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The under covers๐ŸŽฉ

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Written by ย ย 128
2 months ago

published; 19/09/2021
publisher; jumper01

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Hello everyone how is everyone doing today . Happy Sunday to everyone across the world. Today is a blessed day for me apart from the a fact that @TheRandomRewarder visited me for the first time in a long time yesterday I feel so excited because I was in church this morning. Of course for some of us believers it is always an awesome time in Godโ€™s presence; as you would expect today wasnโ€™t short of awesome.

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The real under covers

My Pastor have been talking about this topic for over 2 weeks now. Basically he invites successful men and women who are deep rooted Christians but work and operate in the circular world. They reason for this is to help young Christians and believers navigate this world without loosing their identity. A wise man said something a week ago about people and identity in church he said;

โ€œif you were asked who you were what would you answer be ?โ€

he went further and said โ€œmost people would say their name and other would even go ahead to mention all the things they have achieved in their life timeโ€.

This question struck me because I was of course going to give the same answer. He then said โ€œif you said you true identity is your name that means anyone who bears that name should act and achieve the same things you have achieve in your life time which is following the pattern set by the nameโ€. Okay now he is beginning to open my mind.

he concluded by saying โ€œif there is anything one shouldnโ€™t pay with or eat with it would be oneโ€™s identityโ€.

The truth is our identity in Christ is our true identity. Anyone can call you anything it depends on your response to it if truly what they call you is what you are you would respond with a positive reply but if that isnโ€™t what you represent you can as well ignore them.


The topic proper : undercover

who is an undercover ? What does an undercover do ?

An undercover is a person that works secretly for an organization obtaining information needed for the success of the organizational course.
Remember at the beginning of this article I told you about how my pastor invites Christians who work in the circular world to help enlighten the church on how to navigate the circular world .. well this was what I meant the Godโ€™s undercover agents.


The missionโ€ฆ

These successful men and women in the entertainment and music space are undercover agents working to bring the good news of Christ to light.They approach the circular world with this mindset that they can control what they do in the field helping them not to contaminate Their identity. It makes me wonder is influence without contamination true ?can one really work in the โ€œworldโ€ and still stay true to their identity.

Personally it is hard to stay true to oneself especially in these end time a lot of distraction here and there. His ministration made me understand something : we as Christians or believers would fall, yes we will because we are at war and temptation would come but we would rise up again. He went further to explain that we shouldnโ€™t think that he does get tempted while at work in fact he allowed us to understand that temptation comes Everyday but here is what he does:

  • He keeps people around him that reminds him of his faith and the reason he came into the body of Christ.

  • He frequently reminds himself that he is accountable: to the people he teaches , his friends , his pastor and his family.

  • Finally he tries to remember who is father is which is basically his IDENTITY.

So what these undercover agents for Christ do is they come to you with the normal work ethics but they also talk to you about Christ in such a way that you donโ€™t even know when you become interested and want to know more.



This is the biggest evangelism. For example if wizkid stood on a podium and just said โ€œJesus is the lord โ€ do you know how many people all over the world would follow Jesus just because their idol said so ?.

Pastor talked a lot about fame and influence; itโ€™s effect, the good and bad. The visitors he invited to church also made us to understand that our evangelisms should go further than just preaching the world in church or on the road. We should strive to reach for excellence so that we can influence a lot of people which is a higher form of evangelism. He made us understand that the world has moved pass the normal reach out Christians did in the past and we as soldiers in this war have to make sure we keep up.


He talked more about light.he said this:-โ€œ light is not the absence of darkness, darkness is just as a result of dimmed lightโ€

The whole church shouted โ€œword wordโ€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

I really canโ€™t sum up all he spoke and taught not to talk of those teachings of his guests, their insights to life and their overall life lessons for the church. I might make a part 2 and even 3 because the message still goes on and on. I just taught to share it on here so as to enlighten us that as Christians we donโ€™t need to shy away from certain opportunities to brighten our lights just because we fear that we canโ€™t succeed in them without being influenced or loosing ourselves along the way.


Influential contact without contamination

Thank you for your time as always I hope I have been able to impact something positive in your life. As we strive for the ultimate goal. Happy Sunday again and stay safe .

peace โค๏ธ

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Written by ย ย 128
2 months ago
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Darkness is as a result of dimmed light, hmm, deep word. Undercovers are really trying and need our prayer because they are exposed to many temptation

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2 months ago

Too much if you ask me that is why they try to guide us to make important and good decisions on our way to fame and fortunes.

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2 months ago

That is the main reasons we have to pray for those people who are influencers of maybe gospel or preaching....its not easy and for every heights there are temptations everywhere. This is a good topic I learnt a lot too for myself, the main goal shouldn't be aborted.

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Exactly the main goal is not to loose oneโ€™s self

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2 months ago