Another Fun Challenge: Would You Rather? Bring it on!

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2 years ago

So here's another interesting challenge that circulating this platform. I am rather late because @Ruffa and @Jane said that this challenge is done after I made the "This or That" challenge. Ruffa said that thia challenge is been in the homepage but I didn't see any but thanks to @WanderingMedStudent he posted an article about this and attached a link. So here I am doing this challenge though its late.

So lets start!

▶️Would you rather kiss a random stranger on the mouth or use a family member's toothbrush?

Just oh my God! Even thinking about using a family member's toothbrush makes me feel gross, I'd rather do this one than kissing a random stranger on the mouth. I can 't even bare to think the embarrassment if I did kiss a stranger. How I wish the earth will open and eat me up. I will just use family member's toothbrush and I won't say it to them.

▶️Would you rather wear clothes that are a bit too small or wear clothes three times too big?

To tell you, I am the type of person who hates small and fit clothes,clothes and can stop me from moving, so I'd rather wear clothes three times big than too small. Atleast in big clothes I can move freely.

▶️Would you rather a best friend or five really good friends?

Bestfriends. In five good friends I can't guarantee that they are really good. Who knows someone will stab me at the back or maybe someone is juat pretending to be a "good" friend. In good friends I need to show the best of me while in bestfriend whatever and whoever I am she'he will surely accept me. (Based on experience)

▶️Would you rather have your phone hacked or have your house robbed?

I'd rather have my phone hacked that have our house robbed. I don't have much important things in my phone. While our house have things that are valuable that me and my siblings bought.

▶️Would you rather always have a slow Internet connection or always be in traffic jams when you drive?

I hate traffic! Seriously! I experienced it many times when I used to worked in Cainta. 2 hours in the road is such annoying and frustrating. Sometimes I ended up sleeping in jeepney with sweats all over my face and body because of the heavy traffic.

▶️Would you rather be seen as a person who always whines or as someone who is a bad person?

I'd rather be seen as a person who always whines than someone who is a bad person. Whining does mean I am a bad person.

▶️Would you rather burn your tongue or burn the top of your mouth?

Burn my tongue, of course. Atleast I can hide it, though I can't taste for the mean time. If I burn the top of my mouth, many people can see, with their judging eyes and I hate it.

▶️Would you rather be able to hear all the positive things people say about you or all the negative things people say about you?

Compliment boost someone's life. Who don't like hearing positive things about you? Isn't that's what everyone wants to hear? But reality, we can't avoid hearing negative things about us. Whether you do good or bad, people will still say something about you. That's why sometimes its hard to be a good person always.

▶️Would you rather look and feel 20 years younger from the neck down or the neck up?

This is hard. Haha. Imagine, your face looks younger but your body isn't and your body look younger but your face looks old. I can't choose.

▶️Would you rather have a perfect memory of your past or be able to see one minute into your future?

This one is quite hard. Let me say depend on the situation. If I am missing someone, I rather have a perfect memory of the past, but isn't amazing to see only a minute of your future? I can see it in a minute, and there are things got wrong, I can fix it if ever. I can't decide.

▶️Would you rather be able to control fire or be able to control water?

Can I choose both? This is one of my greatest fantasy, having a superpower. Whichever in the two I'll receive I will accept it wholeheartedly. For once I can say, "I have superpowers".

▶️Would you rather lose all your keys or your wallet?

Of course keys. I can change it with the money in my wallet. Its hard to earn money, you know. But with keys I can simply make a duplicate of it.


So this is my "Would You Rather Challenge". Hope you are satisfied with my answers. If you don't, just simply comment it down and lets have a talk.haha

If you want to try this challenge, link is above.

Enjoy and have fun!

July 19, 2021

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2 years ago


Hoyaaa, basta ako kiss random stranger. Pwd namang pumili ee., Grab, kiss and run 😎😎😎😂. Easy peasy, wahahaha. And about this ▶️Would you rather look and feel 20 years younger from the neck down or the neck up. I'd rather feel younger from neck up. Sa ibaba magagawam pa ng paraan by wearing pants and kong sleeve na damit. Pero pag sa face mahirap yon. So buy nalamg akong aircon para kahit mainit, dahil sa suot ko feeling fresh pa rin thanks sa aircon. Bwahahaha

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2 years ago

Sana all malakas ang loob. Kiss and run pala ah. Haha

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2 years ago

Okay lang ikiss yung random stranger, basta wafu at wala covid 🤣 kaso d natn alam sino may covid now, kya toothbrush nlng ako. lol..

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2 years ago

Haha oo nga no? Okay lang kung gwapo😂😂

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2 years ago

See.. bet mo rin 🤣🤣

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2 years ago

Oo naman. Haha😂

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2 years ago