’t have much competition and it helps to create my title and post content topic.

  • Google Suggest – I use the suggest feature to type in one or two words related to my blog post topic and see what others ask about the same topic.

Make Sure You’re Your Grammar Is Correct.

Making sure your grammar is as good as it can be will help ensure that your readers are engaged and search engines are as well. The tool that I use is the free Grammarly Editor. This FREE tool which can be used on their site or as an app or browser extension offers a “readability score” that lets you get a better understanding of how your blog post will sound to the person reading it using several different factors. When issues arise during your writing, Grammarly will show you suggestions to make your content more engaging and easier to understand.

If you are not using Grammarly then you are missing out and your readers are too. As soon as you install the extension you’ll instantly be given suggestions on not only the article you are writing but also the contact form you might fill out, or a Facebook post to your friends. It checks EVERYTHING you type, and again ITS FREE and you can get it here.


FAQ’s Of Blog Post Research


  1. How Can I Research Content On My Blog?

    Try using sites that offer user-submitted content such as Quora.com. This site is a great research tool on topics that people are very interested in.

  2. How To Add Unique Content To My Blog?

    There is no point in having a blog if all you are is a duplicate of someone else, word-for-word. Adding unique content to your blog is easy, I’m doing it right now. Learn how I create distinctive content here

  3. How Can I Get Free Unique Content For My Blog?

    The most honest answer… Write it yourself. You will not find unique, free content anywhere because as soon as it is downloaded the first time it becomes duplicate content. The only way to actually post a unique blog post, that you didn’t pay for is to use your own personal time, sit down and research, write, edit, SEO, and publish it yourself.

  4. What Should My First Blog Post Be?

    Don’t get to overwhelmed, if it’s your first blog post just jump right in and start writing about the topic you started your blog in. This is the first blog post on SEOBlogPosts.com. It was a lot longer, however, I decided to break it up into multiple blog posts. It was just an explanation of what the goal of the site was.


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