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October 25, 2022 | Tuesday


I've been pondering on what to write then last night, when we are doing a simple birthday celebration for my brother's friend my neighbor suddenly asked me a question. She was holding our kitten carefully and said that what was the meaning when cat's keeps on brushing it's body on your feet, and I only answered her with "I don't know."

Now here's my article.

I don't know how many of you have pets at home, maybe mostly? Pets are great companion especially nowadays that this pandemic is limiting us to meet with our friends or even loved ones.

If you have a pet at home, is it a dog or cat? Or other animals?

Probably, most of you have dogs at home. Just my guess because I have seen on television that most people are choosing dog to be their pet.

More people prefer dogs over a cat. Why? Based on some statistical evidence, dogs are more popular than a cat as a pet. It has something to do with the concept called psychological ownership. People felt this way because they think that dogs are more controllable over a cat. Aside from that I've done some research to find why do people prefer dogs over a cat.

Dogs are fun-loving. Just seeing dogs goofing around makes you smile, because of their unlimited energy to frolic around the house and porch. They show their affection in many different ways. Their joy is infectious and they are always excited for playtime. A dog's love is always on high supply.

Dogs love are unconditional. Their emotions are earnest and unconditional. Whe they lick your face, it does not have any ulterior motives but they simply display their love.

Dogs can save life. A dogs nose not only dominates its face but also its brain. They can smell from mile away. They can smell fears, natural disasters, emergencies and irritations.

Dogs keep you fit. Just thinking about playing with dog all days tires you. Your four-legged friends is your best motivator to get out amd lead an active lifestyle. If they run, you will run with them.

Dogs improve relationship. Studies have found that dogs improve social relationships. They improve empathy and compassion in us.

Reference: https://www.smalldogplace.com/people-prefer-dogs-over-cats.html


One more thing I have noticed is that studies about dogs are more popular than cat. Example is understanding dog's body language.

Have you ever think or curious about cat's body language?

Well, everyone has their own prefences and taste. Even on which pet to choose. People with dogs as their pets will probably look for information on how to understand them, and same as people with cats as their pets.

Let's go back with my conversation with my neighbor.

After she asked that question, an idea comes to me, since we own a cat. Actually we have a dog too, and that dog is our first pet. And honestly, we only adopt the cat because there's a mouse lingering in our house.

Her question made me think, if there is a research on how to understand dog's body language, I am sure there is one for cats too, right? That's made me work to find how to understand cat's body language

Understanding cat's body language


Slightly forward. This happen when the cat is curious and playful. Like seeing and checking a new toy that catches their attention.

Straight and upright. It means that something alerted them.

Pinned back, flat. Often accompanied with hissing and growling, it means that the cat is either furious or frightened.


Slowly blinking. It means that the cat adores you.

Dilated pupils. Means the cat is excited. However, if combined with aggressive or defensive gestures or sound, big wide pupils can mean they are scared.

Slit (constricted pupil). A look of annoyance.


Waggling tail. They are frustrated either with you.

Twitching. Often means that the cat is only flicking the tip of its tail that indicated they are in a playful mood.

Puffed up. It means that they are terrified of something, or if it is accompanied with hissing, they are preparing to attack.

Tucked away. If the cat put its tail between its legs, it's a sign of anxiety and submission.

Curved tail. When a cat curves their tail in a shape similar to a question mark, it means they are ready to explore and play.

Embracing tail. It means they srw happy and satisfied. When they embrace other cats with its tail, they're giving them a warm feline hug.


Lying on their back, belly exposed. This means that the cat completely trust you and feels comfortable enough to reveal its most vulnerable area to you.

Arched back. It the cat gets near you and arched their back it means that they are trying to tell you to pet them.

Rubbing against you. It means that they are marking their territory.

Kneading. Cats only knead special people, and only when they are particularly happy and contented.

(Want to learn more? Click this link: https://petcube.com/blog/cats-body-language/)


Dogs respond to commands and to voices unlike cat, but it doesn't mean that cat's didn't understand us. Scientists have come to a conclusion that felines are (at least) equally capable of interpreting human language as dogs.

Even if cats pretends not to hear you, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate with them. A soothing, reassuring voice can help encourage a shy, frightful cat or motivate them to cuddle with you.

Remember, animals have feeling too.

Thanks for reading!

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I prefer dog, over cat and sometimes parang mas madali sila na e get kesa sa pusa ee ahaha. Kinakausap ko pa nga sila hahaha

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Pagkasi aso para talagang nakakausap mo. Sa pusa silent treatment ang binibigay. Hahaha

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Yan, tas minsan apaka snobber ahahaha tseee haha

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