Will you join the lies or stand firm in the truth?

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2 years ago

I was considering multiple titles for this post, including:

  • Is Marc De Mesel money laundering?

  • Marc De Mesel is NOT a criminal.

I decided on none of those because all it would be is some version of clickbait. However, I'll address those statements as I go.

Weeks ago I wanted to write this.

I am writing this because I have a feeling that certain people will jump to the tune of what comments are being made on articles being posted about @MarcDeMesel and I want to call to everyone who believes in his generosity and the man we have all come to know to be mindful of what lies may circulate about him.

There are good media agencies that are circulating the truth, there are also lots of fake news places that are circulating lies. It's important to distinguish between them.

Articles have been published since around the middle of November (which is when I wanted to write this post - but a "new" video, irked me enough to put my thoughts here) about him and the money he gave to his girlfriend(s). The comments that are being made by certain people on what the media is releasing are disgusting - the people who are turning on him saying certain things about his character and intentions make me want to be sick. I have seen posts from his Twitter that have been dug up and I'm not 100% sure if I want to bring them up here yet. Why? Because I feel strangely protective over him, not just for all he has done for me, but for what he has done for all of us on here.

What happens when you know someone and they are built up in your mind as an honest, genuine person - then you read something about them, something that you don't want to believe, but something that is "possible" that makes you question your own opinion of them?

What do you do? Do you read all the things that have been said and stand back from it all and say to yourself:

NO, I trust this person. This is all lies.

Or are you going to join in with everyone else who has begun to tarnish that person's name and reputation? Are you going to be one of those who flip flop and wait for the "truth"? Or are you one of those people who come out and defend the person because of what you know of them?

For me it's simple

Many times in my life people have told me things about others, I stopped believing those things when I was just a child because I realized that lies are easier to spread than the truth. Unless I have formed my own opinion of someone, I will not be influenced by what others say about them.

What is your choice going to be? Are you going to call out the lies and defamation across Twitter and YouTube (where I've seen it mainly happening)? Or are you going to sit back and do nothing?

This is the video I've seen that made me write this:

Lead image source: screenshot from above video

Let's break this down into financial terms

Every single country has laws to stop people from money laundering - this is great, unless of course you're in Africa. Where you are prosecuted (and persecuted) regularly as an innocent person while those in government steal from the citizens daily. Take a look at South Africa's "fire pool" that our corrupt ex-president did at his mansion. (And the millions they steal daily)

Anyway - finances. Technically speaking he has given his girlfriends 1 million dollars each. Let me put this into perspective.

Do you buy your partner presents? Do you give them gifts? Do you wish to build a future with them? Yes, yes and yes.

Marc De Mesel just happens to have more than one girlfriend - so what? That is his choice. He has stated (I'm para-phrasing here) that he can't be bothered with the issues of white women in his own (or other) European countries, because they do not want the same things he wants. I've had nothing (and still have nothing) but support for him in his choices. His choices are not my own, and I wouldn't want to be in a relationship where my partner has other girlfriends. I couldn't deal with my own jealousy - I want MY man. Yet I support his choices because they have the right to choose their life and he has the right to choose his life. He has fallen in love with more than one person and has children with them. He wants the best for them and for their children.

Would you not want your loved ones to be taken care of with all they could ever dream of? And if you were in a position to provide them with that opportunity - would you not give it to them?

Just the way he has.

Let's talk about gifts

I've given "expensive" gifts before to people I love, nowhere near $1 million - but there's a reason for that. IT'S BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY. Not because I WOULDN'T.

Above image source, screenshot from Google

I don't know how much money he has, and I don't care

We all know he is very wealthy by his generosity to us and for providing the funds that allow all of us to get upvotes and tip each other (one way or another). His version of gifts to his girlfriends with how wealthy he is would be (my assumption) equivalent of me buying my Mom or Dad a pair of jeans.

It would be the equivalent of a celebrity like Oprah buying her best friend a brand new Range Rover.

There are videos, images and Tweets surfacing of his life

Things that paint him in a bad light. Well here are my thoughts. I have gotten to know him through his posts, his YouTube, his public persona. I can't tell you how he likes his coffee, what his favourite wine is, or if he even likes to drink it. What I can tell you is that he has shown generosity and kindness.

He also speaks his mind and doesn't have a filter - that in itself is something that many people have issues with because they find it unsettling.

The media has dredged up posts which I've read and gone:

Let me actually go and verify that as true.

Guess what though? It proves honesty. Which is what some officials are trying to disprove. They are trying to say that a man who has had children with women is using them for money laundering.

He has had thousands of Tweets over the years and people are wanting to focus on a handful of things that portray him to be a womanizer - which he is not. They want to show him as a man who has been using Black women from Africa - which he has not.

Well, hell - I am a woman from Africa. I am not Black, but I am the complete opposite of a woman he wants and I am supporting him. I am standing up and saying that it's absolute nonsense and using a few Tweets to portray him as something that he is not, shows the level of attack that people are trying to throw at him and his family.

He has done nothing but want to provide for his family and ensure that in any eventuality they would be taken care of.

Back to my above almost-titles

  • Is Marc De Mesel money laundering?

No. He's not. He's a smart man and sure as hell wouldn't be dumb enough to cause his life complications with different women and having children with them for the sole purpose of money laundering.

He has provided explanations of exactly where the funds have come from.

He has been investing for years with success. He can prove the money came from legitimate sources by doing what he does - being an investor and being a damn good one at that.

Does that video with his beautiful little girl look like a crime to you? It certainly doesn't to me. He fell in love and wanted to give his family the best of the best.

  • Marc De Mesel is NOT criminal.

What crime did he commit? He is wealthy, he has more than one girlfriend and wanted to secure their financial future and that of his children. He's fallen in love. Love is not a crime.

Can you imagine being wealthy enough to invest in the safari parks he mentions and having these accusations be the result? I am sad to say, but if I was an investor I wouldn't be looking at investing in Kenya after seeing what he has gone through now. How horrendous is this, not just for Kenya, but for Africa as a whole?

Look at myself - wanting to create the Haven of Life which I wrote about here:


Who would want to assist with this dream with the fear that has come from what he is currently going through? Purely because I am in Africa? I feel that this type of thing has a ripple effect of disinvestment. That's why South Africa is having so many issues with the "expropriation of land without compensation" and the laws that political parties have been trying to pass.

The amount of jobs that could have been created by his funds and investment, and that of his girlfriends - now what? I can hazard a guess that they will all look elsewhere. The people who are doing this don't realize that it is not just him and his family they are affecting. They are affecting the people of Kenya with:

  • Disinvestment

  • Removal of jobs that could have been created

  • Future investor abandonment

I wouldn't be surprised if these false accusations and fake investigations are done with the purpose of scaring Marc and his family to the core and to extort money from him.

When he has given so freely to complete strangers like you and I - why wouldn't he give so much more to his girlfriends and family? If he has given what he has to us, I am sure that there are other people part of his family and friend circle in Kenya he has done the same thing for. The accusations are completely absurd and I hope that this will all be over for him and his family soon.

Marc needs all of us right now

He has changed so many of our lives through noise.cash, read.cash and via his videos, insight, comments and knowledge. Please, go and show your support for him, look up the videos of the lies, look for the posts on Twitter - call the people out on it and show your overwhelming support for him the way he has done for all of us.

And lastly...

@MarcDeMesel if you have time to read this, keep strong. Focus on you and your family. You don't deserve what is being done to you and your family. We are all here for you, 100% behind you.

Thank you for your generosity, giving of your knowledge freely. Your YouTube videos, your guidance, for being honest about who you are and what you want out of life. It's a refreshing change. Don't let corrupt police officials get you down - you are so much better than the lies.

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2 years ago


Marc is a genius. I wonder why they want to bring him down. From my own perspective , he represents a new world that is laced with great opportunities. A new world order. Darkness can't overcome light. Am aligned to your content. Keep it up. Good of you.

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2 years ago

marc has become a trending topic nowadays and marc's influence is very big impact good news for us to keep our spirits up in read.cash

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2 years ago

Those were old videos. Could you give me more details about recent update from marc de messel sir? He had an interview with golddust. I've seen 5 minutes video but it wasn't so satisfaction

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2 years ago

Truth we stand.

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2 years ago

Different view. the human voice is a human right itself. Big change starts the right way.

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2 years ago

"I decided on none of those because all it would be is some version of clickbait. "

Once you have mastered that habit
you have graduated to being the next higher rank of author 😇.

Anyway, another important point to recognize:

  • Whoever those ladies are,
    we might thank them for supporting him in what he is doing.
    Without their love there might not be a read.cash phenomenon.
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2 years ago

Marcdemesel is a smart investor hence all accusations against him are simply false. Attacking Marc is considered an attack against the bitcoincash community hence I will not stand with it.

He is a blessing to us and forever will be. He is not into money laundering and accusations are simply false.

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2 years ago

Thanks for your comment, totally agree. So glad to see you here! 🤩

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2 years ago

Thanks a lot ma'am. I wrote an article about today's Christmas Carol Will be glad if you could check it out.

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2 years ago

I support the truth which you have explained. Yes, we are with him.

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2 years ago

Thank you for your comment, please head to Twitter and YouTube to add your positive vibes for him there as well 🌻

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2 years ago

The world is crazy and I think a lot of people in the crypto-verse and politics are not happy with the life-changing opportunities Marc is offering a lot of people across the globe.

We are solidly behind him, I made a post on Twitter recently about him. He spends thousands on sponsoring the BCH ecosystem and our prayers are with him. A lot of people just want to cut him off his wealth and darkness will never overcome darkness.

I got emotional watching these videos, he is welcome to Nigeria if nowhere is safe for him in the world.

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2 years ago

I totally agree with you. Even myself in South Africa. I would make sure he is safe. I just hope it is all over for him soon and the people doing this can be exposed for what they have done. To tarnish his reputation with lies is disgraceful. People should be welcoming him as a person who care for people with a good heart. He shouldn't be treated like this.

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2 years ago

Ill save this for now..check tomorrow..need to sleep na..

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2 years ago