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June 1,2022 | Wednesday


We were born different by one another. No individuals born identical. Even identical twins have their differences towards each other. In short we are born unique.

But despite the differences we have, there is no way we can't see the similarities we have from one another. Isn't amazing how you find and met someone similar with yours? Taste, style, likes and dislikes, or preferences, etc. Isn't fun meeting someone the same as what you want or what you don't like?

Well, I am talking about "friend with an s". Consider yourself "one hell of a lucky person" if you already find that "friend" whom you can share your differences and similarities with. Just imagine, with billions of individual living in this world, you find that "friend" who stays with you no matter how different you are.

Let me share to you how I met my "friend with an s".

I am quite introverted person. I never talk to anyone unless they start the conversation, and it started when I entered High School. New environment, new people to meet. My greatest concern when I entered Highschool is "How can I make friends?" I don't know how to start a conversation.

For almost a month I am alone, wandering around the school. Following where my classmates are, without someone to talk too. My classmates already have their groups of people whom they can talk about their likes and dislikes, while me? At the corner watching them mingle and have fun with each other.

A day last and another morning comes. With the same scenario, I am at the corner watching them, when suddenly a group of three people approach me. They ask my name and they started to laugh. I thought they're teasing me, but after they laughed they asked an apology for laughing. They explain that they only laugh because they are shy to approach me, then they smiled and I smiled back. From that moment, I finally meet my friends.

Every school days, we're always together. Sticking with each other. Sharing stories. Build memories. Having fun. Tease each other. And a lot more. Thats when I realized that there are people who have the same thoughts, likes and dislikes like me. My highschool days become fun and memorable because of them.

Friends are like your soulmate.

Soulmate - a person whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet. A connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before.

Having a friend whom you can shared laughters, sadness, and memories with is one of the surreal moment in life. I can be who I am, without pretentious. That's why I never care about romantic relationship. I am fine with my friends.

Ending are for those who think it really has an ending.

When we graduated in highschool, I thought that it will be the end of our friendship, I act like a pessimistic person.

We'll go on different paths, and be on different places. We'll meet different people. We'll change and that's for sure. But all that thoughts vanished because even after we were apart, we're still friends and nothing change.

I thought that its okay if I can't make friends in college, I still have them. I am satisfied and contented with just them.

Don't be satisfy with just a small, go for bigger.

In college, my friends became bigger, when I meet this another amazing people who makes my college life easier and memorable. @sc becomes the first person I met. I don't recall how our friendship started, all I remembered is that I am spending my early days with her. I thought she's not easy to be a friend, because the first time I saw her, she have this "mataray look" that makes me want to avoid her. From the looks, where totally different. Not until I get to know her. Knowing her means finding our similarities. We have things in common, to mention, we both love watching kdramas and korean variety shows, and we love writing.

Our circle of friends becomes bigger and bigger as the days passed. From just us, it became 7 individual who find connection with our similarites. Our differences never became a hindrance not be close from each other. Although it sometimes affects, but at the end of the day we still remain friends. I forgot to tell, we made a group name when we where making our project in Rizal, we named it "Just Us".

Even after we graduate in college, we still remained as friends. It's true that you will realized who your true friends are when your friendship test by distance. I am lucky that after we separated (highschool and college friends) and often talk and see each other, I have someone to call and talk too. I have friends who I can share my troubles, my sadness and my happiness. There is always a shoulders I can lean on, and ears who willing to listen. Although we are not connected by blood, we are connected by heart.

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