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This is my first hydroponic crop. Initiative: Save the Planet!

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8 months ago

A hydroponic crop is a type of crop that does not use soil, A water pumping system is used to circulate water rich in nutrients necessary for a plant to grow. Normally this system is made of PVC tubes. A container is also used to hold the plant inside these PVC tubes, while their roots absorb nutrients from the circulating water.

This is my first hydroponic crop

I use an electric water pump to pump nutrient water through PVC pipes

The hydroponic system I did it to grow 31 plants.

This is just the beginning

If all goes well, I'll make more hydroponics systems for more plants!

The plants are not yet in the hydroponic system because they are still in growth before being transplanted into the hydroponic system.

These are tomato plants that I'm growing in small containers

And others in some larger container

I've also germinated paprika plants

Some of the roots of paprika plants are starting to come out under the container and that's just what I wanted

These small plants are still in a growth stage, in about 2 weeks they will be ready to be transplanted into the hydroponic system, as the system is made for only 31 plants, the rest I will plant them in fertile soil!

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Written by   12
8 months ago
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Very cool!

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8 months ago

This is a very good agricultural technology that the governments of every nation must embrace in order to boost food production in their respective countries.

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4 months ago

Wow, very impressive.

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8 months ago