My Summer Escapade After 4 Years

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3 years ago

Summer is one of the awaited seasons for many people. When summer is approaching, most are excited. Planning everything; their destinations, outfits, etc.

When we talked about SUMMER, the word "Beach" always comes to mind, and when we say "beach" you must prepare everything and every detail. Your destination, your outfits, and sometimes your body figure. Some go on a diet before going to the beach because they need to achieve the perfect beach vibes; poses to share and upload to every social media account.

That's perfect for summer vibes...

Since the summer season is here, let me share with you my summer escapade after 4 years. Yes! You read it right after 4 years.

After graduating from college I already devote myself to find a job and work. The year 2017 when I graduated from college, was April, it was summer. After graduation, I remembered my friends and I planned to go to one of our friend's hometowns, to celebrate our graduation and spent time before we parted ways to take our paths and chosen careers. Her home was near the beach and we spent overnight there. The place was so wonderful. The water was emerald green and it was very clear and clean. I enjoyed our outing and that was the last time I have seen a beach. The past years? I spent it working and staying at home during summer.

Now, after 4 years, I finally saw and went to the beach again.

Here's the start of my summer escapade.

My sister booked in a resort ahead of time. We planned to go to Punta Almara (where @sc went too) but some said that it's always crowded with people and the resort insisted we rent two cottages worth Php. 2000 or almost $42. So with a second thought, my sister decided to find another resort and there she booked to RR Beach Resorts.

On the day of our outing, we waited for our rented jeepney. We were supposed to leave at 2:00 in the afternoon but the jeepney driver failed to comply with the said time and he arrived at 3 in the afternoon. (I guess he followed Filipino time).

The trip took us almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you have vehicle sickness during a trip you might throw up because the road was zigzag. I don't have that sickness but my head spins. I felt dizzy and felt a little headache during the trip.

Signage of the resort

When at last, we finally arrived at the resort around 4:30 pm.

At first glance, you will find the resort normal like nothing seems special. But then, the saying goes "Don't judge a book by its cover".

As soon as we entered the resorts, the staff will welcome you wearing their facemask. They let us check first our temperature and logged us in for our contact tracing if something unexpected happens.

At the entrance, toy fish are hanging on the canopy. On the right side, there is a swing where you can take a selfie.

I roamed around the resort and look for spots or things that I can capture and share in noise cash and here. In every corner, I can see different signage that is nailed on the trees.

Those signage are nailed on the same tree.

Posted near the shower

On the left side, there are also different signage that is fun to read.

In front of our cottages
At the entrance of the beach
Signage in the bar.

Since this is my very first summer getaway after 4 years, I went to the shore to see the water.

The current level of the sea is in low tide. I can see the crushed seashells in the sand, but that's only in the area near the entrance of the beach because when I walked nearer to the water the sand becomes very fine and smooth. I can't even see pebbles.

Marks of the waves
Entrance to the beach. You can see the lights hanging on the trees.

We arrived almost in time for the sunset. I waited for that moment and captured some photos.

As the sun slowly going down, the clouds are slowly covering the sun too. In the end, I did not properly take a nice photo of the sunset.

The sun goes down and time to prepare for our dinner. Some of my companions already went swimming while I, I am busy taking pictures while others are preparing our dinner.

Night falls at the resorts. The lights are lighted. After dinner, I went again to capture the view.

The night was very beautiful. The place was surrounded by different colors of light.

I can't put my phone in my bag because I can't stop myself from taking pictures of the surroundings. I even captured the lights that fascinated my eyes.

Tree in front of the cottage
Besides the cottage
Lights near the shore
Lights with a lizard

By the way, I used a different phone in the last two photos. My phone camera isn't beautiful at the night.

The nights got deepen. I decided to join others as they swim in the sea. We talked about any topic we think. We joke around with each other. We laughed and enjoy each other company.

After some minutes, we decided to go back to the cottage, and it's cold also. They decided to drink. Since I don't drink, I decided to watched Korean dramas.

Around 2 a.m., I felt sleepy so I decided to take a nap. I don't want to sleep because I want to wait for the sunset, I don't want to miss it since I am already at the beach. I want to capture it myself as others do.

I slept for an hour and saw my friends are drunk and some are sleeping in the cottage. I went to the shore where others at and decided to chat with them until the sunrises.

Unfortunately, I waited and waited for the sunrise but no hopes. I thought I can finally see. Around 6 in the morning the sun still hasn't shown. I look where it rises that's when I realized that the mountains are covering it. So instead of sunrise, I captured the sea for the last time.

Morning view

After waiting for the sunrise that didn't show up. I went back to the cottage and eat breakfast. After an hour or two we prepared to went back home.

So far, my summer escapade was fun.

Summer isn't ended yet, we plan to go to Trinity Island next. See you next Trinity Island!

Thanks for reading!

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3 years ago


Magayun man. Ga kdrama feels su itsura pag low tide. Sa Punta kaya Bora feels.

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3 years ago

Amo. Sa Punta Almara kaya abu man na usad na cottage lang ukon namu, dapat daw duwa.

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3 years ago

Tsaka mas dakul kan taw sa Punta Almara, lalo pag gabi na.

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User's avatar sc
3 years ago

Sana all 😭 namiss ko na magbeach.
Pro wait. Dhl jan. Isusulat ko rn beach experience ko sa cebu 🤣🤣

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3 years ago

Haha ithrowback mo na lang muna.

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3 years ago