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My own sustainable fish farm, an artisanal idea by a small entrepreneur.

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8 months ago

Recently I was doing some research on sustainable ecological projects, including I researched fish farming.
Fish farming consists of the rearing and fattening of fish in a pond of water.

It was so curious that I decided along with my father's help to create our own trout hatchery!

This restaurant you can see in the photos was created by my grandfather more than 50 years ago, which after his death was inherited by my father who has run it for 5 years with my help.

Therefore for years, we have provided our culinary services to all those who come to our humble restaurant.

Why am I talking to you about this restaurant? well right here is where we applied our idea about 8 months ago, this is due not only to space, but also to the productivity that would give us the ability to do it there.

So we got to the works and achieve something that for us is simply very special, our own artisanal fish farm.

Thanks to this project we have managed to raise the sales of our restaurant, which was a great respite because these had gone down a lot, our place became popular because we are the only restaurant that applies this methodology, which has called a lot the attention from users.

Several things are needed for fish rearing:

*A pond with a continuous flow of oxygen-rich water

-The spring or river water is perfect for this since they come with natural minerals, so it is the one we use, this is facilitated because our restaurant is located right in a mountainous area, which is a very touristic place in my city.

*Fish that are from the area

-All fish species have different characteristics that could make them not favorable for pond breeding.

*Fish feed

-Preferably they are improved so that the fish have a greater fattening.

This is a type of project that can be carried out on a smaller scale, thus providing a sustainable source not only of food but also of entrepreneurship for anyone who wishes to apply it, so today I share it with you.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, remember that entrepreneurship can happen at any time and there is no place or crisis that can stop it when there is a will! God bless you.

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Written by   12
8 months ago
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