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I'm super excited to share some news with you, and some of the stuff I've learned from creating NFTs and collections. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I HAVE! And yes, I'm shouting at you because I don't want it to happen to you 😄🤣

Things I've learned!

1. You need to have multiple COMPLETE collections up

Unless you have a massive following somewhere and are already a "famous" artist with a track record, very few people are going to dig into their crypto to give you anything for a single item, or half a collection. When you're "new" at this, you're excited about your work and assume someone will snap it up. They won't. They don't. You're (I'm) unknown and need to prove myself. If you decide to do the same things I'm prepared to take the time to get things to gain momentum.

2. You have to pay gas fees (lots of it) has this cool "free" option, which at the start appears free, but in order for you to actually list your creation for sale, there's a one time gas fee. I paid it and (hoped) that would be it...

Sadly not. I've realized (this weekend) that unless your collection has its metadata frozen, nobody is going to touch your items. Save up some money for it. Don't list items for sale until at least a portion of your collection has the metadata frozen for decentralized storage.

3. Have a plan

Your collections are likely not going to turn out exactly as you thought they would because things evolve, but have a plan of where you want to go with them. This sounds simple and obvious, but it's a different story when you begin creating and things change!

4. Unless you're "famous" photography is not a seller

It's unlikely that it's going to happen for you to make a name for yourself as an NFT artist / photographer FIRST. Promote yourself on other platforms, then get your collection done.

5. Have some type of a road map

Timeliness for completion, metadata budget etc. The people buying your items need to know this. I failed here. I'm working on it now.

6. I'm not dealing with anything other than collectibles here

I'm speaking in this post about artwork and collectible stuff. Not utility or anything else because I know ZERO about how to do all that.

Thank you to my awesome sponsors!

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7. It costs ETH to cancel a listed for sale NFT

Don't be over-excited like I was. Don't do it. Just don't do it. Wait until some are available for decentralized storage AFTER you have frozen the metadata.

8. Sale duration has this annoying thing where it automatically sets for 30 days. Be aware of what option you're clicking for the sale duration, if you want to remove the item for sale it's going to cost you.

9. The captures will drain the life from your soul 🤣

Above image source is screenshot from Google

Above image source is screenshot from Google

I promise you, these things get tiresome and it takes time to go through them. Each time you upload and image you end up having to click these things and it's NOT as easy as it looks to define which block what traffic light / car / tractor / stairs is in 🤣

10. Problem uploading

This is my complete collection. There are 202 in it - but it states 204, and the other "total" says 200. It happened due to failed uploads. I have contacted and I'm waiting for assistance on it.


I am creating a bunch of different series where there are 202 per collection of each, and one collection of 50.

Purpose of my collections?

I want people to make a lot of money. It's that simple. I want the popularity to grow in the same way it has for crypto punks (among others) and for people to have the opportunity to gain a massive return on their investment.

Reaperville - Complete

These little dudes are so cute and I really enjoyed making them:

All above images are screenshots from my collection here:

The last photo is of the "exclusive" ones which are going to be most valuable. I have to freeze their metadata and will do so as soon as my ETH is able to move out of the account I bought it from 🤦‍♀️ this is what the hold up is:

Above image source is a screenshot from my Luno account

Either way they screw you with deposit times, sooooo! I'm waiting. And then I'm waiting for the gas fees to calm themselves down slightly.

Why did I pick ETH and instead of BCH / Smart BCH?

Number one.... is sadly the least complicated to use. There is no in-depth difficult stuff needed in order to get your artwork up. I have no experience in it, and trying to learn it is taking me forever and I would rather just put my time (for now) into creating items that I know will be easily uploaded.

I have no idea how to use Juungle and I also spoke with and sadly the process is extremely complicated.

Number two...

As much as I hate ETH based on its non-use properties and basically just being an annoying coin that's worth "a lot", it's worth a lot. It's not going anywhere, it's here to stay...getting in on some is great because the amount of BCH one can get from the trade will be like WOW 🤪

Monday stuff

I have to go to work now after being off with covid last week. It's going to be a long day because I'm tired, slept like 💩 and could do with another week off 🤣

Have a beautiful and blessed week my friends 🌻 thank you for reading!

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1 year ago
Topics: NFT, Art, Collectible, BCH, ETH


My NFTs are just slacking in my wallet. One of these days, i'll list them in the market.. Just have no time for it... Btw, no airdrops for your NFT? 😂

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1 year ago

I want to do airdrops so badly! I need to pick times for when gas fees are low 🌻

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1 year ago

Wait, so you are a NFT creator now? Whoa.. the progress. 🤟

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1 year ago

Ahhh! Thank you 🌺 yes I am. Hopefully by the end of the week I can freeze the metadata and then someone will take a chance on my work 🙌 I'm putting some of the "common" ones really cheap (like $5 to $10) and hoping they will grow 🤩

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1 year ago